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Why SME's choose SAP? | SAP SME

Do you know why Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) clients daily select SAP?
To track and organize the data of their organization, many developing concerns are choosing SAP solutions. Especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) SAP AG specially designed authoritative software to get the great extent knowledge on it by taking trails at an inexpensive suite.
Why SME's choose SAP?
More than 95% of SAP SME clients felt that they are not erroneous in selecting SAP SME.
Recognize why many small and medium enterprises (SME's) show confidence on selecting SAP software for their business? SAP SME has a great extent of assortment of explanations for each and every issue which are faced by SME's. It is built with various preferences to assist you from the organization financial plan to various requirements of the industry like Information Technology options, HR Options etc. SAP SME solutions are easy to organize and position them to get the effective way of results in a short span of time. It will deliver the reports on statement or on request.

Depend on integrated, accessible explanations, which propagate along with your industry:
  • You have an advantage to get more from advanced skills of operations, which includes business analytics, flexibility and on request.
  • Be a partner with a large number of SAP partners among the world by magnifying your business with assurance.
  • Approval of new SAP SME user is quick with the in-built boundaries, created on their roles and tasks assigned to them.
  • Improvement of reasonable disbursement preferences, by subscription on a form depends on evaluating to funding.
  • The database will begin quickly. So get ready to run with the basic suites immediately.
Beat your superior opponents with SAP SME:
You can get the superior benefits with SAP SME software by discovering new techniques; enhance presentation as well as the growth of the enterprise.
FOR SME's SAP AG developed a collection of assortments at reasonable and pre-installed software solutions. You can utilize your personnel strength to the great extent to get benefit from it. Along with your prevailing setup we would like to work with you in an organizing way which are structured for you with the software solutions of SAP Business Management, SAP Business intelligence and flexibility solutions at low cost which is suitable for your developing industry.

Benefits of SAP SME:
  • Updated and programmed business methods which lead to condense the risk and decrease expenses.
  • Enriched reports of budgetary limitations, fiscal controlling and currency movement
  • More personnel efficiency
  • Helps to take quick decisions which develop the business
  • Fulfillment of customer and amenity intensities is high.
  • Immediate awareness and acute developments with protected mobile access.

Information ironic Business Intelligence | SAP BI

Use the business intelligence software for to deliver the effective methods and resolutions
Which process do you follow for to develop the efficiency of your personnel to provide the quicker and improved results on their work? Wherever the information held in organization, personnel can get the data with ease and vision on their requirement by providing the better equipment. It will help them to get the required data quickly. For this SAP AG provides SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions for to support the personnel to get more efficient output on every work they do. It leads to improve their complete output with good decisions and planning.

Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions:
  • Without the participation of IT, user has superior capability to use the data and evaluating it as per the requirements.
  • Easy to join with professionals and make quicker as well as effective decision making with Business Intelligence.
  • Enriched presentation metric pursuing 
  • Users can easily view the fundamental act indicators of every transaction done in the industry for effective accountability.
  • Users can get more effective answers quickly at the time of occurring any exemptions and events happened.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


SAP ERP HCM, or depth, comprehensive guide will give you a complete picture of what SAP ERP HCM SAP, even if you are completely new. Should be taken to implement a policy maker, consultant, or how it works, you are an administrator, you will learn about the basic function and how it can benefit the company. The benefits of hiring from management and payroll are explained using real examples and case studies.

Discover what SAP ERP HCM
Subjects, to create a solid understanding of key terms and important functions challenge helpful tips, you will find concise information bulletins.

See how it works
Discover the features of HCM and how it works, how you can help manage human resources processes.

Learn real-world scenarios
See how SAP ERP HCM, using a variety of practical examples and case studies.

Go to your taste
Go directly to the section that interests you, or read from cover to cover. Use the dictionary to broaden their understanding of the SAP terminology.

