Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Official ABAP Reference

This 6:40 ET a comprehensive two-volume collection, and the current version is divided into areas, including appropriate reference to the description of any current or former ABAP command, and examples. In addition to a thorough introduction to basic concepts of all, this will also benefit from an overview of the scope of the relevant faculty.

Details on possible error messages, and the application, this unique reference will become an indispensable part of SAP ABAP own development will be delivered directly. All ABAP environment is defined, a large glossary of technical terms, is a great addition.

This greatly expanded new edition, all chapters revised and updated for version 6:40. In addition to the many sections rewritten from scratch, is described in detail for the first time at the same time, many questions, such as ABAP, XML, can take advantage of views.

Characteristics of The Official ABAP Reference:

  • Description of all elements of the language are arranged by subject
  • Detailed presentations and views on any complex
  • Unicode extension
  • The old elements of the language
  • Conversion rules
  • Allocations
  • ABAP and XML
  • Exceptions
  • All ABAP glossary of technical terms, such as

ABAP Development for Materials Management in SAP: User Exits and BAdIs

The user of the system, this book challenges and statements of developing MS, this recommendation developers used in the projects, helpful tips and inside information about the user and business management offering of additional subjects. This programming, programming examples, and the user leaves the most important Badis systematic and comprehensive description of all outputs can also find the basics. 15 different real world scenarios, you can easily be applied to a particular situation will be familiar with programming examples for common needs, and real examples. Additional features available with all options for developing a wide range of materials management, and an additional by-step instructions, screen shots, and the large number of alternative solutions, there is not ....

Monday, 30 January 2012

SAP ABAP Questions & Answers

An introduction to the fundamentals of ABAP certification guides, this book is designed as a quick review of SAP components and applications (for example, the R / 3 because of the complexity of the programming language used by the reader, the SAP Web application Server, its NetWeaver platform for building enterprise applications for a part with the recently introduced Java as a programming language, currently NetWeaver, and so on.) question and answer format is easy to read certification exams, step by step teaching method provides the reader with all the details to pass.

Software Development for SAP R/3: Data Dictionary, ABAP/4, Interfaces

Business Workbench, ABAP / 4 presented here, the R / 3 based on the data model and distributed teams through the effective development of large software systems icerir. Kitap all the tools necessary for R / 3 users and consultants to extend the system can adapt to their specific needs and how you can implement the development environment. In particular, the text in the interface R / 3 and desktop integration focuses on how to solve problems. The source code for all examples is included with the disk.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

CT-Understanding_100: An interactive course for learning the ABAP programming language

Product Features
  • 5 individual lessons during 150 hours (12,000 sections of text, separate subject in alphabetical order)
  • 1800 overlay drawings (to mark important parts of the report)
  • Reports that about 40 000 lines of code to 520
  • 9 different models of the surface of the presentation

Description of CT-Understanding_100

CT-Understanding_100: an interactive course to learn the ABAP ™ programming language

Problem: The representation theory of current programming (Syntax Notation, functional descriptions, etc.) can sometimes lead to the programming guide; the conference will dry and sober. The implementation of SAP ® is a real transformation, in particular, behind the system is required to run ABAP ™ programs.

Solution: Our e-learning system ABAP 520 reports interactively debug the connection between theory and practice through simulation. "IT-debug-Simulator" without first ABAP ™ application is now in the shortest possible time to collect

Have direct contact with SAP ®. If you use at work or at home means that course. A real R / 3 ® ABAP course, language ™ after the completion of work for a fast and efficient.

Content / Features of CT-Understanding_100:
  • Course of 150 hours (12,000 sections of text, separate subject in alphabetical order) on 5 different courses
  • Overlap 1800 download (on the occasion of important parts of the report)
  • Code 520 reports about 40,000 lines
  • The surface of the screen into 9 different models.

Learning Objectives: After some small ABAP ™ program with the command, type a short period of time, but enough. As a multi-volume dictionary, a variety of information, "Understanding ABAP ™" was built on the lessons. Theory of short sections of text
Training courses and CT-Debug_Simulator application.

CT-Softwareberatungs GmbH (CT-software.com) home page, screen shots and more information.

