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SAP emulates Google for

So it looks like when Germany's most valuable listed company is trying to reinvent itself: Throbbing house music, flashing strobe lights. From the ceiling of the sports arena of San Jose, a man abseils off in the shark costume, the mascot of the local hockey team.

SAP emulates Google for
Thousands of SAP employees yell, clap, and whistle. Early in the morning they had been trucked in buses from the nearby Silicon Valley branch of the group to attend the renaming of one of the largest event venues in Northern California. It is now no more Hewlett Packard Pavilion, but SAP Center.

The mood is in high spirits. Jonathan cup, global chief marketing officer, takes the stage. He shouts into the microphone: "We no longer want to contribute to better Control Company. We want to re-invent the world we are a force to be reckoned with."

Start-ups are being courted heavily

My colleague Michaela Schiebl and I have spent the past few weeks for a large recent report in the Spiegel much time at SAP. We have, of course, Hasso Plattner talked to management and supervisory boards, developers and councils and. We have thereby experienced a company that is changing radically. Development cycles are radically shortened from years to weeks. Rather than less massive software packages for corporations countless small apps are asking for everything and everyone. Start-ups and third-party developers are heavily courted.

"Intellectual renewal" is the buzzword that is heard everywhere these days at SAP. It is causing Vishal Sikka, chief technology chief of the group and pupil of the founder patriarch Hasso Plattner. Sikka grew up as the son of an Indian railway worker on his doctorate at the elite university Stanford and founded two successful start-ups before joining SAP in 2002. The Indian says that he feels very comfortable in a group with "German soul". In his office is a signed photo of Steffi Graf, the idol of his youth. He likes to quote from Hermann Hesse's "Siddhartha" or philosophize about quantum theory and Albert Einstein.

"Direct contact with consumers"

Sikka to think for the detail-oriented group in large sheets. "All things are increasingly being replaced by digital, atoms to bits, this is the great transformation that is currently taking place around us all around," says Sikka. "We are increasingly governed by software." Is the task of the SAP is to support this process, "to help the world, to reinvent themselves through software."

Mainly thanks to the success of Hana, the new group of database technology. With their large amounts of data can be analyzed much faster than before. SAP can now "build completely new things we have never done before, which were also technically not possible in many cases." Sikka says that SAP would not be more restricted to enterprise software. He speaks of applications for healthcare, sports and expectant mothers. It is "to maintain direct contact with the consumer."

Thus, SAP has recently built about an application for the San Francisco 49 years; with the management of the football team analyzes new player purchases. An app for the American professional basketball league NBA player prepares statistics.

"You can develop hereby sell and what do you want"

In addition: Hana is a platform, an "open ecosystem," said Chief Marketing Officer Becher. SAP is the first time no longer restricted to their own developers. "We are therefore outside to thousands of small and large companies and offer: You can develop and hereby sell what you want."

Nearly 500 start-ups, the Group was able to win it, to develop software based on Hana - including some applications to high-speed trading on exchanges or troubleshooting for robots. "Our goal must be to be able to inspire every software developer on the planet for our ecosystem," says Becher.

"Forced to speed"

But the big plans mean: Everything has much, much faster. "People have become impatient with technology," says Sikka. He cites the example Waze, a navigation app developed by a small Israeli company. "Within a year, had millions of users." A few weeks ago Google bought the company for about a billion dollars.

"New products are being accepted in an incredibly short time," says Sikka. The rules for the IT industry have changed dramatically in recent years. Improvements need to be served in small, bite constant instead of a huge update. Who can be too much time, is outdated. At SAP, you've seen enough of that in the past ten years: "Many of our products have not worked." The new philosophy at SAP so hot: "Forced to speed."

However, with the speed increases the pressure. Many feel as increasingly remote coding enslave given the required tempo. "The employees are burned out," complains Works Ralf Kronig and refers to the increasing number of long-term sick leave in the company. The impact rate is still rising but rather the future. The goal for 2020: a profit margin of 35 percent.

Monday, 29 July 2013

To succeed in the lateral entry in the SAP consulting

Jobs in the SAP consulting are in great demand, but also consultants are sought. Therefore, not only leads a straight path through a computer science or economic computer science studies in the SAP consulting. Other career paths are quite possible and after a few years, the salary of a lateral hire usually not more different.

In the SAP consulting is placed apparently worth less on titles, training or certificates, as one
To succeed in the lateral entry in the SAP consulting
might assume maybe. Nevertheless, newcomers must meet certain requirements to be considered for this challenging job in question.

About 90 percent of those who go to the SAP consulting directly after graduation, are business data, economists, scientists or graduates of a technical course. Typically, these "direct hire" a master or diploma. The bachelor's degree, there is a lack of recognition as before, says Dr. Thomas Beaver, managing director specializing in SAP HR consulting positions Beaver & Associates.

With a Ph.D. from but however the newcomers to the profession can hardly score: He let the young talent in comparison to other applicants usually look only older, white beaver. Only those who actually plan to rise to the top echelons of the company, have the doctor or MBA a small advantage.

"SAP career changers" often have an academic education in all other subjects through - for example, law, humanities or theology.