Features of Discover SAP ERP HCM:
  • Recruitment 
  • Talent Management 
  • Employee Management 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Learning Management 
  • Global Employee Management 
  • Time and Attendance 
  • The process of human capital management and forms
About the Author

Greg Newman, who graduated from the Department of Human Resources Management since 1999, working in the field of SAP ERP HCM. He specializes in SAP ERP HCM Payroll is an independent contractor, has implemented the key components at the same time. Also provided support for all components of the current Ho Chi Minh SAP for their clients and managed projects for clients with HCM. Bulletin HRExpert currently a member of an editorial team and published numerous articles.

SAP HCM | Time Management with SAP ERP HCM

And activities of employees with SAP ERP HCM Time Management Learn how to optimize their working time planning and management. You refer to this detailed understanding, implementation and management will teach you everything you need to set up time.

From the point of view, the basic elements of the book, including the important thing blueprinting stage, and how to integrate the product of time management with the other components.

Time Management configuration and customization of a contractor will follow from there to cover the segments of the passes. In addition, each infotype and which infotypes are required based on individual decisions regarding the use of information on design issues and how to configure the içerir. Kitap specific components and the appropriate fees and configuration saglar. Kitap, the simultaneous use of incentives, Web applications, including security and permissions section ends with a more advanced topics.

Features of Time Management with SAP ERP HCM:
  • Master Data 
  • Options when the input 
  • Change Planning 
  • Hours of work 
  • Events staff time 
  • Time Clock Time Evaluation
  • Evaluation time, without time clock 
  • In the workplace S Time Manager
About the Author

SAP HR consultant for over ten years has been Brian Schaer. Minister, and has worked in all phases of application life-time management and payroll are both seven years. It is an independent SAP HR Time and Payroll consultant and previously worked at Deloitte Consulting.

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CFO as Business Integrator

"I think we leave in our ability to fund large integrators. Bridge that connects the organization today with a vision for tomorrow." Steve Davis, vice president of derivatives trading, Exxon Mobile Corporation

Simplicity to complexity - and that's where the world financial manager of the company who is responsible for today. Driven by globalization and new technology, financial scandals of recent years and the role of the CFO is changing, the turnover for the integrator interpreter.

CFO will face the requirements of what is now - and in the future?
  • Judging an integration tools across the enterprise
  • Technology investments to extract the ROI
  • Streamline the process of financial reconciliation
  • Improved analysis and decision support
  • Management of external resources and external alliances
  • Reports rigorous and transparent
CFO as Business Integrator addresses these challenges and more. This sharing of information in real time, decision support and real globalization to exploit sophisticated remodeling in time for the finance function provides advice and solutions practice. CFO books, interviews, original research, case studies and funding initiatives by adding a dynamic, includes action plans for creating value.

Back cover

"This investment in our culture, first, processes, data, and has nothing to do with technology integration. Our people and share and communicate critical to combine. "Phil Bentley, chief financial officer, DOWNTOWN

"We built around the structured database of brands in the world of our knowledge, information, ideas, consumer decision support ... What we need now is an extraordinary, we want to share ... We need an environment that fosters growth analysis does not just reduce costs. "Gary Fayard, Coca Cola Company CFO

"This sector is the ability to execute that separates success. This is coupled with our existing infrastructure, our competitive advantage. Increasingly, we are asked to create global solutions." Jim Daley, chief financial officer of EDS

"Our motto is Finance. Superior driving performance excellence and is fully functional, standards of conduct and develop key performance indicators for risk management and decision support what is, to finance more proactive in our own priorities development, we can play a role?.? Holistic approach to business. "Wolfgang Reichenberger, the chief financial officer, NESTLE

Business functions, alliance partners and across borders - Today, the proactive role of CFO impressive sources of these resources to understand and use electronic commerce to create an integrated global company, moved to- beyond geography. CFO as Business Integrator, the benefits of integrating new technologies, practical, results-based guidance and leadership of the procurement program funds the chain around a vision to shape a new managed service, and analysis and advanced decision support.

