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SAP Authorization System: Design and Implementation of Authorization concepts for SAP R/3 and SAP Enterprise Portals

This practical guide to all important aspects of SAP Authorization management, as well as some details necessary organizational structures, and provides an introduction to the techniques and tools. Enjoy the notion of a model of the phase of the manufacturing process of the notion of an authorization to implement the measures required for the design and tried to help you navigate through all stages of deployment lead, and phase nihayetizleme. In addition, rapid Builder SAP R / 3 profiles can learn to configure authorization.

This book is the SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP R / 3 SAP authorization concepts of standards and infrastructure to provide a framework for developing and supporting in-depth coverage provides special security requirements.

Features of SAP Authorization System:
  • Special features of SAP authorization system
  • The basic principles of the SAP authorization concept
  • Internal Control System (ICS)
  • The best methods for the design phase
  • Best practices for the production phase
  • Proof of authorization concepts
  • Control Information System (AIS)
  • SAP Enterprise Portal: components, access control and management, integration, and more
About the Author

In this book, IBM Business Consulting Services GmbH yazılmıştır.Yazarlar by a team of highly experienced SAP consultants in the implementation of the SAP authorization concept, especially the many years of experience with SAP technology developed their own information.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

SAP R/3 Security for IT Auditors and Managers

SAP R / 3 complex environments. Specialized skills and knowledge of the control system architecture and the environment requires an in depth. This book is enough to check Necessary and SAP R / 3 environment to ensure safety auditors and IT managers the knowledge and skills, saglar. Kitabın features include: SAP Transactions SAP R / 3 Architecture, system operating plans and audit database full test in a discussion in depth discussion of general computer controls detailed audit of audit guides detailed guide for IT managers SAP R / 3 applications to properly secure every book is a sensitive environment with SAP R / 3 operations, ensuring that should appeal to security roles and configurations. Complete coverage of SAP R / 3 applications form and protect the entire system to check the database on this book and provides information Necessary.

Security and Data Protection for SAP Systems

This book is a comprehensive overview of security functions in SAP products and offers the wide use of these functions as part of security policy. Based on these security functions that SAP systems also discusses the general principles of data protection and application. This is an open face of the growing importance of media in the Internet and the integration of SAP systems, we hope our readers. From beginning to offer a fascinating subject, the authors knew that the book calls to a diverse audience with these operating systems and databases, and intimate familiarity with a broad knowledge of SAP is composed of experts with both. In addition, the tools needed to meet with them on the possibility of his family without the security and data protection experts from SAP products offer comprehensive information.

From Back Cover

SAP more closely integrated with the Internet grows, the open systems environment, effective use of SAP security and data protection functions has become a focus of attention of companies. SAP systems and security and data protection across the enterprise security policy and their place provides a comprehensive overview of the security features of SAP. The, SAP Business Warehouse and R / 3 with the general principles of data protection and application of these hedges.

Written by two experts leading security from SAP and practical course, focusing on the security of SAP systems and data protection best practices in this vital area is a guide only.

Contains the contents of:
  • The basic principles of corporate security
  • Security and Landscape SAP systems
  • - security and data protection on the Internet
  • The basic principles and objectives of data protection
  • Data protection and the right
  • The role of the agent data protection
  • A special role to the administrator
  • Remote Assistance 
  • Data protection and SAP Business Information Warehouse

Saturday, 28 April 2012

SAP Security: SAP Security Essentials

SAP security and control concepts with examples of step 75 + Security Essentials, FAQ, and some of the most difficult step is the main guideline for SAP security and control that is open to learning can be difficult. SAP Security Essentials SAP users, consultants and managers is a direct response to the need for applications of information security. The default passwords, authorization profiles, SAP Security Essentials koyacagız.Kitap you need to know to understand the right way, every security consultant must submit a collection of references. 

More than a bunch of SAP documents and sales presentations too, all questions of the project, based on knowledge and experience of some successful implementations of large-scale SAP. Includes SAP Security Essentials. Find combinations of critical control. Authentication, transaction log and passwords. Roles, profiles and user management. ITAR, DCAA, DMCA and audit requirements are most important to know the security settings. Set safety tips and FAQ. SAP authorization concept.

