Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Microsoft® .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise

Enterprise business solutions on various platforms for planning, development and implementation of the environmental assessment can be difficult. Microsoft ® Server Solutions. NET simplifies the process of companies. This guide is full of problems of e-business integration, and specific details on how to solve problems with the technical knowledge to ensure that combines real-world scenarios. A detailed description of each section with tools of the issue with a Microsoft specific e-business offerings. NET and the technologies used to solve, complete with diagrams and other aids. Microsoft will learn to do it. NET servers to solve problems and work together for the future of Web services.

Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction. Integration issues, and business net survey and NET Enterprise Servers

  2. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Problems of integration of internal business applications, and the representative scenarios of the IEA

  3. Business-to-Business (B2B): Problems and B2B scenarios representative

  4. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Integration: Challenges and B2C scenarios representative

  5. INTEGRATION OF MOBILE SERVICES: Wireless networks, remote access and integration of personal digital assistants problems

  6. Development issues e-business solutions, enterprise reliability, security, performance and management: reliability, security, performance and management

  7. ROADMAP FOR THE FUTURE: Overview of Web services available today and how you position your company for the future

  8. Discussed NET SERVER: Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Server family, Microsoft BizTalk ® Server, Microsoft SQL Server ™, Microsoft SharePoint ™ Portal Server, Commerce Server, Content Manager Server, Host Integration Server, Exchange Server and other Microsoft NET Enterprise Servers.

CD-ROM contains:

  • This Portable Document Format (PDF), and compressed HTML (CHM) as a searchable electronic copies of this book

  • The code examples and sample applications

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