SAP FI: Financial Accounting: ERP ECC6, R/3 4.70 (Computer Science)

The book describes the FI in terms of application components used in a variety of fundamental concepts and various boards, configuration, and provides recommendations for use. SAP FI SAP tables and transaction codes in separate sections to help you navigate the complex software! Initially, end users, programmers and educators: This book is an invaluable guide for all members of the SAP community.

Characteristics of Financial Accounting:
  • This configuration advice / counseling / has an easy to understand format with the use of the Q and A
  • SAP ERP (ECC 6.0), the transaction codes SAP FI and SAP FI-screen images of different sections, including tables
  • More than 450 questions to help you master this complex software, graphics and illustrations for 200, 430 operations use the tables in SAP FI and 195 FI
  • IF Models books, shortcuts, and figures (including 4color) includes a CD-ROM
Summary Table of Contents:

Organizational units and basic settings. General Accounting (FI-GL). Financial Accounting (new). Payable (FI-A / P) and Accounts Receivable (FI-A / R) Accounts. Bank Accounting (FI-BL). Asset Accounting (FI-AA). Lease Accounting (FI-LA). Travel agency (FI-TV). SAP FI tables. Transaction codes SAP FI. Tables. Table of contents.

About the Author

V. Narayanan is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Project Management Professional (PMP), respectively. Currently, a consulting company SAP and project management for over 12 years experience in the field, a multinational consulting company, SAP FI / CO consultant and project manager, practice, but played an essential role deploy effective solutions in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, Belgium and India, SAP customers.

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SAP GRC | SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance

This book, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions for SAP cover all processes and components. Process Control, access control and risk management focuses on the book by using the standard application scenarios and the example of a case study provides information on customization.

Access control is used to identify all the companies and the role of separation of functions and how they control how to manage business processes and computer systems, how to adapt to the risks associated with the creation and analysis ogreneceksinizkullanici super powers and perform the deletion. Then explore the steps of risk management, monitoring of financial and legal risks.

In addition, foreign trade, SAP GTS will have the idea about SAP solutions for performance and protection of the environment and occupational safety, SAP EHS, and with the principles.

Features of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance:
  • Access control
  • Process Control 
  • Risk Management 
  • The SAP Global Trade Services 
  • SAP Environment. Health. and security
About the Author

Sabine Scholer was responsible for programs to trigger different SAP products. Included in the RCMP. Before that, it is a complex SAP projects, and actively participated in the field of service management solution. Olaf Zink primarily as the architect of international business solutions for SAP projects, SAP Consulting has worked for 10 years. He has extensive experience with Sarbanes-Oxley and internal control system established successful management and SAP GRC Process Control.

SAP(R) Process, Analyze and Understand SAP(R) Processes with Knowledge Maps people exchange information, to optimize supply chains, managing strategic relationships, reducing time to market better and faster, provides a virtual power of the Internet to work smarter, increasing productivity and shareholder value.

Library, resource planning process to identify and analyze the documentation necessary to understand the standard SAP processes. Search on the basis of the mind method, a series of maps of the information obtained from the authors provide a method for the preparation of business operations. This is show business units to clarify the conditions and graphic images that focus on problem solving. Engineering work in connection with the Library of the process of organizational structures, business processes and systems information management in place. To illustrate each point clearly Enjoy SAP process areas of information are described with maps and screenshots. Case studies, tips and tricks, business management, clear explanations, SAP consultants will undertake the task of analyzing the contributions of the process itself.

This engineering book management, information management, information and maps covering the process of working with the core library. With the overall theme of the implementation of a software solution, analysis and knowledge of SAP cards covers the basics of understanding the process. The authors use information, maps, mind mapping derivative of how the method and explains how the real world. These conditions of sale and management information to analyze the methodological introduction to the engineering process, and provide specific examples of process maps and information library.

