Thursday, 12 April 2012

Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World (Clarendon Lectures in Management Studies)

Apple iPhone, Toyota recession, the debate on the program of Google book scanning: new business tends to focus on the adventures of a handful of giants. What are the topics of the day, however, most of these companies have been there before - from the top down low and overrated - but the pain and triumph. What is your secret? What do you suggest that the increase and more powerful than ever, allowed out of the crisis?

Staying Power, Michael A. Cusumano provides the answers. An author of bestselling business elites and academics, Cusumano has spent a quarter century studying the most successful companies in the world - most of the interior, acting as a consultant for over one hundred companies . Google, Intel, Apple, JVC, including Toyota, and Microsoft, have driven the success of large companies today, identifies the six basic principles. Companies that today, organizations, only the business strategies, platforms and services to focus on, not only to develop products in different capacities, market information in real time in response to changing conditions demand and competition calls for extracting and creating economies of scale for all activities of a company's products are not only the scope, cost savings and flexibility to promote efficiency, and more on the market only suited to a rapidly changing trends. These ideas have led to tangible success time and again how the best companies to determine the actual specific examples showing how to apply these principles, based on the.

Business book, the author notes, is usually short-term patterns of development of management thought. But it is different from the strong. This book is a bestseller written by international experts, the biggest rivals in the world, the long-term analysis focuses on key elements common to today.

About the Author

Michael A. With a joint appointment at MIT Engineering Systems Division Cusumano, Sloan School of Management MIT Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management Systems and Engineering. Netscape ten best books of the year by BusinessWeek magazine and was named one of the battle with Microsoft Courses: His books are very competitive when Microsoft Secrets and the Internet.

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