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Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)

Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition) Description

Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
This reference work greatly expanded and completely revised: second sale Print key data migration projects greatly helps to reduce the cost and time. This comprehensive reference, batch input, eCATT, CATT, and Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) focuses on preventing the need for programming.

Data transfer may be necessary to customize these tools to optimize and fully manual where you will learn. Various individual methods compared and contrasted to the nearest appropriate to their needs in order to obtain valuable information on your consent. In addition, large amounts of data faster than ever to move to choose a new tool for data migration speed (ADM), receive a thorough introduction.

The following sections describe specific migration project migration data for the preparation and conduct of assets to manage. This switch is useful in discussions about Microsoft Access and Excel to prepare data for the transfer of information can be used profitably offer.

Features of Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
  • Planning a migration project 
  • Technical and management Database migration
  • Batch input, eCATT, and LSMW data migration with 
  • The evaluation of different methods 
  • Tips for taking-up 
  • Data migration accelerated 
  • Exception: MS Excel and active migration
About the Author (s)

ERP as an international project manager, Michael Willinger has many years of experience in SAP consulting.

Dr. Johann gradle existing system which is one of the developers responsible for the repression of immigration. Then install the CRM Middleware development, and test automation tasks undertaken. Currently, the SAP Service and Support is located in strategic projects.

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition) Description

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
Our best seller, this eagerly anticipated fully revised edition of SAP Master Data File, implements, and provides valuable information. This examines in detail the key technologies and processes, highlights specific archiving of data - generated by the display of archived data processing and storage of archive files archive for archiving checks. The last section is a description drive-by-step project planning and archiving stages of implementation of the standard provides a practical measure. This version of the routing file, new elements, a process Taana and according to the XML file contains.

The book, SAP ERP 6.0 to SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP covering all aspects of the files, the SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI archive includes specific concepts. The SAP client system and database administrators and data archiving project that meets the needs of the project partners.

Features of Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
  • Information Lifecycle Management archiving data in the context of 
  • And the basic process 
  • Data storage 
  • Access to archives 
  • Archive Development Kit (ADK) 
  • File routing 
  • Transactions Taana 
  • This is an XML-based archiving 
  • SAP ERP (including HCM), SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI File
  • Phases of the project description 
  • Draft List
About the Author (s):

Helmut Stefani Mainz / English and Spanish and graduated as a technical translator Germersheim, Germany, studied at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Applied Linguistics. After working in England as a specialist in software localization of CAD is returned to Germany to work for an American company. SAP since 1997, specializing in information management data file and the product worked as a developer, and has worked with the author of numerous publications on this topic.

Monday, 7 November 2011

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition Description

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition
This new version of the bestseller, the SAP Solution Manager Application management during the full life cycle of SAP specialists (project managers and project teams, quality managers and executives) explains how it supports.

The book, "SAP Enterprise Support," an innovative concept of support, begins with a detailed description and SAP Solution Manager provides readers with coverage of all functional areas. Readers of these kinds of questions that arise in the workplace Run SAP methodology and will benefit from expert knowledge. Then, requirements analysis, design, installation and configuration, implementation, operation and optimization solution to explore the use of SAP Solution Manager.

Throughout the follow-up of books, technical service, change management request, root cause analysis, reports, including all basic functions, will culminate in depth of the display of the new examples and the concept of quality management. In addition, insightful customer feedback immediately complemented by a new chapter in the SAP ecosystem, you benefit from the skills.

Features of  SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition
  • SAP Solution Manager, SAP Enterprise Support in the context of 
  • Business Centers 
  • Run SAP 
  • Quality new management concept 
  • Project Management 
  • Supporting documentation solution
  • Test Drive 
  • Analysis of the Change Management process 
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting 
  • Preparation and management of Service Desk 
  • Root Cause Analysis
About the Author (s)

Marc Oliver Schafer worked as product manager for SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enterprise Manager Version, and is related to the design of the portfolio.
Dr. Matthias Melich, executive vice president of product management is responsible for worldwide field operations E2E solution.

Mastering SAP NetWeaver PI — Administration (2nd Edition)

Mastering SAP NetWeaver PI — Administration (2nd Edition)
Mastering the SAP NetWeaver
PI - Management (2nd Edition) Description

Systems in the infrastructure layer, the SAP NetWeaver PI plays a role in the company. But how do you keep it working properly? This book answers your questions. For example, using a scenario in great detail, the authors of all administrative tasks for you and offers helpful tips for everyday work.

Basic Configuration

Many parameters to configure the application server and the SAP NetWeaver PI, and learn what are the recommended settings.

SLD and the Enterprise Services Repository

Software components, services SLD modeling of the bridge, and publications, and more to create and manage IT infrastructure to manage the most important out of two vehicles.

Legend and performance monitoring

Master the central management tasks: Define who has authority to ensure the timely processing of messages, use and focused on the monitoring options.

Images of a large number of concrete instructions

Learn step by step how to perform an essential task for everyone. And lead to a detailed description of the menu shows a variety of forms.

Expert advice for real life

Benefit from the authors' experience with client projects. The application is designed to help you get quick results-oriented descriptions focus on the practical application.