SAP GRC for Dummies

These three letters governance, risk and compliance can add a giant puzzle. But RCMP does not have to boil the company behind him. SAP GRC for Dummies takes the company in accordance with the faces and regulations not only introduce you to software solutions web unravels, but also to the whole enterprise stronger.

This completely practical guide starts with a look at an overview and GRC and explains how it can help your organization grow. Compliance with these rules came into force, why are you, how to adapt and improve their image, can help prevent fraud and ensure the design and what can I do to implement the best business strategy, you can discover. This guide will help all companies:
  • Understand the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley 
  • Effective access control
  • The shadow color green business green 
  • Products originating or International Sales 
  • Keep your employees safe and healthy
  • Ensure that data is kept confidential and private 
  • Manage the information flow in all directions 
  • Improve the public image through sustainability reports 
  • New RCMP and use as a basis for a strong business strategy

Increase your understanding of where you have managed the implementation of business strategies RCMP and examples of global best practices for doing business with the complete lists, this book is in touch with the views of the website RCMP are based on thought leadership. You can not avoid relating to RCMP, SAP GRC for Dummies, but the best way to get some help.

Back cover

See SAP can help you stay within the lines

GRC solutions provide a better job on a new paradigm for

Governance, Risk and Compliance - You can add a giant three big headache. However, you do not have to be a pain! This book of their overall strategy RCMP, not just thinking about a project that debunks many arrangements that companies face. The example of software solutions and make your business more powerful and more responsive while helping to find ways to have best practices to keep in compliance.

Discover how to:
  • Understanding the impact of regulation beyond the Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Navigate the complex waters of world trade
  • Compliance and effectively manage financial risks
  • Society to make the environment
  • And implementation strategies for risk-adjusted expected

About the Author

Denise Broady Viewed: Denise SAP vice president of strategic applications. SAP CFO Center of Excellence that works, an interdisciplinary team responsible for solution to convert CFO Office client enables you to use SAP technology and products. It Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), including the Director of Finance and route optimization, a complete portfolio of business development manager. Denise has 11 years experience with SAP. SAP specializes in launching new products on the market, Denise xApps, NetWeaver, change management payroll, CRM and EPM has played a central role in the launch. SAP product manager, where the man came through the acquisition of TopTier. Earlier in his career, Denise R / 2 and R / 3 for SAP functional and technical experience gained in practice as a consultant on various projects. Denise lives in New York and Virginia Tech received a BA in management and marketing.

Holly A. Roland: Holly SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are vice president of marketing for the business unit. In this capacity he is responsible for product marketing and product strategy for SAP GRC. Holly, identify common business leaders RCMP to develop best practices and facilitates collaboration between industry leaders, customers, business partners and SAP executives, board of directors composed of established industry leader RCMP consulting and technology solutions to improve support. Holly SAP GRC product launch in 2006, Virsa Systems and was instrumental in the integration of design and implementation. He has published articles and a speaker expert in matters of RCMP served events and forums. Holly accounting and financial, regulatory compliance, business analysis and enterprise software has over 15 years experience in the areas of marketing and development. Before joining SAP Virsa Systems, Oracle Corporation, Hyperion Solutions, and Movaris, product strategy, marketing and product management activities open. Holly also checked the large public enterprises and business advisory services, PricewaterhouseCoopers, has worked as a financial advisor. License with Holly graduated cum laude from Santa Clara University. It Palo Alto, California, SAP Labs, is based.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Security, Audit and Control Features SAP ERP, 3rd Edition

Security audit and control features SAPAFA, ERP, third edition, the reference room of the technical management and risk insurance adjusters to assess risks and controls, provides security and risk ERP applications, and simplifies updates to the design and construction of the control system and improvements.

The publication is based on SAP ERP, the latest version of SAP ECC 6.0 [also an SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), known as].

Updated to reflect demand for this new edition:
  • New / updated SAP transaction codes and reports
  • SAP ERP is a service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based. SAP ERP, SAP and non SAP systems using the SAP NetWeaver platform integration with an open technology platform combines SOA.
  • Provides tools for corporate governance and risk, including access control and process control and SAP GRC management solutions bathroom


Safety features and control of SAP ERP, third pressure, control of starting a business, particularly of a financial auditor, operational and IT training or risk management, security and compliance for the "must" that the SAP environment. In addition, SAP and other IT professionals and managers responsible for process control experience with SAP is an excellent reference for listeners. New auditor SAP Best Practices SAP, auditing standards and control, have the potential to grow rapidly, although the activity of audit and control of the third edition of "how" through the study and application.

