Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Official ABAP Reference

This 6:40 ET a comprehensive two-volume collection, and the current version is divided into areas, including appropriate reference to the description of any current or former ABAP command, and examples. In addition to a thorough introduction to basic concepts of all, this will also benefit from an overview of the scope of the relevant faculty.

Details on possible error messages, and the application, this unique reference will become an indispensable part of SAP ABAP own development will be delivered directly. All ABAP environment is defined, a large glossary of technical terms, is a great addition.

This greatly expanded new edition, all chapters revised and updated for version 6:40. In addition to the many sections rewritten from scratch, is described in detail for the first time at the same time, many questions, such as ABAP, XML, can take advantage of views.

Characteristics of The Official ABAP Reference:

  • Description of all elements of the language are arranged by subject
  • Detailed presentations and views on any complex
  • Unicode extension
  • The old elements of the language
  • Conversion rules
  • Allocations
  • ABAP and XML
  • Exceptions
  • All ABAP glossary of technical terms, such as

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