Thursday, 19 April 2012

SAP NetWeaver / .NET Interoperability

The reality in most companies, Microsoft and SAP components in a heterogeneous landscape. This book provides readers with advice from the deep integration and details covering all levels of the SAP NetWeaver platform and provides developers and consultants with practical examples for all components.

BAPI authors, to discuss key technologies such as a connector. NET and Web services and integration with Office desktop, duo and PDK that integration issues for end users. NET. In addition, SAP BI BW, MS Analysis Services and SQL Server are described in detail in the interfaces between the - an important aspect of integration is left out - including those at the transaction level. Learning the configuration scenarios exactly how vast and XI and BizTalk with a good solid thin to develop web services.

A special section in addition to identity management and single sign even gives details. To connect to the LDAP zbV this complete reference of best practices and how to configure the LDAP connection, including loaded step by step. Reading this book quickly discover how user productivity and system operation and reduce costs.

Features of SAP NetWeaver / .NET Interoperability:
  • Basic integration: RFC, BAPI, IDOC, DCOM Connector, SAP Connector for Microsoft NET and Web services.
  • User Integration: PDK for NET, Office desktop integration, Duet.
  • Information Integration: SAP BW, Analysis Services Hub is open interfaces, Microsoft SQL Server, and Repository Manager Training Portal load data into the following BEx
  • Integration process : HTTP and SOAP adapter, reliable messaging, BizTalk Adapter for SAP Business Suite
  • User management: a single scenario, the integration of Active Directory, LDAP, connectors, etc.-on your zbV

About the Author

Andreas Rohr an independent consultant in the SAP system and focuses on the areas of interoperability and interface architecture. SAP co-operation he built for Thomas Meigen Support Center Microsoft (CTSC-MS), governs. © Andre Fischer also provides single sign-on, identity management, and information process and emphasizes the CTSC-MS runs.

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