Safety Control and SAP ERP, 3rd there are five main areas within the print control functions:

  • Some High School (Part 1 to 4) resource planning (ERP) and risk management and audit proposed to monitor the SAP ERP database, includes an introduction to basic principles. These sections provide the basis necessary for SAP to any professional supervision.
  •     * Cycle Chapter (Chapter 5-10), SAP revenue, expenditure and activity and control the flow of inventory transactions, including the business cycle, consists of an overview. Risks, controls and detailed testing measures: This section includes the audit questions. Some parts of the knowledge base needed to finance the business cycle and understanding of SAP ERP auditors. Party audit risk, key controls and detailed testing provides an outline of important orientation information.
  • IT control section (section 11 and 12), the management system (SAP Basis administration) is the basis for the technical risk and central control over the SAP information describes the management and control to test the effectiveness of system while any controller can follow. In this chapter, the IT auditor to test how effective basic controls, but also shows how to identify other objects developed for customers who may want proof. SAP production system is not considered part of IT audit IT system patches, updates and improvements, the client used to implement the audit, despite the technical inspection includes information necessary for the performance.
  • The last two chapters (13 and 14) ERP address governance, risk and compliance management, SAP ERP and SAP addresses the verification is concerned about the future of SAP tools and other discussions, is related to control system described. This section is especially true for administrative control of SAP tools, but also one of the tools provided can easily be applied to verification issues.
  • Finally, the traditional safety control and SAP ERP, third printing, control of appendices containing concludes:
  • COBIT is a reference to the detailed audit work and verification measures and program tasks
  • Three business cycles and internal control questionnaire for basic
  • Proposed to be locked and the tables of SAP transactions will be recorded and comments

Accordingly, the third pressure control SAP control, or security risk to professional reading is necessary. For many, this book is to guide them in their daily tasks of SAP ERP, reference will be well worn. For others, it remains one time or from time to time to develop a basic understanding of SAP ERP will be read. Presentation of the third edition of previous versions of SAP ERP was based on applications of control and inspection. This text is essential to any verification library SAP ERP or control department.

SAP Security Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Security Interview Questions

SAP Security Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Security Interview Questions Description:

Indispensable guide for ideas and SAP security audit

100 + Security Essentials, FAQs, and step-by-step examples

This can be difficult, the most difficult areas of security and control is one of SAP and is open to learning. SAP Security Interview Questions, Answers and Explanations SAP users, consultants and managers is a direct response to the needs of information security. The default passwords, authorization profiles, SAP Security Interview Questions, answers and explanations koyacağız.Kitap you really need to know to understand the right way, every security consultant must submit a collection of references. More than a bunch of SAP documents and sales presentations too, all questions of the project, based on knowledge and experience of some successful implementations of large-scale SAP.

SAP Security Interview Questions Includes answers and explanations:
  • Find combinations of critical control
  • Authentication of the transaction log and password
  • Roles, profiles and user management
  • ITAR, DCAA requirements, DMCA and verification
  • Security settings most important to know
  • Security Tuning, Tips and FAQs
  • The SAP authorization concept

Thursday, 26 April 2012

SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition)

SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition) Description:

This book is control options, security measures, design, implementation and support processes and procedures for creating, sunuyor.Kitap the reader on the general topic of risk assessment and security of SAP systems and processes, new technologies and portfolio of functional improvement in considering ways to improve security measures acıklar. Kitap also risk management and control, and provides assistance in regions to work more with the legal requirements.

Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming

This book, new tools and technologies, including SAP offers SAP foundations. SAP R / 3 business objects, and implementation of SAP BAPI applied, and a guide frame is displayed. SAP R / 3 central elements of the binder component of the automation equipment DCOM programming as proxies, VB DCOM object and a component of the binder used to generate work in the different functions of the SAP is used for breeding. SAP R / 3 Navigation of a Business Object Repository, paper SAP R / 3 code includes operations are the samples of input and output. How this book with a new extensibility tools, Visual Basic, combine the existing tools will show you, so that the company SAP R / 3 programming environment based on non-SAP can develop powerful applications. Review

For distributed enterprise computing has been used in the SAP R / 3 have an enviable reputation for power and an important challenge. New tools new in Visual Basic (VB) allow developers to work with SAP. Professional Visual Basic SAP R / 3 Programming SAP R / 3 in the world, and the development of SAP first facing the world, some useful techniques for Windows programmers provide useful guidance.