ABAP Data Dictionary

If you regularly work with ABAP Data Dictionary, a reference to those that you need. Suitable for beginners and advanced users, this book with a central repository for ABAP data information will answer all your issues. Programming skills that will help you develop basic information on the elements of the data dictionary and detail specific functions (such as fields, tables, views, etc.), you will learn. This book is also a key dsubject as objects of art, allowing the cover.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Writing SAP ABAP/4 Programs

SAP, the world's largest pure software, but high-level experts from SAP can be difficult to win. Now, SAP, SAP ABAP 4 film in real-world examples of reports and programs in the first to write a specific type offers an insider's guide. Knowledge and natural integration of the programming language ABAP SAP, a large complex, such as the nature tamed this book and CD-ROM. The SAP system must maintain a professional advisor developed the first is a time for "SAP ABAP / 4 program, write" very valuable.

McGraw-Hill SAP Series sound.

Through the back door

Master the language of the guide SAP ABAP / 4 Programming for the best! SAP makes it unique and vast natural integration of information, as well as ABAP / 4 programming makes it a challenge. Now for the first time, worldwide SAP encoder typical programming tasks, their "real test" reveals solutions. Online documents and / or SAP down beyond a mere repetition, theme, author, and not only are not covered or not covered elsewhere, explores the techniques explicitly. 

A report as the basis for SAP updates, dozens of examples of how - or how to do even better! Important questions are: development of existing systems, a data interface, a program ABAP / 4, a detailed framework for the creation, retrieval and display, data access for data, shown to the user interacts with the external use of treatment facilities SAP. Perhaps the most useful of all programming routines to simplify the coding standard and the original shell was developed by the author. CD-ROM encoding and detailed technical description of the specific methods used in conjunction with, the text contains all the code in SAP.

SAP ABAP Certification Review: SAP ABAP Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

SAP ABAP Consultants SAP ABAP Interview Guide for the submission of requests and questions, answers and explanations of learning! The SAP ABAP, SAP said explicitly that one of the most important areas. Mastering technical details is difficult. SAP ABAP Interview Questions, Answers and explanations will guide you through the learning process. Candidates for a job as an aid to assess their competence to assess the ABAP, SAP ABAP Certification and Interview book will help you understand really need to know. Databases, lists, tables, dialogue, ABAP Objects, Basis, and others: The book is organized around eight areas of SAP ABAP. Each interview question includes everything you need to know to evaluate the host or candidate. 

This is a rehash of SAP documentation and sales presentations, but each question is based on knowledge and experience of successful large-scale projects of SAP applications. Certification and answer basic questions, the standard of updates to databases and changes, list processing, internal tables, and ALV Grid Control, Dialog Programming, ABAP Objects, Data Transfer, Basis of reference for the development included in the ABAP administration in 2006! All ABAP resource needs to know before an interview

Editor's Note
Why this book is unique:

SAP COOKBOOK readers who need information they can use now. SAP interview questions and a series of books is a response to this need for instant information. Our variety of books in the world of information technology and is written by authors with extensive experience of practitioners and experts in SAP.

Instead, focus on a complete reference guide, manual and heavy SAPCOOKBOOK the size of their job search or SAP career include only information immediately available to readers. In this sense, the books are very short, and the overwhelming choice for our readers. Instead, provide more information, our books focus on providing the right information. A very short and not useful as an order to provide information to the reader of books SAPCOOKBOOK Interview Question in the traditional sense, "recipes" can be considered. Or, you can ignore, and help readers understand the importance - that way you save time, hope to serve the readers.

For example, SAP is completely foreign to the information and understanding; you will find the book useful. Table of contents and index with a scanning speed at which the most important aspects of a particular understanding of the region and at the same time, you can access the expertise of the authors. Books that make them very valuable, not only the "Questions and Answers" is.

"You can not find the right answer, perhaps not ask the right questions ..." not only to say that our books, but can also be applied to ensure the right questions, give explanations to help the reader understand the answers. Our reference list of books, including the operation code and the table to separate - and much work by hand and hold dust collecting shelf.

