Sunday, 29 April 2012

SAP R/3 Security for IT Auditors and Managers

SAP R / 3 complex environments. Specialized skills and knowledge of the control system architecture and the environment requires an in depth. This book is enough to check Necessary and SAP R / 3 environment to ensure safety auditors and IT managers the knowledge and skills, saglar. Kitabın features include: SAP Transactions SAP R / 3 Architecture, system operating plans and audit database full test in a discussion in depth discussion of general computer controls detailed audit of audit guides detailed guide for IT managers SAP R / 3 applications to properly secure every book is a sensitive environment with SAP R / 3 operations, ensuring that should appeal to security roles and configurations. Complete coverage of SAP R / 3 applications form and protect the entire system to check the database on this book and provides information Necessary.

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