Friday, 6 April 2012

Service Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint

Theoretically, this book is a guide, and detailed descriptions of the strategy to implement their own integration projects shows that the integration of structural and architectural design visualization Trividas. The integration architecture is based on the real world at the level of integration steps and explores both the neutral and special products. As a manager responsible for any aspect of the architect or the process integration solutions, and architectural integration with the help of Trivadis want to learn to apply the practical integration architectures, this book is for you . 

Plan is not necessary for a complete understanding of SOA Trivadis despite prior knowledge is required. Those familiar with the integration of these experiences may have not tried the less experienced professionals, knowledge of concepts and terminology used in the Integration Plan Master architecture based first on the basis of a direct solution will benefit greatly from this book, the discovery of the core technologies associated with the implementation and become familiar with the structure plan. Trivadis integration solutions from different manufacturers, and ultimately to assess the full integration with SOA design to achieve the results, this book is for you.

About the Author

Guido Schmutz

Guido Schmutz is a software developer, consultant, principal architect, and educator and has coached for 20 years. Applications in the development Trivadis Technology Center, has written numerous technical publications, as head of IT strategies, lessons, and techno circles developed and lectured internationally. Guido Schmutz very, customer relationship management (CRM), customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) management information system (GIS), data warehousing, innovation, responsible for the design and implementation international banks, pharmaceutical companies, government and logistics companies, architecture and EAI (Enterprise Application) solutions. This enterprise architecture, bi-temporal data management, Java Persistence, and specializes in the Spring framework. You can contact him @ guido.schmutz

Daniel Liebhart

Daniel Liebhart 20 years experience in computer and information technology services and product development management has over 10 years. Its industry and technical expertise in design, systems architecture, implementation, and complex, international telecommunications, financial services, logistics and operation of manufacturing covers. Daniel Liebhart IT enthusiasts. Zurich Hochschule für Technik prices and many have taken courses in architecture and business software. You can contact him @ daniel.liebhart

Peter Welkenbach

Peter Welkenbach requirements engineering, object-oriented methods, software engineering and quality management areas consultant, working as an architect and educator. O banks, car manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for over 20 years experience in system development and implementation of complex information. Java technology is a technology evangelist for 10 years and has been the use of a framework for client projects. His current technical focus model asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), and design methodology for software development, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), aspect-oriented programming, Java Server Faces (JSF), the architecture of propulsion. Peter Welkenbach numerous publications and speaker at international conferences and author of Oracle JAX, a course designer. Since the summer of 2003 became the first spring uses some multi-client projects. You can contact Welkenbach in peter.welkenbach @

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