Finally, to distinguish them from other sources that we believe a book in mind SAP COOKBOOK posted on various targets. Our mission is to increase awareness of careers in information technology skills and will challenge readers to question the status quo is to provide the reader with useful and timely information. All the authors of SAP specialists - and we know that the books offer great value to our readers - I hope you love us, you will find useful!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Getting Started with Web Dynpro for ABAP

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP

ABAP Web Dynpro ABAP is an experienced developer, and by using the user interface if you want to take advantage of component-based development, this book is exactly what you need to get started. This is the Web Dynpro architecture, the most important interface elements and components, covering topics such as standard, with many examples, designed to facilitate understanding. If the information and pictures on the basis of these concepts through practical exercises and examples of code and each section is configured to apply. These components, views, controllers, and use of contexts, such as the use of traditional themes and states, and the value of using the various components discussed in the framework. In addition, context menus, input help, the Web Dynpro debugger, and is covered with useful features, such as the use of shortcut keys, and the Development Framework. The offer of a Web Dynpro, including the advantages and disadvantages of user interfaces, familiar with the basic architecture of the architecture. Web Dynpro application programs, and how to respond to the development and use of software applications for the dynamics. The standard components, such as tables of energy long, and lists the most commonly used Web Dynpro Explore components. It is important to understand in order to reduce incorrect entries User Input Help Support. Configuration, customization, without changing the applications and components to customize the application to learning.

About the Author

Dr. Roland Schwaiger, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, United States, he studied computer science and completed his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Salzburg, Austria, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

After several years working as an assistant professor at the University of Salzburg, in 1996, joined SAP AG. This is an excellent opportunity to develop skills in the media and gave an inspiring work for three years worked as a software developer, Human Resources. In 1999, Roland is an independent trainer, editor, consultant and the developer was. As such, his academic training and real-world software development projects and training courses to achieve the true understanding of the development. Turn on, so that a positive feedback loop between theory and practice to build his academic work as an independent support is the ability to obtain information.

ABAP/4: Programming the SAP R/3 System

Currently, most of the introduction of SAP ABAP book market offers only a brief summary. ABAP / 4 Programming the SAP R / 3, Bernd Matzke SAP R / 3 to move the heart of the programming language is built on this information. Or develop an SAP R / 3 to protect the foundations of programming language that anyone can use it to develop ABAP / 4 goals fully updated new edition of this definitive guide. 

The basic principles that the ABAP / 4 and explains the basic functions of SAP programming concept. With this book you will learn: commands ABAP / 4 to master new programs to analyze existing standard applications and other applications to write program code * mean * to use function blocks to create your own programs and acquire new skills and a comprehensive set of examples designed to develop skills in programming their own test environments!

The R / 3 4.6 includes new concepts that affect the environment and development program in accordance with the NEW! Characteristics of a completely redesigned user interface explain! The reference section covers the commands of the ABAP 4.6B NEW! Examples of these types of programs developed in this book are examples of SAP 4.6B to transport files containing the source code and R / 3 to work with other versions of the CD-ROM.

YTL inner cover

Version of SAP R / 3 4.6 was the introduction of many new features. Some, such as a completely redesigned user interface, seen immediately. However, the user interface hides a number of improvements and additions. This programming language whose functionality has been expanded significantly in R / 3, this is especially true. Additions included in the ABAP language alone are sufficient for a new edition of this book. For this edition, particularly because of the limited time available to me, as well as books covering a wide scope, focus on the supposed basis. Accordingly, except a few exceptions, the book focuses on providing a description of the controls and basics of ABAP programming. 

Although many readers asked for these reasons, unfortunately, beyond the borders of questions in this book can not contain a description of the language pure. These problems, for example, the workflow includes the planning and control of batch input interface again. This book, with my work, I want to thank everyone who helped me directly or indirectly. First, I would have been impossible to write this book without the help of the generous companies SAP and IXOS Addison-Wesley, I want to mention. Giving their time to answer my questions patiently detailed SAP, employees, and thus find for me and my special thanks to SAP R / 3 and ABAP.-Bernd Matzke, Delitzsch, October 17, 1999 was much easier to understand

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ABAP Development for SAP Business Workflow

If you are interested in programming complex ABAP with SAP Business Workflow If you are a developer, you need this resource. How to write custom code and this code using this information is necessary to influence the behavior of the SAP Business Workflow functions describing the development tools directly ogreneceksiniz. Yazar aspects, the book progresses gradually with SAP Workflow and ABAP programming models with a mixture of standards and then began a detailed analysis of educational programming has the potential to grow in pure movement. After completing this book you will learn the tools you need to know all the work and.

Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers

Foundations of Java for ABAP programmers Description

This book, the current SAP / ABAP developers the skills to introduce the Java 5 programming. This is the Java SE and Java EE 5, ​​and ABAP developers and programmers with them to cover all basic needs. One topic of presentation, database, SAP Java Connector, servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans and the Java Messaging connection is closed.