Contains the contents of:
  • Information Cards 
  • Mind mapping method
  • Chain Structure LEGO 
  • Analysis of the process 
  • Information Management
  • Revenue and cost control
About the Author

Jurgen Rohricht SAP since 1994 has been a consultant in the field of financial accounting. O, of national and international projects, R / 3 and has considerable experience in terms of functionality. He worked as project manager and marketing director common.

Thomas Teufel has been with SAP since 1993 and a process-oriented approach in practice has identified a number of consulting projects. Guide the development of a methodology that focuses on the creative process and information management. Meanwhile, Mannheim, Germany teaches school.

Teufel-Birgit Weiss, a consultant in the field of accounting has been since 1994. That the company's solutions (ready for R / 3) employees, FSO, working for an SAP partner logo. This is a simple and pragmatic believer in practice targets small and medium enterprises is particularly important to the SFO R / 3.

Peter Willems, in collaboration with SAP since 1994 as a logistics consultant. O sales, distribution and management services for integration into the application and spent three years as a consultant. Since 1997, SAP R / 3 applications, primarily for the transaction have been working as project manager.

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SAP FI | Manufacturing Finance with SAP ERP Financials

This book is required for configuration and integration of funds available for the production environment and manufacturing processes with full functionality and CFO practice, members of the finance team, providing project managers and consultants SAP ERP Financials for the optimization of production. Primarily focusing on the basics of financial accounting and control components, book reader, the business drivers, KPIs, configurations, planning, finance and provide an overview of technical issues related to the production function.

Funding for the users, the book covers business drivers, and large manufacturing and production of KPI applied to standard models to maximize the functionality of financing for setting financial accounting and control advises. Practice managers and consultants, among others, as well as other applications such as SAP PP and MM sections of main data parameters, the subject of costs, and coverage will benefit from the integration of the information system and SAP ERP Financials.

Features of Manufacturing Finance with SAP ERP Financials:
  • Master Data Requirements 
  • Make-Stock Production 
  • Cost object
  • Material Ledger 
  • The commercial transactions 
  • Annual cost 
  • Information System
About the Author

SAP Subbu Ramakrishnan Princeton, New Jersey, Sandoz, Inc., is the CFO. It is a controller, CFO and 10 years of experience as an auditor and has 13 years experience in SAP. More than 60 production plants and 25 distribution centers and operational implementation of SAP, configuration, and has extensive experience in financial accounting and control components are integrated.

SAP FI | New General Ledger in SAP ERP Financials

SAP ERP Financials and how to book the vast set of new features Learn about the best way to implement your organization to maximize the use.

Through concrete examples, the authors of a guided tour of the important. First, learn how to create the necessary parameters to describe his books. Then the sample solutions and customization tips for segment splitting and finding, the authors show that the process of accounting transactions in parallel using the method of accounting.

A detailed section addresses the burning issues of migration, such as: What are the means? In what areas need to think about before migration? What level of complexity should be weighed? Migration process really works?

In summary, this detailed reference provides everything you need to pass the New General Ledger. SAP ERP 6.0 is based on the latest version, from the date of publication of this book is never complete.

Features of New General Ledger in SAP ERP Financials:
  • Design and specifications 
  • Integration with Financial Accounting - Accounting profit centers, the closing period, control of publication, publication costs, provides online monitoring 
  • Parallel Valuation - basic principles, fixed assets, current assets, provisions 
  • Paper Division - Split active and passive, special G / L Transactions, Periodic 
  • Migration - a new G / L, the phase of migration, immigration, migration scenarios, migration of the cockpit, the reports of implementation, allowing the SAP Service

About the Author

Eric Bauer joined SAP in 1998 and has been operating in the field of finance. Education Services as Director of Education, was responsible for developing and implementing the SAP training portfolios. Rg Jurgen Siebert is a consultant and trainer from 1996 to 2003 worked as SAP Financial Accounting. Rg Jurgen Siebert and Eric Bauer joined SAP Solutions Regional Sales Manager in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

Friday, 25 May 2012

SAP FI | Maximizing SAP General Ledger

This reference book is a roadmap for optimizing the SAP General Ledger with the equipment necessary to provide functional and technical teams and end users. This SAP accounting in real situations, the details on how to customize and optimize the use of a focus on business processes, and shows how to effectively integrate with other SAP components. General Accounting Master Data SAP master data in SAP is to learn reconciliation, balance sheet, including profit and loss account and retained earnings, general ledger, divided. 

