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SAP R/3 for Everyone: Step-by-Step Instructions, Practical Advice, and Other Tips and Tricks for Working with SAP

 SAP R/3 for Everyone

Non-technical users of SAP R / 3 products worldwide leader in software for companies to provide guidance to all the world to work with SAP R / 3 Experienced SAP R / 3 users, and written and tested by educators, this book is typical of SAP R / 3 users time and the complex software needed to work with any module records the problem by providing a universal skills.

SAP R / 3 in nearly every SAP R / 3 used in the process can perform a handful of simple operations can be used effectively by all. Posters, photos, and with real examples, describes this process as simple language.

SAP R / 3 architecture and operation, and a brief explanation, readers step by step instructions

  • Sign up and closed, passwords manage and customize the SAP application window and screens
  • Menu folders, transaction codes, and screen for the navigation menu bar
  • The initial screens of transactions and other useful resources can be customized with quick access to frequently create folders
  • Understand the four basic types of transactions
  • Tips and techniques for entering codes, including the first screens, work, start searching for the code to customize the screens and using multiple selection screens and selection options
  • Filters, sorts, sums, and display variants Customizing output reports
For users of SAP to other outside of Microsoft Excel and Word and e-mail * Reports Export output reports

Practical and jargon-free, for everyone from SAP R / 3 drives, SAP R / 3 with an effective way to carry out any commercial activity, provides the skills and confidence.

About the Author

Jim Mazzullo scientific and technical advice, program development, a technical director and writer. Prior coordination and training of SAP and other systems and desktop applications developed under the Pacific Northwest, served as coordinator of the formation of a large electric utility. Texas A & M University, Jim began his career as a researcher and professor of geology. This can learn more about him.

Peter Wheatley SAP America SAP controls as administrator of the participation of clients in the southwest region. Over the past seven years, solutions consultant, administrator, technical consultant, architect and techniques have been employed by SAP America. In addition, the development of SAP, and production planning as an analyst for IBM and Compaq worked as a developer.

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