About the Author

Alistair Rooney has 23 years of corporate IT. As an IT manager, project manager, technical consultant, and was the promoter. He gave the first conference in Brussels, and Java using Java for SAP is a dedicated evangelist "outsourcing business data." Alistair's wife, two children and various animals, Durban, South Africa live outside.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Web Dynpro for ABAP

Developers serious to date with the latest standards that created them, should stay ahead of the curve. Web Dynpro ABAP with this book is based on the development of user interface components that can be done with the show many advantages. A specially developed on the basis of sample components, readers are introduced to the architectural work and the development environment and the different functions and receive detailed descriptions of tools to efficiently implement Web Dynpro technology is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0. Many code lists, screen shots, and this book are indispensable for the design of the practice of modern user interfaces that mate little-known tricks.

Highlights include in Web Dynpro for ABAP: - 

WD4A Setting: Web Dynpro Explorer, Layout View, control methods, Tomas, Phase Model - Applications
WD4A: Transfer of browser settings, trees, user manual, bulletin board, help with input - Multi- Component applications: Framework and MVC components WD4A concepts - Components: Dynamic applications and reuse - Integration: SAP NetWeaver Portal, and internationalization

Monday, 23 January 2012

ABAP Performance Tuning

This book is a guide to analyze and optimize the source code for ABAP. This tool performance analysis and related technology to learn and discover how to improve the analysis of sources of existing code and programming style. This is to ensure that its programs are fully optimized to be a resource for ABAP.

Analysis Tools

When and how to properly analyze and code inspector, monitoring performance in ABAP or the individual records will understand after reading this book to the use of statistical tools.

Programming technologies

Parallel processing, internal tables, the SQL data manipulation, and more detailed information and learn how it affects the performance of these technologies.


Explore different shock absorbers are available in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and options to avoid unnecessary database access Read about the most important buffer.

Into database

This database is access to the architecture description database techniques and options background and setting of the house, you will receive access to the database.

New developments

Processes such as the presence of an ABAP Sat EhP2 7.0 Overview of new developments, innovations and performance monitoring changes in the internal tables.

Characteristics of ABAP Performance Tuning:
  • Analysis tools: code analysis and memory controller, and the selectivity of the process, debugger, performance monitoring, ABAP Trace, Trace E2E, Statistics only records
  • Parallel Processing
  • SQL and data processing: Access Policy, the rate of set design, the operating frequency, the API
  • Buffer: types of buffers, sessions, shared objects, the table buffering
  • Internal Tables: tables of type, bedside tables, secondary indexes, nested loops, edit and delete
  • RFC Contact

About the Author

Hermann Gahm in the field of technology and performance of SAP Active Global Support is a consultant for the support. SAP ABAP performance problems related to work in the field of optimization services focus on supporting key clients.

Discover ABAP (2nd Edition)

If you are new to the orientation and programming ABAP useful if you want, look no further. Discover ABAP SAP gives you the information needed to immediately start writing code with a clear and concise introduction provides the basic programming language. Rapidly from the first page, developing their own software solutions throughout the book is long, based on real life example. The successful use of the source code as a practical application at a later stage can take their new skills. This revised and updated second complete SAP NetWeaver ABAP 07/02/02 experiment was the tool you need to start....

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Discover ABAP

This book, while racing down the learning curve to develop their own source code ABAP newcomers, provides a feeling of an instant success. Approach "business" aspects of the request of the author become familiar with ABAP programming provides all important. With simple examples, first from the right of the page can start learning to create their own programming solutions. To control the flow of a single line of the structure of modular transfer and complex data in the report, review units, and sample code and screen-by-step instructions ABAP programming-by-step service to ensure rapid progress in the world.

Getting started with ABAP

Architecture of the SAP system, development tools and the structure of ABAP reports: Learn everything you need to start

The first report ABAP

To protect the properties, the creation of the first report, the source code to create and run

Follow along in real life, an extension of the sample

On the first page, a simple example, of course, the book guides you through how to create tables and lists, numbers, calculate the ABAP program and the debugger to find errors

Get skills to the next level
Case distinctions, control structures and disciplines, implement, and logical expressions, selection screens, and information on modular programs

An easy way to learn ABAP
Concise learning units, helpful tips and tricks, sample code, a large number of images to enjoy

Features of Discover ABAP:
  • Data Dictionary and the ABAP editor
  • Fields and Calculations
  • Estimated date and time, amount and parts
  • Basic tables transparent, internal tables
  • The control flow and logical expressions
  • Selection screens

About the Author

Karl-Heinz KA ¼ hnhauser RGS GmbH & Co. KG, a managing partner of an SAP Services Partner. He customers in different sectors of education for over 20 years experience in software development and have over 25 years. In addition, Ansbach, Germany as a visiting professor at the school.

