Thursday, 15 May 2014

SAP Expects a Significant Impact of New International Accounting Standard

SAP Expects a Significant Impact of New International Accounting Standard
The new international accounting standard for revenue recognition (IFRS 15), who after years of deliberations by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB ) and the U.S. standard setter Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB ) is nearing publication, according to estimates by SAP a significant impact bring to their own industry with it. 

"The consequences for the software industry are essential", the designated Chief Financial Officer Luka Mucic says in the interview, the stock market newspaper. The existing provisions of U.S. GAAP, which are also observed by Software Company outside the United States for better comparability with U.S. competitors in many cases, would have been given a very narrow and sometimes extremely conservative corset. The new standard is much less conservative. "This means that software companies must not only implement the new rules, but also determine how they want to deal with the new flexibility.”

Other industries, particularly if they offer various goods and services under a single contract, will, according to experts from the be affected by the new standard. SAP, which is often sold with their software and maintenance services, had been involved from the beginning in the development of the new standards, the acting CFO Werner Brandt also says in the interview, the stock market newspaper. The new standard will lead to significant changes in the revenue recognition of the Dax Group. "We are already for some time in analyzing these changes and this analysis will now conclude on the basis of the final version.” The 60 -year-old Brandt, who stands at the head of the financial department of SAP since 2001, the end of June adopted in retirement. For him, takes over the 18-year younger Luka Mucic, who will be in a DAX-listed companies from 1 July of the current youngest CFO.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Looking for SAP Consultants, Especially in Southern Germany

Looking for SAP consultants, especially in Southern Germany
Well-trained SAP professionals expect bright prospects, as the demand for consultants and application specialists for enterprise software from SAP has increased by about 30 percent last year. 

This is the result of an analysis of the German job market by training specialists WBS Training AG. Accordingly, in January 2014, 15,600 jobs for SAP professionals were advertised in the same period last year there were only about 12,000. In January 2014 there were 11,347 jobs with around 27 per cent more jobs that called SAP user skills. The demand for SAP consultants even rose by 39 percent, from 3,062 to 4,255 vacancies in January 2014. The entire job market in Germany is, however, increased in that period by only about 1.5 percent. The results are based on an analysis of 185 job markets on the Internet, in newspapers and journals.

Joachim Giese, Executive Vice President of the WBS Training AG: "As a certified training providers and training partner of SAP Germany AG & Co. KG has surprised us this surge in demand a bit. But it coincides with the rising demand for our respective training opportunities that we could observe in recent months. Our study shows that a qualification in products, solutions and services from SAP provides very good job and career prospects."

Increasing Demand for SAP users almost all departments

A total of 11,347 points for SAP users nationwide were announced in January. Were sought primarily specialists in the departments of finance, sales, production planning and control and inventory management and logistics. For almost all applications, a significant increase of jobs could be determined. For example, the increase in job offers for SAP users was in sales at over 50 percent. In the retail sector were counted than in the previous month in January 2014, almost three times as many offers.

SAP consultants wanted - Large increase in the human resources

A total of 4,255 posts were advertised in January 2014 for SAP consultants, the increase over the same month last year here was nearly 40 percent. In all areas where SAP consultants work more jobs than in January 2013 could be counted in January 2014. Particularly strong increase was carried out by consultants in the areas of Human Resources (40 %) and controlling (about 27 %). However, since SAP consultants often work freelance, the number of vacancies shows only a portion of the actual situation on the job market.

Large differences in regional demand: Nearly 60 percent of all jobs in South Germany

Both consultants and application specialists are mainly looking for the south of Germany. In the states of Baden -W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland -Palatinate and Saarland, nearly 60 percent of jobs were advertised. Only about ten percent of the sites were, however, offered in the eastern states. These significant differences are thereby only partly due to the fact that the company SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-W├╝rttemberg. This region is strongly influenced by the industry, so there is here a very wide demand. Applicants with SAP knowledge but have nationwide good chances to find a job, because the demand has increased significantly in the other regions.

Friday, 9 May 2014

SAP HANA now available on VMware vSphere 5.5

Users of VMware vSphere can now use SAP HANA within this virtualization solution. Also new HANA instances should be possible to provision ' faster this way. Per vSphere instance memory and 32 cores supports up to 1 TB.
VMware and SAP HANA Platform to publish VMware vSphere 5.5 and roll the new version out now at users. vSphere is an important parts of the virtualization solution vCloud their IT environment to better utilization of the company. With the certification for HANA on VMware vSphere users now have even more flexibility.
SAP HANA now available on VMware vSphere 5.5

HANA can now be used on VMware 
vSphere in virtualized environments.
vSphere is now available for SAP HANA appliances or on HANA data center solutions on certified hardware for Linux and Windows. Users can use up to 1 TB of storage and 32 physical and 64 virtual processing cores per vSphere instance. As a systems management HANA supported on vSphere vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMware High Availability (HA).

"Together with VMware, we can now allow users to make business-critical applications running in virtualized environments, and thus we can to switch to software - defined data centers and of course speed up to the cloud," said the newly appointed SAP Co-CEO Bernd Leukert.

Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, VMware, commented: "Our users build their IT infrastructure from a physical environment to software - defined architecture to. Are you looking for a solution, the agility, availability, flexibility, efficiency and control for the most important and most demanding enterprise environments guaranteed? "

In addition, the two companies will continue to cooperate and allow more capabilities of SAP HANA in virtualized environments from VMware. As concrete Bob Gold of Bob Gold Sand, Staff Partner Architect, Global Strategic Alliances at VMware in a blog, this certification is the result of three years of joint tests. The test team has put special value that really occur any error in the operation.

One of the first pilot customers, Mercedes -AMG. “Mercedes -AMG is now SAP HANA and VMware vSphere 5.5 with a 1 TB storage configuration to accelerate the transition to software-defined data center," said Reinhard Breyer, CIO at Mercedes -AMG. Reinhard could simplify by virtualizing with VMware running in the data center.

Monday, 5 May 2014

How to get display access to full SPRO?

Do you want to know how to create new security role which will provide dispaly access to full SPRO? Here you can get the solution.

How to get display access to full SPRO?

  • Create new project based on the functional configuration.
  • Create a role
  • Go to Utilities
  • Customizing auth.
  • Select the project to create a role.
  • configure the role as required.