SAP R / 3 while most of the largest companies in the world, most VB programmers probably only heard about it. (Based on SAP software, high cost, and Windows, including the relative lack of information and education tools, there are several reasons for this.) The first reason to read this book, how SAP R / 3 to get an idea and how it works. To this end, we have this book in Windows platform (based on SAP Assistant 3.0 and a new browser, such as DCOM component connector) is filled with screen shots for SAP tools last offer. The new SAP functionality within Windows to search for SAP tools allow programmers to VB provides several control (OCX).

VB SAP programmer to suck rule of thumb is to look at the world of SAP business objects and VB API calls. Here are some examples, the author will be easier to work with (and begin the meeting by calling the BAPI execution to load data into a table, for example) with SAP, SAP provides a custom code that meets the functionality of controls. This book is the use of SAP and business development, heritage, closer to the facts show world is perfect for specific advice.

There is no doubt that this book exploits collectively, the reader of SAP R / 3 information. However, the potential VB SAP R / 3 developer or administrator to deal with the integration of SAP with the old system, this book is certainly important and useful to complicate this jump, knowledge and strategy fills. - Richard Dragan

Topics include: Introduction to SAP R / 3 business objects and components Proxy, BAPIs (parameters and values??to help), calls RFC (Remote Function), Microsoft COM and Visual Basic, integration with SAP in the toolbox to automate SAP check SAP Logon, SAP BAPI Control The control panel plant SAP, ADO, SAP Assistant 3.0 (meta data repository and the code generator), SAP R / 3 Service Business Object Repository, connecting elements DCOM (DCOM CC): Visual Basic, constructive management concepts and functionality.


A new agreement between Microsoft and SAP R / 3 provides the familiar environment of Microsoft Visual Studio. Recently developed a free download of SAP, SAP R / 3 applications to extend and integrate existing tools and Microsoft Visual Basic was used as a set of ActiveX controls designed for use with. Microsoft Visual Basic as a language to implement this new technology is promoted by SAP.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inside Web Dynpro for Java

Java (UI) technology, the new SAP Web Dynpro user interface, this unique book teaches readers how the power - a good "drag and drop" takes you beyond. Detail the basic concepts of Web Dynpro, including the MVC design pattern; we'll start with an introduction, the overall architecture, event management, and the stage model. Then, things to do and not do with a volume of practical information on the Web Dynpro programming, receive expert advice on creating your own Web Dynpro applications. 

The authors name a few, on the use of dynamic programming techniques of adaptive RFC layer and provide detailed sections. This extraordinary book is a thorough reference class and other existing objects, an interface specifically designed to help readers in their efforts to change pilots, and extended thereafter. Important features are: dynamic Web Dynpro user interface, common interface model, class and adaptation interface layer reference model RFC Web Dynpro coding phase of the principles of the general architecture of the next generation

About the Author

Chris Whealy change systems and RV and RF modules for installation in ABAP SAP R / 2 in 1993 began working. Installation, upgrades, and began working in the field of system administration of the database version of SAP R / 3 versions 2.0. This work has been associated with the work being ABAP. In collaboration with the United Kingdom in May 1995, SAP, Chris has always been in and out of an interest in custom interfaces, in 1996, has begun to focus on based interfaces so that the boom of the Internet began to put the server R / 3, R / 3 SAP Internet Transaction using the browser. 

A grown and matured since the end of 2002 turned to the Web Dynpro; Chris has worked with SAP Web technology. In the Web Dynpro development team, Chris Walldorf, internal operations, and documentation of new technologies closely with learning and has spent much of 2003. In October 2003, a major international tax and audit firm that Chris is a great Web Dynpro subsidiary of the United Kingdom began working as a technical consultant was able to put their knowledge to implement.

Product Lifecycle Management with SAP: The Complete Guide to mySAP PLM Strategy, Technology and Best Practices

This book is the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) saglar.Yazarlar direct experience in a comprehensive look at the basics, from several years of systematic volumes of his own knowledge, to share and increase their understanding of fundamentals of PLM. First, you will learn the accumulation of data management solutions and products and plant life is based on data exchange. Then you meet critical elements of program and project management. Special attention, and the various departments and enterprises, the quality management, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and the environment, health and safety (EH & S) is the cooperation between functions. This book is R / 3 Enterprise (4.7) based on, but it is also very useful for users of SAP ERP.