ABAP Objects

This brand new two-seller includes the development of printing with SAP NetWeaver ABAP. If the ABAP programming, an experienced developer or a team member and advisor to the new project: This comprehensive reference provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of ABAP technology.

Based on ABAP Objects, this 1000-page book version 7.0 (Release 7.10 "discreet surveillance" included) in place, explains all the concepts of modern ABAP. The new edition of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP without subjects, regular expressions, shared objects, exception handling class, assertions, Web Dynpro ABAP, Object Services, dynamic programming, interface technologies (including RFC , CIF, XML), and other test vehicles. Procedural techniques are also covered, if necessary.

Characteristics of ABAP Objects:

  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP
  • ABAP Workbench Object Browser, Class Builder, etc. Professional Development
  • The basic elements of ABAP Objects
  • Classic modular program execution
  • To avoid errors and error handling
  • GUI Programming: dynpros, lists, selection screens, controls and Web Dynpro
  • Persistent data: DB Access Object Services, interface files, data sets
  • Dynamic programming: field symbols, RIS, dynamic tokens and procedure calls
  • Interfaces for data communication und: RFC, ICF, XML Web Services

About the Author

Dr. Horst Keller, Walldorf, Germany SAP NetWeaver ABAP Group Foundation, an information architect working in the SAP system. Here, ABAP and ABAP Objects, focusing on documentation and distribution. As general manager, EMEA, Sascha Krueger and the telecommunications industry, is responsible for management consulting in the field of media and public services.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Object-Oriented Programming with ABAP

If you're an ABAP application developer with a basic knowledge of ABAP programming are, this book is an overview of object-oriented (OO) as to teach you to think about writing ABAP software and prepare for work in many exciting ABAP Objects ABAP-based technologies (version 7.0).

As a guide, this book is to bring your current skills using a comprehensive, object-oriented programming can make it effective. All the basic concepts of OO, and learn how real-world examples of projects. Object initialization, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, unit testing and the mystery here, more ABAP 7.0, we will explore advanced techniques and tools. Spends much time teaching basic syntax of the book, but rather an opportunity to explore successfully for object-oriented programming with ABAP Objects Object-oriented programming focuses on education.

In addition, each chapter, a short course at the end of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), shows that the use of object-oriented design to express.

Characteristics of Object-Oriented Programming with ABAP:

  • Items of work
  • Application and encapsulation 
  • Hide
  • Object initialization and cleanup 
  • Inheritance and polymorphism 
  • Based on component design concepts 
  • Exception handling error 
  • Unit test ABAP 
  • Work with the SAP List Viewer 
  • ABAP Object Services 
  • Working with XML 
  • Objects debugging

About the Author

James Wood Bowdark Consulting, Inc., a consulting and training, and senior advisor to the founder of SAP NetWeaver. With over seven years experience as a software engineer, James zones ABAP Objects, Java/J2EE, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP NetWeaver Portal that specializes in private developments.

Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4 in 21 Days

Just to start working on ABAP, ABAP how and why the origin is an ideal book for a programmer who does not know the full story. ABAP programmer needs and provides all necessary information is provided in a readable format. Like other ABAP programming books, textbooks are not based on real examples and practical supplies. Admission Applicants must have two years of practical experience in ABAP programming, not the actual coverage of certification, certificate programs, although the book also provides information about the SAP certification process!

This is an excellent book; if you have experience with it, but programming and SAP ABAP / 4 yeni.Yazar provides a brief overview of the SAP system. Next, the client / server and database running on SAP, how acrklanır. Kitap shows how to move the work environment - code to create, update, and test how to use the SAP menu, and other properties online - another ABAP / 4 have no book. I write the code tables, etc., to create very useful step by step instructions bulundu. Kitap report does ABAP / 4 - the programming of contacts (programming with interactive whiteboards) or SAP script does not. However, problems may be the best book I dusunuyorum. Yazma principle, straightforward and easy to open, there is even a sense of humor.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Web Dynpro ABAP for Practitioners

Web Dynpro ABAP for Practitioners Description

Web Dynpro ABAP, SAP NetWeaver systems connected to the Web application user interface, programming tool based on the Web on the practical experiences saglar. Yazarların main goal was to create a book. With a lead content of each chapter and step by step process Dynpro ABAP Web reader slowly contains examples for the formation of matter. Writers Web Dynpro component, the data link interface and methods, and particularly explain how to display the controller design method. They are the other components of SAP NetWeaver (ABAP Dictionary, the authority), and also describes the integration of SAP NetWeaver Portal Web Dynpro.

