Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SAP NetWeaver Application | Building Web Infrastructures with SAP NetWeaver Application Serve

A growing number of employees of business scenarios to be connected via the Web, require customers and partners. Therefore, to implement the SAP NetWeaver Portal and Web business applications, infrastructure, landscaping must be in the right place. This raises important questions such as: indoor and outdoor applications at the same time I use the existing infrastructure? Where is my database fit into this scenario? I need to handle user management? Included in the system do I landscape my back-end system? What about what security landscape, internal and external? How to protect system stability as the number of hits?

SAP answers to sensitive questions in detail that this NEWS technical guide for depth. Practice and know-how, this book is to create the best infrastructure, important decisions is a complex skill system administrators, network architects, technical consultants and support of safety experts of the network infrastructure that meets the safety requirements of the group discussion later practice. Several detailed examples shed additional light and serve to complete the complex, but the simple picture painted by the authors.

Features of Building Web Infrastructures with SAP NetWeaver Application Serve:

  • Building Web Infrastructures with SAP NetWeaver Application Serve
  • Areas of network components and scenarios
  • Load distribution 
  • Implementation of firewalls and gateways 
  • Application Security, Security Zones, and access control lists 
  • High availability and clustering 
  • Measurement and Load Testing 
  • Application and network performance 
  • Terminal Server and Virtual Private Networks Web Cache

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