Features of Product Lifecycle Management with SAP:
  • The life cycle data management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Cooperation life
  • Engineering and cProjects joint project management and cFolders, xApps PLM
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Management Company
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Interfaces
  • User management and authorization
  • Method and application examples

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Crystal Reports XI Official Guide

Crystal Reports - No. 1 for business intelligence software for the authoritative guide to the latest version of the product. More than 16 million licenses of Crystal Reports have been shipped to date. This book is the latest version of the product packaging is designed to provide a practical reference guide. The latest version of Crystal Reports and Business Objects package of product improvements and upgrades will license a large company that offers tighter integration. The new features (eg, the generation of dynamic and cascading parameters), but also attract new viewers. 

This current (BO) is the first version of the software with products such as Business Objects, the platform of Crystal Enterprise Reporting, the migration of over 1 million new licenses have been integrated into the infrastructure of Crystal Business Intelligence. Writers such as Crystal Reports, Business Objects insiders on product applications and uses bring unique and valuable real-world perspectives. The book also has the content, tutorials and examples for reporting the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and J2EE development environments and also the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) and the upper platform includes Peoplesoft. Advanced report distribution and integration of content in the secure reporting solution, Business Objects Enterprise XI management also known as the new SDK for Web services can be found in this user guide to the final scope.

About the Authors

James Edkins is a senior presales consultant for Business Objects. He is the Master in Information Technology and a BS in Marketing Management. He was 11 and an ERP in the field of information technology for Fortune 500 companies, has experience working with product development and business intelligence capabilities.

Annette Jonker customers since 1995, worked as a consultant to assist in the implementation of Business Objects. Meanwhile, he worked for Business Objects for six years, starting as an Associate Consultant and Regional Director of Resources has been privileged to work your way up. Annette left Business Objects in 2003 and continues to help customers deploy Business Objects across organizations, a consulting firm, innovative operational solutions, LLC (, was associated with Miguel Garcia to start. When not working, sleeping and eating, for a triathlon Annette spends her time training.

Michael Voloshko Business Objects senior advisor for the team in pre-sales of financial services. Michael has been with Business Objects for six years and New York center.

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide

This book is always built on the foundations of knowledge generated by the previous section next section uses a practical step by step. Understand and really easy to follow, many examples of multi-dimensional plain command of English thrown in. This book tells the reader, without much jargon confusing, it is quite difficult. You can create, build and maintain a set of fictitious data car company. This book has a good understanding of the principles and IT processes, mainly for professionals, but the rookie is a multidimensional OLAP. OLAP professionals will appreciate this book. If the IT field and involved either a pipe or PM or BA, Oracle Essbase functional level in the world of information you would like a short, you need this book.

About the Author

Joe Gomez, Essbase developer for nearly 10 years, was a designer and manager. Initially trained as a graphic designer in the field of Computer Graphics Technology, Joe took a job as a mainframe Y2K problem solver and the rest is history. Joe is a technical expert, and currently works as a center of excellence lead Essbase OLAP society. Not complete computer geek, Joe is also basketball, fishing, cycling and photography features. Volunteer work and to complete the picture of a freelance design old apartment from time to time. Oh, yeah, antique glass insulators for the telegraph, Joe have a particular interest in the collection.

Essbase OLAP Anantapantula Clearance Centre of Excellence at Ford Motor Company works as a consultant. He is a developer, designer and manager in the software industry with over 11 years of experience and client-server architecture and data warehouse projects (such as Essbase, Holos and tools) worked in various technologies including. Winding is also a web interface (Microsoft and J2EE), has extensive experience in development. Liquidation Hyperion User Group ( is a member of the board occurs and how the Ford Motor Company introduced Essbase. 

In addition, ASP Today "ASP Run the DTS package" released. Magic solutions are known for its liquidation, is a technological solution to a problem. In his spare time, when a new winding technology user forums enjoys spending to answer questions. Play table tennis and chess with his family and friends are not in front of computers. In addition, listening and reading English novels are The Beatles. Winding-up and friendly smile, and is known to be accessible.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Developer's Guide to the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment can help you create composite applications quickly and efficiently - the book shows how this developer. Many examples of composite applications using SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 to build your own car and learn to use methods of development.