About the Author

Ulrich Gellert

He, Heidelberg (Germany), who lived near, and in 1985 became the founder of Lion S + P. 25 years, the project manager, consultant on various projects and clients (eg, SAP, BASF, BG-Chemie, Commerzbank) has experience as a developer. S + P Lion AG and Chief Executive Officer (S + P Lion AG, an international consulting firm with over 500 employees. 350 of these employees work directly with the client, the S + P Lion SAP).

Main Daniela Cristea

Petrosani University (Romania) Academic studies in computer science. Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Romania), Assistant Professor for 4 years. At present "based on ratings and fizic RFID connection with SAP authorization concept creation and development of a new paper on" writing his thesis, Pforzheim (Germany) lives and works as SAP consultant.

Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

Official ABAP Programming Guidelines
The higher the quality of the ABAP program? This book is an official program of SAP ABAP Program Guide for styling, performance, readability and shows you how to maximize stability.

Order by programming tasks, the book provides information on best to complete each task. Based on the basic ideas on the use of complete programming concepts, the book continues to criteria such as source code for the formal organization and in different areas and concludes with a detailed explanation of ABAP development tasks. Both good and bad in real life, which is equipped with the code examples in this book is a guide to ABAP developers really serious.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications
The first complete English, a guide to the latest version of the ABAP: SAP ABAP Objects!

  • Authorized and SAP R / 3 version of SAP 4.6 SAP programming language ABAP directly co-written by the systematic coverage of an important member of the group!
  • New Object-Oriented ABAP programming techniques: inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, and more.
  • 2 CD-ROM, Windows 2000/NT, and books for all samples of code in the full trial version of SAP system includes a base in its own right!

ABAP Objects, SAP R / 3 Release 4.6, SAP ABAP OO SAP users try to create new applications designed to support the Internet offers new features and powerful. Written by a member of the SAP ABAP language and approved by the entire group of technical precision, ABAP Objects ABAP development of this powerful new version offers full coverage of all aspects of the final. An authoritative reference for all language ABAP Objects combines practical lessons. The authors, all the linguistic point of view, an introduction to the new version of SAP ABAP Workbench 4.6, and a graphical control displays data in a database application development begins with a complete sample. After reviewing some basic concepts of ABAP statements for working with data movement in-depth explanation, ABAP. The book, inheritance, interfaces and polymorphism in object-oriented programming with ABAP contains as an in-depth coverage and selection screens, such as descriptions, lists and the new ABAP programming with SQL, such as "classical" approach to of object-oriented concepts. Coverage includes: the concept of type ABAP, internal management tables, objects and ABAP programming screens control framework, and more.

About the Author

Dr. Horst Keller is a member of the language and documents SAP ABAP Objects official, one of the authors.

Sascha Kruger certified SAP consultant and project manager with the leading German IT consulting and telecom SHS Information system AG (www.shs.de).

Next Generation ABAP Development (2nd Edition)

Next Generation ABAP Development (2nd Edition)
After reading this book, EHP2 7.0 tools in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP and new features (both design and development) will be able to evaluate and use effectively. Completely revised and updated second edition of the popular first edition expanded and easier to read than a university, a fictional scenario, the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (SAP Business Suite 7.0) for SAP R / 3 4.6C is become one of EHP2, this time with the default installation option. Each field of design, development and testing - - Players in the process of application development experience through the eyes of a developer, not before, leave much to be a solid understanding of new technologies and techniques design available in ABAP. This book aims to teach basic skills ABAP. Instead, new technologies and techniques are presented for the last few years shows that ABAP - Delta EHP2 this year's version 7.0, with a focus on....