The integration of SAP Materials Management SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI) General Ledger, Sales and Distribution, Logistics, and other alın.Uzlaşma book offers practical advice on integrated financial accounting and control in real time to understand the tight integration between the financial accounting and control integration. SAP General Ledger integrates with the nuances of the various books dominates. If the stand-alone or in conjunction with other tools, to carry out planning activities Learn to use the General Accounting SAP General Ledger in SAP planning.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

SAP FI | Check Design and Payment Process Configuration in SAP ERP Financials

This book is the data collection strategies, configuration steps, best practices, technical direction and delivery of checks and payment processes required for smooth implementation or optimization of case studies provides professional finance. Inside, control strategies, and electronic payments and paper checks to electronic payments and technical considerations, and design the SAP payment, you will learn the configuration steps.

Information Gathering
And collect the information necessary for design verification and payment procedures, and a case study to learn best practices with key stakeholders to understand the voting process.

Check Printing Options
Format, media type, security options, prepress, equipment, and more printing options, including checks, get an overview of thousands deep.

Design Considerations
Art, design consultation and design, safety, in multiple formats, including signs and test the payment instrument to track the status Explore the options.

Configuration of payment
Bank data through a case study that provides concrete examples of collaboration with SAP payment configuration mastering process, payment, clearing and automatic delivery, types, and the general configuration of payments .

Automatic payment
Filtering, selection, editing, time for payment of publishing, printing and automatic SAP, including the important elements necessary for a successful payment processing automatically perform vital information about.

Features of Check Design and Payment Process Configuration in SAP ERP Financials (SAP FI):
  • Selecting Data Collection Product 
  • Payment System Options 
  • Automatic Payment Processing 
  • Configuration of payment 
  • Design and layout
About the Author

Donald F. Eyre, AR and AP with SAP for over eight years experience focused on niche capabilities, Accenture. O data, Accenture conducted a series of controls are designed for customers to check and payment by check has met the SAP configuration. Took the stage at conferences on a variety of SAP HR and AP.

SAP | Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (3rd Edition)

Third edition: comprehensive coverage of the new revised and expanded!

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, I am planning to implementation and management system throughout the day to day operations; I love all the life cycle of SAP project. This book has step by step, the direct use, technology and applications-from the ground in SAP products and the conditions of today's business and gain a solid foundation in the real world.

Step by step instructions, the most common questions, problems and tasks, you can meet with SAP Walk.

Case study based exercises help you build and test your knowledge.

By the Way draws attention to some interesting information available.

Did you know? Simple way to teach a counselor or other advice.

Caution! Cautions warn about potential problems.

Find out how...
  • Companies and businesses small and medium enterprises to familiarize yourself with the new SAP products and choose the right solutions for your business 
  • Learn how to integrate SAP with Web services and SOA
  • Develop an efficient roadmap for deploying SAP in your environment 
  • SAP Business, functional, and technical perspectives of the proposed implementation of the management plan 
  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver 7.0 features to facilitate the development and integration and to reduce the cost of 
  • Step by step walk to the installation of the SAP technical 
  • Master basic SAP system management and operation 
  • This type of connection, session management, and perform important tasks such as printing 
  • The SAP building queries and reports 
  • Prepare for SAP upgrades and enhancements 
  • Develop your own personal and professional career SAP.

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SAP FI | SAP Business One: Simple but Powerful

"SAP Business One" theoretical, but also for small businesses, SMEs and subsidiaries as well as practical training for effective use of SAP Business One is saglar. Modeling running applications only real example. It begins by placing the new family member SAP, SAP Business One offers a compact appearance. It focuses primarily on process modeling industry through two specific examples.