Detailed programming tutorials throughout the book, the authors will help you decide which vehicle CAF, Web Dynpro, Visual Composer, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe and guided step by step procedures that will guide you through the worlds are more appropriate for special use cases. Many pictures, code samples and best practices provided by SAP directly, you can quickly create their own composite applications and software solutions oriented service that benefit.

The book also has all the examples used in the book; the DVD includes a trial version of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment:
  • Architecture: Understanding the tools of SAP NetWeaver CE
  • Composite Application Framework: authorization concepts, persistent remote application services, Web services
  • Modeling Visual Composer and the result is a participating State
  • Guided Procedures: Blocks, processes, dosage forms,
  • Composite applications: Transaction information, exception handling, business objects, user interfaces
  • Best practices: Installation notes, performance, troubleshooting, FAQ, on the

About the Author

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Rauscher events of January composites industry vehicles, implements and manages the distribution. Product manager for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Volker Stiehl, and focuses on the architectural design of composite applications.

Non-Standard Scenarios for SAP Supply Network Collaboration

SAP SupplyNetwork Collaboration (SNC) to maximize the unique scenarios in search of a solution? Then, a detailed guide, this is for you! Based on SAP SNC 5.1 and 7.0, highly experienced SAP consultants, usually only the architecture, business processes and new details, including improvements to the stage, focus on. Books SAP SNC, its architecture and standard scenarios begins with a brief discussion, and unusual scenarios and other techniques to develop and customize the SAP SNC moves quickly.

Based on the demand and supply of such multi-level cooperation and collaboration scenarios to suppliers to numerous important factors, such as joint ventures or SMI, including the integration of external resources to explore and learn more on scenarios for the reader outsourcing SAP APO, or PO SNI, in cooperation with the work order. Forecast Planning and SAP APO Books SAP SNC order Determination. Plus pallets and store data with the level of consensus, cooperation, including cooperation with sales estimated to reach customer cooperation, which will see the SAP SNC Web Dynpro Architecture and how it supports the selection and authorization concepts and develop a deep understanding of the CNS. Last SAP develop your own screen, but at least, not business processes and scenarios to explore how MSS interfaces to improve procedures, messages, documents and user interfaces, including command.

Features of  Non-Standard Scenarios for SAP Supply Network Collaboration:
  • General information about the architecture and the standard scenarios of SAP SNC
  • Supplier, outsourcing and collaboration with clients Non-Standard Scenarios for
  • SAP documentation, and the process of setting decriptions SAP SNC connections and resources, including SAP Implementation Guide,
About the Author

Christian Butzlaff Palo Alto, CA a team leader for SAP Value Prototyping s. Thomas Heinzel works for SAP Research in Palo Alto. Frank Thorne, Walldorf, Germany MSS program director of SAP AG. Since each of the three CNS developments, pre-ICH, architects, and worked as project manager.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

BusinessObjects Enterprise Administrator's Guide (Business Objects Press)

Business Objects to millions of customers around the world of information and analysis tools (such as Crystal Reports), providing the market leader in business intelligence software. Administrator's Guide Business Objects Enterprise covers the main platform for management of the software company and reports, is an important reference for developers and users. 

Companies for many years been using Business Objects or just for a start, BusinessObjects Administrator's Guide to the platform of Business Objects, provides detailed information needed to implement and maintain. Real world experience, application development and platform support more than a decade, the objects of the Business Administrator Guide and many of our customers facilities worldwide best practices and provides some indications. The mission of these objects, press officer for the second book of the year and begin the conference.

Issues in Management Accounting

Critical issues in the areas of management accounting in a broad range of leading researchers investigating the sharing of experience, concise, easy to digest. Students and professionals in this field, this book is important for many developments affecting the theory and practice of management accounting, you will find a guide.

Back cover

The exchange of researchers' experience of leading an investigation into a wide range of critical issues in management accounting issues, concise, easy to digest. Students and professionals in this field, this book is important for many developments affecting the theory and practice of management accounting, you will find a guide.

This third edition is written by experts in management accounting, a chapter is entirely new and original. Each chapter focuses on a topic of particular interest in developing areas of contemporary research and development practices and explores briefly summarizes current issues of contention and debate.