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver

Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver
"This book is a definitive guide for SAP NetWeaver BI professionals. Produced by the light of experience, the authors, the user experience, query performance, integrated planning and provide a deep understanding of the major innovations enterprise-wide data storage. "
-Stefan Sigg, Vice President of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

The long-awaited second edition of this publication, as well as SAP BW, SAP NetWeaver 7.0 is integrated with the growing success of the various Business Intelligence (BI) reflects. This comprehensive guide prepared by the internal SAP, you develop, deploy, populate, access to the latest information on how to use SAP BW into account the changing characteristics, functionality and toolsets of SAP NetWeaver is the analysis, now manages the data. Explore the options available for SAP NetWeaver and uncover a new tool to improve business performance required.

This book reflects the process an organization goes into a software application. The authors begin with an introduction to BI and SAP NetWeaver and rapid progress in the concepts of data modeling and data Storage Company. As well as perform integrated functions of planning and organization to access, you must learn to deliver meaningful analytic information. Finally, the authors ideas, warehouse management, performance and share good security.

With more than 50 percent of new or revised material, this second edition of the SAP Business Information Warehouse and the field shows you how to:

  • Retrieve data from online transaction systems 
  • Keep the best way to support reporting and analysis of data conversion 
  • This type of Explorer, BEx Report Designer, Bex Analyzer, Bex and BEx Web Application Designer, such as broadcasting, use a variety of business tools 
  • Program, troubleshoot, and archive data loads monitoring

Friend of the readers of your Web site can enter the Wiki format, and discussions about books and authors of blogs with SAP includes sections of the sample.

Publishing technology Wiley-time. Practices. Trusted.

Www.wiley.com / compbooks / visit our website at

Companion Website www.wiley.com / compbooks / McDonald visit

Presented in the text book companion Web site includes sample code and application models.

About the Author

Kevin McDonald, a consultant and entrepreneur. He is founder and COMPENDIT, Inc., in 2004, Inforte Services Inc. was purchased by the CEO of a consulting firm. It is a regional finalist a year of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur and a "Hot 100" fastest growing new businesses to create has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine. It decision processing dozens of enterprise systems to customers, designed, developed and successfully implemented. Cofounder COMPENDIT ago, Kevin Director of Technology, the new size, then working in the United States and Germany, SAP is a spokesman for the company. The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) was the program director for the successful launch of the first software development and SAP BW product map is used to define the scope and direction of the author.

Kevin Baxter Healthcare positions in information technology and functions of finance began his career. Next, the Data Warehousing Institute and author of numerous articles on the bulletin Global SAP Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Data Warehouse DCI, HP World, ERP World, TDWI conferences, ASUG has made presentations, SAP TechEd SAP Sapphire, Decision Processing 98 and 99, and PC World. Kevin is a consultant to the Cognos Innovation Center @ kevin.mcdonald renditionx.com contact.

Wilmsmeier director Andreas Inforte Deutschland. Andreas test engine parts (such as staging BAPI) responsible for the design and implementation of a member of the core development team was the first SAP BW. Andreas in early 1998, the first customer shipment of SAP BW 1.2 and SAP BW has been advising clients in financial services through feedback and continued to contribute to the development of content for the development of SAP BW and the defense industry.

After receiving a degree in computer science and business economics, Andreas started developing data warehouses and Internet solutions. Prior to joining Inforte acquired by Inforte in early 2004 until the COMPENDIT Andreas ran the German subsidiary.
Data warehousing, data mining and knowledge management, knowledge, Munich, SAP Sapphire, SAP TechEd, ASUG, Hannover, Germany at CeBIT, and systems, including several international conferences in Germany, submitted. Andreas, author of the SAP technical journal articles (now intelligentERP.com) and German E / 3 of the Review. @ Andreas andreas.wilmsmeier inforte.com contact.

David Dixon is responsible for ensuring the quality of Inforte solutions and project deliverables of SAP Inforte, a vice president. Implementation of complex solutions for Fortune 100 companies in the architecture of the project and has extensive experience in full life cycle of a recognized authority on business intelligence. David is also to support new product development teams several times worked with SAP SEM and SAP BI.
Prior to joining Inforte, David COMPENDIT, he was a member of the creative team in March 2004, worked for a consulting firm acquired by Inforte. Prior to joining SAP consultant to the plate was COMPENDIT. David specializes in all SAP applications and reporting tools and analysis, in 1995, Finance and Controlling (FI / CO) began his career as a SAP consultant. Industry leader SAP BI and SAP TechEd, ASUG, and TDWI events presented as a successful speaker. He can be contacted @ david.dixon inforte.com.

