Monday, 23 April 2012

Non-Standard Scenarios for SAP Supply Network Collaboration

SAP SupplyNetwork Collaboration (SNC) to maximize the unique scenarios in search of a solution? Then, a detailed guide, this is for you! Based on SAP SNC 5.1 and 7.0, highly experienced SAP consultants, usually only the architecture, business processes and new details, including improvements to the stage, focus on. Books SAP SNC, its architecture and standard scenarios begins with a brief discussion, and unusual scenarios and other techniques to develop and customize the SAP SNC moves quickly.

Based on the demand and supply of such multi-level cooperation and collaboration scenarios to suppliers to numerous important factors, such as joint ventures or SMI, including the integration of external resources to explore and learn more on scenarios for the reader outsourcing SAP APO, or PO SNI, in cooperation with the work order. Forecast Planning and SAP APO Books SAP SNC order Determination. Plus pallets and store data with the level of consensus, cooperation, including cooperation with sales estimated to reach customer cooperation, which will see the SAP SNC Web Dynpro Architecture and how it supports the selection and authorization concepts and develop a deep understanding of the CNS. Last SAP develop your own screen, but at least, not business processes and scenarios to explore how MSS interfaces to improve procedures, messages, documents and user interfaces, including command.

Features of  Non-Standard Scenarios for SAP Supply Network Collaboration:
  • General information about the architecture and the standard scenarios of SAP SNC
  • Supplier, outsourcing and collaboration with clients Non-Standard Scenarios for
  • SAP documentation, and the process of setting decriptions SAP SNC connections and resources, including SAP Implementation Guide,
About the Author

Christian Butzlaff Palo Alto, CA a team leader for SAP Value Prototyping s. Thomas Heinzel works for SAP Research in Palo Alto. Frank Thorne, Walldorf, Germany MSS program director of SAP AG. Since each of the three CNS developments, pre-ICH, architects, and worked as project manager.

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