About the Author

Master of Business Engineering Senior SAP Consultant Thomas Teufel IT industry for 7 years with 15-year history, SAP software teufel director Monika EA Master Pan IT manager Viet Nguyen-selling author of a variety of management related to automotive electronics and automation. The large complex, strategic IT projects, implementation and control of a global player with a proven track record, with experience in capacity planning, the European IT services and IT restructuring to remove the gold medal . Roland Heun 15 years of experience in project business development, marketing and IT IT, a leader in the field of product management at SAP Business One

SAP FI | SAP Training Tutorials: SAP FICO AR SAPCOOKBOOK Training Tutorials SAP Financials Accounts Receivable

SAP Training Tutorials: SAP FICO AR SAPCOOKBOOK Training Tutorials SAP Financials Accounts Receivable 
Training Resource Manuals)

Tutorials SAPCOOKBOOK education you need to know to start working on SAP is designed to help people understand. Written in terms of end users, SAP, SAP SAPCOOKBOOK Training Resource Guide and tutorials on how to carry out critical operations of each functional area provides step by step instructions. This darkness will never fully utilize the 1,000-page encyclopedia of configuration items that are not - and how this book shows what people do better in the SAP system. Michael Martinez in the exciting work you need to document the progress of business processes, and SAP will help you understand the steps. SAP FI tutorials SAPCOOKBOOK Education, the period is the fastest way to learn.

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SAP FI | SAP R/3 Financial Accounting: Making it work for your business (SAP Press Business Roadmap)

The purpose of this book, Financial accounting module R / 3 and illustrated with examples to explain a wide variety of customization options, from labor history, how it relates to the practical module functions, to show. With the advantage of the general managers and users based on their needs, modules and R / 3 would be preferable to apply.

Back cover

SAP R / 3, is not only an administrative system - an information system is also a company that provides business information to make the right decisions for their future that serves the need. The purpose of this book, illustrated with examples how they relate modules these practical functions, the financial accounting module and working R/3is story to tell and show the variety of customization options. With the advantage of the general managers and users based on their needs, modules and R / 3 would be preferable to apply.

SAP project managers, team members, consultants and users of SAP R / 3 Financial Accounting is written to provide detailed coverage of key questions:
  • R / 3 SAP FI modules and the implementation of privatization 
  • The basic principles of accounting and business conditions 
  • R / 3 and computerized accounting principles 
  • R / 3 SAP FI the organizational structure 
  • Buying or selling, and withholding 
  • Creation of year-end financial statements 
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts 
  • SAP Asset Accounting
  • The books of account for special purposes 
  • Travel Management

SAP FI | Integrating SAP ERP Financials

Moving company, or using or have recently moved to ECC 6.0, the terms of use new G / L is needed to understand how the integration. This book is an important point of integration, including integration of other SAP ERP financial (SAP FI) process mapping to understand a variety of solutions and best practices, SAP project managers, application equipment and human resources for consultants wrote SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP MM and SAP FSCM, including the important components. And to help with the project, you create a framework for a successful integration process; you will find a roadmap for the standard.

Monday, 21 May 2012


To compete in the global marketplace and gain a solid foundation gereklidir. SAP supports the basic functions of ERP business processes and operations are effective and tailored to specific needs of industry. SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite provides these solutions to the world of finance and accounting practices in the changing dramatically - the convergence of accounting standards, greater expectation of transparency, openness has increased the demand for its range of trading partners. SAP can help you. More than 120 countries, over 30,000 of our country with well-managed companies run 45 special editions, SAP increased competition in an economic environment characterized by uncertain market conditions and increased regulatory oversight has helped companies like yours develop. SAP ERP Financials(SAP FI) provides modular applications.