Bill INMO "father of data warehouse" and co-creator is considered the "corporate information factory." This database has 28 years experience in management of technology and design data storage. It is known worldwide for seminars on developing data warehouses, and every major computing association and many conferences, seminars and trade shows were for the speaker. The construction of the bill, the use and maintenance of data warehouses and enterprise information factory, has written a variety of topics. Its more than 500 articles in such Datamation, Computerworld, and major computer magazines such as Byte magazine is published. The bill is currently a columnist for the review of data management and has been since its inception. He has published 39 books.

Bill founded a Silicon Valley company, Prism Solutions, and in 1991 took the set. Prism Software Solutions Informix, Ascential Software was purchased by the name, which was acquired by IBM, was a fervent. The software created is still used today, hundreds of companies. More recently, Bill www.billinmon.com internet decided to publish the information in the storage of large data. Web site has grown to support millions of visitors. Bill a number of Fortune 1000 customers consulting, design, and data storage and data management services.

SAP(R) R/3 Implementation Guide

SAP(R) R/3 Implementation Guide
Industry leaders, this powerful system with the implementation of SAP guides Guide R / 3 written by a team of managers. SAP can help avoid common mistakes in this book provides an overview of real life. This material suppliers and distributors of the business impact of SAP, in particular, shows how their customers. This, many SAP projects fail or run over budget and time explains. And managers to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of SAP and learn with all the complexity.

Amazon.com Review

Author and consultant Bradley D. A guide to understanding SAP Manager: Hiquet SAP R / 3 Implementation Guide reference-book model will shine a much-needed technology, new and old. Instead, readers are often boring, but no need to force the configuration commands, Hiquet, SAP R / 3 implementation of the imaginary journey through the Electrical Engineering, a manufacturer of electrical components and industrial automation products plant and chronicles of the distribution. Ably company manages the necessary books, target market and an overview of the request, except for the first part of this great work is for the composite sample.

Conley, Canitano & Associates, Inc., a real life, with the help of advisers, a description, and the many problems with the electrical engineering departments to build inter Hiquet the first book to address the implementation of SAP R / 3 can solve theoretical problems. This approach is very effective. First, the old and broken systems offer specific examples of how it negatively affects the efficiency and profitability. And second, puts a human face on these issues. Books to prepare companies and success of SAP R / 3 in pragmatic and proven methods to complete a short but informative chapter concludes with a summary. Sarah L. Roberts-Witt

Monday, 16 January 2012

SAP SCM: Applications and Modeling for Supply Chain Management (with BW Primer)

SAP SCM: Applications and Modeling for Supply Chain Management (with BW Primer)
SAP SCM: Applications and Models of Supply Chain Management and SAP APO provides a sophisticated take. This book can lead to success or failure of decisions inevitably open to criticism, and the project provides information, your supply chain staff-buyer, planner, ground controller or analyst-manage wherever you maximize the agility SAP APO offers.


"What can I do with the wood SAP SCM is an excellent resource for users who want to understand more product"

Through the back door

Praise for the SAP SCM: Applications and Models of Supply Chain Management

"This is an advanced ERP SCM should be required reading for any transportation company. Dan covers fit together and how the various aspects of SMC. In addition, the model does not explain all the treatment and keep a simple model the supply chain. 98% solution "good enough".
-Steve Blair CPIM, Fortune-500, a high-tech company, Senior Systems Analyst

"This excellent guide book Step versatile is an essential step for SAP employees. Book of SAP, which allows you to offer all kinds of groups, the thing just wide, but it, is not exhaustive of the SMC, project managers, administrators, developers, consultants and end users. "
Srini-Uppal, Consultant SCM

This guide "... Planning Dan and enrich the knowledge base for the first two and matured analysts to develop and implement components of the supply chain of the ruling class of the partition of the product ... dealt with a complete reference of the address and return success to companies to decide on the best return on investment issuers. "
-Gudipati Srinivas, Senior SAP Supply Chain Execution, SEAL Consulting, Inc.

Commitment to the software engine that manages the supply chain as a critical strategic decision to adopt SAP SCM as expensive and far-reaching to be left to chance - that the implementation of the supply chain. SAP SCM: Applications and Models of Supply Chain Management will train professionals to take advantage of SAP APO and sophisticated. This book, the success or failure of projects and take advantage of buyers, planners, ground control and the management team of the supply chain, including analysts, may lead to decisions necessarily open criticism teaches provides information to optimize the agility SAP APO offers.