Thursday, 24 May 2012

SAP FI | Check Design and Payment Process Configuration in SAP ERP Financials

This book is the data collection strategies, configuration steps, best practices, technical direction and delivery of checks and payment processes required for smooth implementation or optimization of case studies provides professional finance. Inside, control strategies, and electronic payments and paper checks to electronic payments and technical considerations, and design the SAP payment, you will learn the configuration steps.

Information Gathering
And collect the information necessary for design verification and payment procedures, and a case study to learn best practices with key stakeholders to understand the voting process.

Check Printing Options
Format, media type, security options, prepress, equipment, and more printing options, including checks, get an overview of thousands deep.

Design Considerations
Art, design consultation and design, safety, in multiple formats, including signs and test the payment instrument to track the status Explore the options.

Configuration of payment
Bank data through a case study that provides concrete examples of collaboration with SAP payment configuration mastering process, payment, clearing and automatic delivery, types, and the general configuration of payments .

Automatic payment
Filtering, selection, editing, time for payment of publishing, printing and automatic SAP, including the important elements necessary for a successful payment processing automatically perform vital information about.

Features of Check Design and Payment Process Configuration in SAP ERP Financials (SAP FI):
  • Selecting Data Collection Product 
  • Payment System Options 
  • Automatic Payment Processing 
  • Configuration of payment 
  • Design and layout
About the Author

Donald F. Eyre, AR and AP with SAP for over eight years experience focused on niche capabilities, Accenture. O data, Accenture conducted a series of controls are designed for customers to check and payment by check has met the SAP configuration. Took the stage at conferences on a variety of SAP HR and AP.

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