SAP FI | Administering SAP R/3: The Fi-Financial Accounting & Co-Controlling Modules

Update on the implementation of SAP financial (SAP FI) and accounting systems can be one of the prosecutors in the process. Make changes in all areas of business accounting and financial systems and wreak havoc with business resources and external to SAP FI and SAP CO modules açabilir. Kitap to save time and money to be used is full of practical examples on how to configure the accounting department and processes. In addition, this book is also a focal point and other managers, and business accounting and financial data, provides guidance for planning. - SAP Business No. 1 computer systems company-wide use today. Finance and Controlling modules of SAP FI-CO accounting modules are two of the six most popular.
  • All you need to know the administrator to perform the SAP accounting modules quick guide and concise.
  • Valuable tips and save time and money, while rapidly with SAP executives on how to start financial planning and financial control includes examples showing.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

SAP FI | Account Determination in SAP (2nd Edition)

This guide teaches you how to configure SAP ERP determination of the account open and practical. Sen, SAP AR, SAP AP, taxation, banking, SAP human capital management and SAP materials management, SAP general ledger, including magazines, you learn different techniques to determine the production of accounts for each component. Readers get installation instructions step by step, and this new edition, each chapter to help you cope and understand all aspects of business processes and real-world scenarios, and provide examples of catches of screen and determining the advice useful. If you are responsible for the implementation of the feature to determine if the account, that means you need a guide.

SAP FI | Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials

This book is for the conversion to IFRS for the preparation of their own SAP ERP Financials  (SAP FI) provides a roadmap and capital projects of conversion. The scope of the transition process in detail a petrochemical company, a U.S. GAAP / IFRS in the deltas of view and how they are mapped to the SAP ERP Financials, and includes a draft IFRS large real-world advice. Financial professionals, administrators, technicians, project managers and consultants to promote their own projects or update scenarios to improve IFRS, but you will appreciate this concise guide.

Delta division of U.S. GAAP and IFRS
How to learn IFRS U.S. GAAP deltas organization and assets, including revenue recognition and consolidation work, the level assigned to encode the SAP ERP Financials.

Case study of IFRS in the real world
A large company, after a thorough study of a multinational petrochemical IFRS Get tips on transforming the real world.

The business plan, program and project phases
Roadmap, project staff, and difficulties, including the construction, evaluation, implementation, to understand the full cycle of implementation of the project.

Map of the functionality of SAP ERP Financials
SAP General Ledger, consolidation and IFRS standards, including XBRL tools, maps, features Learn how SAP ERP Financials.

IFRS Financial Accounting Configuration
Country code and the SAP ERP Financials global effects of IFRS reporting parameters money.

Features of Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials:
  • Calendar of IFRS conversion 
  • U.S. GAAP and IFRS deltas 
  • The mapping functionality of SAP ERP Financials
  • Project planning and implementation 
  • Case Study in the real world 
  • SAP General Ledger Migration 
  • Merge and other tools
About the Author

Paul Theobald IFRS SAP customers in North and South America, the General Accounting, and transition services in SAP consulting CapeGlobal, the owner. He emigrated in the SAP general ledger, a successful author and has participated in the project since 2005 the transition to IFRS.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

SAP FI | Maximizing SAP ERP Financials Accounts Receivable

Claims to the SAP ERP Financials (SAP FI) Are you using the full capacity? If not, this book you or a member of a team's request, the administrator user, functional, technical and end user if you are sure to provide a roadmap for s ensure that the use of accounts receivable and degil. Kitap implementation and maximize the potential return on investment component will teach you how to improve. In addition, the R component and its integration with other SAP services and components that will help them develop skills and strategies to increase use.

SAP FI | Integration of Materials Management with Financial Accounting in SAP

If you work with materials Management and SAP ERP Financials, this book teaches you the points of intersection between them. This is an effective and permanent, so you can optimize business processes with SAP MM and FI describes how to configure the system to improve the procurement process. You adapt to the SAP FI and its impact on the functional design and configuration of MM, shipments will be learning to accountability and control. And numerous examples of real world problem solving techniques, materials, simple, convenient and easy to use will find step by step explanations.