This new edition of the topics covered in the text is:
  • Management Accounting for consumerism
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • National culture and management control
  • The Changing Role of Management Accountants
  • Accounting and accountants in the public sector
  • Resource Information Management and Accounting
  • What Ma

Problems ofmanagement accounting at the top level, graduate degree and professional designed to complement the contemporary aspects of management accounting and will also be useful for research experts and academics.

About the Editors

Trevor Hopper of Economics and Victoria University, Wellington, Manchester, Stockholm School of faculty member in accounting at the University of Directors.

Northcott Auckland University of Technology professor of management accounting.

Manchester Business School Accounting Professor Robert Scapens University of Groningen and Professor of Management Accounting.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

SAP Change and Transport Management

This is an essential reference work, planning, implementation, and SAP is to protect the landscape. SAP ERP 2004 (6:40 Web AS) on the basis of detailed best practices for transporting SAP tools for readers with strategies and concepts for change management and access.

First, learn everything about SAP systems, infrastructure planning and construction. Then, a comprehensive introduction to technical tasks related to measures of charge transport, transport system configuration management (TMS), such as creating and configuring clients, bringing to speed quickly. And use the tools described in the last section provides information on all the reviews.

Completely revised and updated this second edition of a new agreement with SAP Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure transports through the new members. System administrators, technical consultants, system architects, project managers, this information will be useful, and others, in which R / 3 Enterprise and SAP ERP and the 4.6C.

Features of SAP Change and Transport Management:
  • Configuration and maintenance of SAP landscapes
  • Configure TMS
  • Create and client configuration
  • Development of changes in management and personalization
  • Free, exports and imports of change requests
  • Support packages and version updates
  • Change Management with SAP Solution Manager
  • Door with SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure
  • Organizing transport, transport management system, Patch Manager, and more

About the Author

Segi and Rainer Nerding Armin is a member of the SAP Active Global Support. In addition to addressing problems of tickets, the development of its logistics management software work, software updates and support programs in the development and delivery of services.

Oracle 11g Streams Implementer's Guide

In this book, theoretical explanations and practical examples, using familiar Oracle demonstration programs, a tutorial that explains step by step brings both. Step by step examples using Enterprise Manager and sqlplus command line interface are available. Authors Oracle support, training and education, we can combine the experience of working with clients, the Oracle of confusion and misunderstanding, the most common areas where users specify the board Oracle Streams. This book highlights these areas and to ensure clarity and focus for the reader to understand. 

This book is about the implementation of the Oracle Streams replication environment with a distributed database implemented or in-service for users. Oracle database technology should have an intermediate knowledge of the reader. Architects of the flow of Oracle, the database system responsible for the design environments and application to distributed databases with Oracle Streams administrators and Oracle databases responsible for maintaining: This book is designed to be used as a base. Readers with limited knowledge of the Oracle database based on Oracle Streams technology, components and design considerations, covering 1 and 2 benefit from the ministries.

About the Author

Ann McKinnell

Ann McKinnell, LLC is currently a Senior Consultant Main APG Technologies and Oracle 7.3.4 has been since the OCP. He specializes in replication and distributed systems technologies, Oracle world, with 8 years as a senior member of technical support came from the SGA. He earns the nicknames for internal systems of an Oracle distributed world-renowned expert technique, has become "the Goddess of replication." Ann and troubleshooting techniques, advanced replication, and distributed systems in many countries in the inner workings of Oracle support staff provided training and consulting. He wrote the Oracle Advanced Replication and Oracle Metalink note of many writers in the driver Stearns University and Oracle databases, Oracle 9i course material, technical advisor to the replication different was found, and manuals and user management. Ann Oracle databases and the software architecture and database design and database integration strategies for practical application and continues to specialize in the development of distributed systems.

Eric Yen

Yen, Eric began working with version 7.3.4 of Oracle databases. Over the next 14 years, since version 8 was certified Oracle DBA and stick to the version date, and also the (ISC) 2 CISSP certification earned. He started working with Oracle Streams with Oracle Streams 9i beta. Upper Technologies Principal Consultant CPA, LLC, the work of Eric with new versions of Oracle Streams 10 and 11 for existing customers, developing solutions, and involves the application of government. His little free time, you can find Eric exercise and play around with Oracle products.