Features of Mastering SAP NetWeaver PI — Administration (2nd Edition)
  • Setting IP and application server 
  • Enterprise Content import 
  • Configuration System Landscape Directory 
  • Services configuration change management and CTS + 
  • Roles, authorization and Single Sign-On 
  • Monitoring and improving performance 
  • Work with Enterprise Services Repository
About the Author (s)

Specializing in SAP NetWeaver PI Marcus Banner, Heinzpeter RealCore Klein and Consulting GmbH, Essen, Germany Christian Riesener a technology consulting company. They have supported the development and use of the first version of IP.

Friday, 4 November 2011

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Upgrade Guide

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Upgrade Guide Product Description

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Upgrade Guide
SAP upgrade before? I know how it works? Updated to version 7.0 is completely different - Yes, you forget everything learned in the past!

This comprehensive guide covers the process of upgrading ABAP and all ABAP / Java double-stack updates and upgrade complex and Unicode conversion in combination (CU and the University of California). PREPARE and upgrade phases of you, post-processing, modification and upgrade to new authors such as walking, with adjustment for all information on the tools - A to Z

In addition, you learn how to plan and prepare for the modernization project, the authors draw on the experience of large project management, and what to avoid. The Privy Council and learned many lessons from ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, 5.0, or SCM, smooth and painless, or, in the next version is guaranteed to make your upgrade.

The first edition of this book is entitled "SAP ERP Upgrade Project Guide" was published under the name SAP as a guide critical press.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Application Server Upgrade Guide
  • Project update 
  • Upgrade Tools 
  • To prepare and update operations ABAP and Java 
  • Unicode and modernization of facilities and Unicode conversion (CU and the University of California) 
  • Updated the post-processing 
  • Change the setting 
  • Upgrading BI, SCM and CRM

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP System Administration

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP System Administration Product Description

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP System Administration
The reference book best-seller, this edition fully updated and expanded system management with SAP NetWeaver ABAP revised application server and all related topics are discussed. System control, system, customer management, and start using concepts of authority, this book provides all the management tools and best practices guidelines to configure the system contains. Even in emergencies - a deep knowledge and tips to help make the right decisions to help you make the right decisions quickly. The book provides the necessary support for the daily operation and prepare for the exam to become certified technical advisor.

This third edition of the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.0 and 7.1 for updated and expanded to many new problems, Solution Manager, SAP NetWeaver and SAP NetWeaver Administrator ABAP tools, such as IP.

Features of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP System Administration
  • AS ABAP architecture 
  • The concept of process: the process of dialogue and background, update, lock management, production management 
  • A configuration of the system infrastructure 
  • Client Management 
  • Users and permissions 
  • Software Logistics 
  • Maintenance Example 
  • Control System 
  • Solution Manager and NWA
  • New ABAP Editor and Debugger 
  • SAP NetWeaver PI
About the Author (s)

SAP Systems Integration AG, a technology consultant, Frank FOSE. Studies of systems analysis, implementation and focuses on the size. Sigrid Hagemann Business Technology Consulting (management consulting and information technology) integration of SAP AG runs. Liane with the implementation of SAP solutions and management support to customers, SAP Active Global AG, working on the table.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

SAP MaxDB Administration

SAP MaxDB Administration Product Description
SAP MaxDB Administration

This book accompanies the administration of the SAP MaxDB. Discusses the principles of that useful for typical management tasks and provides step by step guide will help you identify and resolve common problems.

The authors of different sample types, structure, and that the concept offers a very detailed database. The interaction between SAP NetWeaver Application Server and SAP MaxDB is described in detail before you dive into the typical tasks of a database instance in the life cycle - the installation and configuration, and update the backup database and recovery, as, for example cikarma.Davranış and useful information about general troubleshooting tips, a comprehensive management services used to complete the manual.

SAP MaxDB 7.7 based on the book but for previous versions can also be used.

Features of SAP MaxDB Administration

  • Creation of a database instance 
  • Software installation and upgrade 
  • Create a database, run and configure 
  • Backup and Restore 
  • Interaction with SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • Consistency checks
  • Analysis tools 
  • Cache and directories 
  • The diagnostic files
About the Author (s)

Bogelsack Andre, Stephan Mayer and Manuel gradle SAP MaxDB in the SAP NetWeaver and SAP Competence Centre academic works, Technische Universitat Munchen. Professor Helmut Krcmar Technische Universität München, Chair Chief Information and records management.

Performing End-to-End Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager

Performing End-to-End Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager Description

Performing End-to-End Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager
This guide is unique pages, the architects of SAP Solution Manager provides problem analysis will guide you through the complete set of tools of SAP. The current analysis tools are not a solution for every type of special tools and technology tools is described in detail, focusing on providing end to end. Then, each vehicle a short case studies and best practices for use with architectural details and described separately. All screens and monitors important data interpretation, and provides guidance for the definition of integration problems by showing that the landscape of SAP PRESS Essentials guide provides everything you need for a complete analysis.

About the Author (s)

Michael Kloff strategic research and development organization working in IT Service & Application Management joined SAP in 2004. Michael is currently focused on the capabilities of end to end end-to-work procedures in the diagnosis and active support for the distribution of expertise extends from the global technology center. Prior to joining SAP, Michael worked for five years to support the development of other IT companies.

Marc Their, vice president of technology support, diagnostics and procedures, focusing on end to end capabilities end to end solution leading to operational deployment. Marc joined SAP in 1993 and worked in support of Active Global Delivery EMEA Advocacy Centre und Technology MaxAttention oriented experience. Since 2006, Active Global Support experience leading the global technology center.