Monday, 7 November 2011

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition Description

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition
This new version of the bestseller, the SAP Solution Manager Application management during the full life cycle of SAP specialists (project managers and project teams, quality managers and executives) explains how it supports.

The book, "SAP Enterprise Support," an innovative concept of support, begins with a detailed description and SAP Solution Manager provides readers with coverage of all functional areas. Readers of these kinds of questions that arise in the workplace Run SAP methodology and will benefit from expert knowledge. Then, requirements analysis, design, installation and configuration, implementation, operation and optimization solution to explore the use of SAP Solution Manager.

Throughout the follow-up of books, technical service, change management request, root cause analysis, reports, including all basic functions, will culminate in depth of the display of the new examples and the concept of quality management. In addition, insightful customer feedback immediately complemented by a new chapter in the SAP ecosystem, you benefit from the skills.

Features of  SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition
  • SAP Solution Manager, SAP Enterprise Support in the context of 
  • Business Centers 
  • Run SAP 
  • Quality new management concept 
  • Project Management 
  • Supporting documentation solution
  • Test Drive 
  • Analysis of the Change Management process 
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting 
  • Preparation and management of Service Desk 
  • Root Cause Analysis
About the Author (s)

Marc Oliver Schafer worked as product manager for SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enterprise Manager Version, and is related to the design of the portfolio.
Dr. Matthias Melich, executive vice president of product management is responsible for worldwide field operations E2E solution.

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