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SOA Cookbook: Master SOA process architecture, modeling, and simulation in BPEL, TIBCO's BusinessWorks, and BEA's Weblogic Integration


Process-based SOA covers food. BPEL language most known in the art, this book and several examples are BPEL. In addition, vendors such as TIBCO BusinessWorks, and BEA WebLogic Integration of language training in the process. If the SOA process, the building area, chances are you use one of these languages??SOA Cookbook. The book assumes the reader is comfortable with XML and Web services.

Author Michael Havey in TIBCO SOA (and the old IBM, BEA, and with Chordiant) works. Second book by Michael SOA eat. Modeling of basic business processes, the first book was published in 2005.

What to learn from this book?
  • "Advanced 4 +1", ARIS, SCA, SOA process a document using UML and BPMN
  • Learning by example how to separate the process of BPM and SOA
  • Choreography and orchestration model in BPMN and BPEL
  • Between BPM and SOA Divide a process that includes manual and automatic operations
  • Manage processes in the short and long-term government
  • Model is a structured "flat" approach, with three variants of the smart things: the event-based state-based and flow-based
  • "Problem of Change" Develop dynamic processes to manage: the problems that need to change the definition of a production process of a real case
  • The concepts of SOA process simulation and discrete event simulation using the Poisson process
  • Measure the complexity of the SOA process


As a cookbook, this book can be viewed as a collection of gourmet recipes for SOA. Each of the eight chapters following the introduction of the concept of SOA process involving a significant teaches techniques to create solutions based on the concept. Working examples BPEL, TIBCO BusinessWorks, and BEA WebLogic Integration in Development.

Who is this book written?

Book SOA architects, designers and developers who want to learn the techniques of orchestration in the hands of the intended process. Many readers use this as soon as possible or BPEL, TIBCO BusinessWorks, or BEA WebLogic Integration projects will start using such language.

This book assumes that you are comfortable reading support, and XML Web services, knows the basics. The book offers numerous examples of BPMN and BPEL, but immediately explains the special language constructs; the reader does not need any experience in these languages.

About the Author

Michael Havey integration, SOA and BPM, an architect with thirteen years experience. The practice of TIBCO, a financial services consultant, Michael previously IBM, BEA, Chordiant, and eLoyalty worked as a consultant for. Michael, the author of two books and numerous articles. Michael in Ottawa, Canada, lives near.

Pro Dynamic .NET 4.0 Applications: Data-Driven Programming for the .NET Framework (Expert's Voice in .NET)

All functions can be predicted when the software ships as an application developer, you probably know of the pain. How to deal with this eventuality, and (and perhaps money) to save time, end-users make sense for developers to write applications as independent as possible so that you may have. To redistribute these files as often as necessary to make changes to users while reducing the work force after the filing of the application, give them the opportunity to practice the application more control over how it works, of create a win-win situation.

Dynamic Pro. NET 4.0 Applications for new fields of data entry without the help of application developers, users the power to create new reports to verify and explain the logic. Desktop applications (C # and WPF) and Web (ASP), as well as learning to do.

What you will learn
  • The user is allowed to create validation logic in time
  • How the difficulties of working time and to identify and establish controls
  • Excel, Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports based on data using
  • Data based applications how to design a database structure for optimizing
  • How to create a user interface that allows users to modify the application of visual

For whom is this book?

This book is the developer of the user should be as independent as possible for anyone who wants to deploy an application. Using the techniques described in the book, the user can make changes in their practices, and the developer to reduce the frequency you have to redistribute the EXE.

Contents of Pro Dynamic .NET 4.0 Applications
  1. Programming data presentation
  2. Reflection
  3. Compiling run-time code
  4. Dynamic WinForms
  5. ASP.NET Dynamic
  6. Dynamic WPF
  7. Report
  8. Designing a database

About the Author

Carl Ganz, Jr., Seton Software Development, Inc., Raritan, New Jersey, chairman of the design and software development service provider. He holds a Master of Business Seton Hall University, and three books on software development, such as Visual Basic, C # and Microsoft has written dozens of articles. NET. Carl Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects XI have created in recent years with many solutions. NET SDK and RAS. He is the founder and president of the Association of Visual Basic in New Jersey and the United States and Germany, spoke at conferences in software development at a time. Carl and his wife, Wendy, his son Carl III, their dog Elke, and their cats Jack and Jake's life in Raritan. Contact Carl @