Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sizing SAP Systems

A new version of your existing hardware to support your hardware budget, or if you want to know if there is an existing client SAP, you have to guess that you are a new customer is SAP - assessment should be based on size transaction equipment reliable.

This technical guide with complete answers to all questions concerning the size of the emergency system administrators provides project managers and technical consultants: How do I create an MSP? How can I obtain the necessary data? How to validate a sizing process? How to interpret the size of my project? This book can be used to determine the values??You need, and thus an effective way to achieve satisfactory results, SAP Quick Sizer provides basic information needed to use the initial size, and a useful way to describe the different methods and tools to interpret these results. Only the use of standard tools, however, does not give good results in all aspects. This data is based on these issues. To this end, we have also to reveal the size authorized methods to verify the results.

Since project goals can be very different in size, the book contains many examples of the project showing the different methods and conditions. Speed?? Counter, and other tools, sample calculations and detailed descriptions of best practices for project planning in the orientations of the specific volume, is an indispensable companion to the size of projects.

Features of Sizing SAP Systems:
  • Measure: the number of users, based on rates of return, or customer data
  • Software modeling: theoretical principles, criteria and performance measures
  • Tools: Forms, Focus shirts, fast and Sizer
  • METHODS: Advanced, Expert, Delta update and sizes
  • Verification: load testing, and monitoring prices GoingLive early

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