Academics and non-academics

Even non-graduates have a good chance, for example, after training in business or computer science-related professions. Only when, years later, comes to leadership positions, provides an academic education again an advantage over the education profession. "Most important is that you have both IT know-how and business expertise," beaver summarizes the necessary skills together. "A lot of successful career changers had gathered professional experience in one of these two fields and brought interest and understanding of the other field."

This is also true thickness Silvia; spokeswoman for the SAP consulting company itelligence’s consistent. The NTT Data's daughter makes conscious use of "cross-Einstein pus" to fill vacant positions in consulting. Itelligence is especially academics who bring a punt SME Focus, an industry know well, or during the study - have set the theme apart SAP - SAP about a bill or an internship. And project experience or generally "good Softsiklls" would improve the chances of the candidates.

"We have very good experience with career changers," says thickness together. For SAP consultants would "count up not only one and one, but it's also a lot about giving things or to take information together." Generally itelligence put a "high problem-solving skills" forward.

Beaver sees the preparation of lateral hires into positions in controlling, sales or inventory management. So it's either business knowledge, or work as a webshop or network administrator or programmer, demonstrating profound IT knowledge.

A good preparation is also to seek to continue their education from the enterprise to an SAP consultant in a SAP implementation. Also, the employment agency pays an occasional SAP certification and some workers get paid as part of a process of outplacement her former employer. Courses with SAP certifications are organized both from Walldorf Group itself and by various training providers.

Learning by Earing better than any training

The certification is by no means mandatory for a career as an SAP consultant: "Employers prefer the Learning-on-the-job, so the practical activities in the SAP project, each training experience before," said Beaver. It comes from that aspiring SAP consultants Job Offer turn down to lead the once begun, and finally, too expensive education to end. But opportunities do not come back at will: "If offers a chance to get the first solid SAP point, you have a new or newcomers access," warn recruiters.

In general, the new employer can be a fact that the applicants the first SAP training ended before he starts the new job. Should an employer refuse the, it's the lesser of two evils, cancel the training. For the first position as a SAP consultant is always the hardest to find.

The first applications for the position of SAP one should necessarily begin before completion of certification or training. Application processes in an SAP environment often take two to three months. In addition, the phase comes between contract signature and starting work.

Who gets going late, risked an unpleasant and unnecessary gap in the resume. But it can get worse: Anyone have spent several months as a freelancer or coaches, other certifications purpose or even for some time working in non-SAP jobs, has almost gambled away his chances of a long-term perspective with a permanent position as an SAP consultant . Read such a resume HR as a failed entry into a booming industry. "Here you have to be a candidate then quickly put up the question of why you find a position as an SAP consultant, but where SAP consultants are sought everywhere," said Beaver.

Who does not have the good fortune that the former employer forms, can also take lateral entry in the SAP consulting into their own hands. Beaver recommends for this purpose unsolicited applications for small and medium SAP consulting companies. These companies currently have a strong personal needs, they often can not meet.

Therefore, many consulting firms are willing an ambitious SAP Junior Consultant to give him a chance to train and also to some extent or to incorporate. "SAP consulting company," said Thomas Beaver, "have on the SAP job market, the function of trainers. Consulting firms are often more accommodating than SAP end users for applicants, not entirely meet the requirements, also. "

Important prerequisites for the SAP job are knowledge of English, good work references and a clear resume. Willingness to travel is in an SAP consulting firm indispensable anyway. SAP newbies should be open for at least two to three years of consulting with extensive travel activity, that is three to five working days per week. The labor-intensive and time travel is worth the long term and is a professional life, a very good reference.

Indispensable to endure in the first place, even under difficult working conditions, because many changer in the SAP environment to be seen is very critical. SAP projects often take several months in some cases even years. And even an experienced SAP consultants in the new job usually requires six to twelve months until it is fully incorporated and mastered the new environment.

However, entry is made, the doors are candidates for an exciting SAP career open.
If you look around for the "formative years" in the labor market, which offer highly attractive for further development paths. Solid project experience and capabilities remain more important for the progress in the SAP career than any title or any certification. Beaver: "The move to the second position SAP is much easier. With a little luck, a candidate may then already choose between various attractive contract offers. "

But who is already established in the job can not help but to constantly develop further explained thickness. The SAP world since subject, especially in recent times, a considerable momentum. Therefore, SAP consultants would have to keep constantly up to date. For example, itelligence also translate heavily on internal training.

This strong change on the product page may sometimes be the reason that "the differences in salary and career options for SAP consultants alike, regardless of the training pathway, after three to five years, adjust project experience," as Thomas Beaver explained. Itelligence today derives about a doctor of mathematics the division "advice".

Sunday, 28 July 2013

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative

Partial relocation to the capital?

The SAP headquarters Walldorf is "off the beaten track". The said company founder Hasso Plattner. But the software giant constantly needs new impulses - and I will be in the future much more strongly represented in the creative city of Berlin.

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative
The software giant SAP reached its founder Hasso Plattner, according to the headquarters little creative minds - and should therefore concentrate more on Berlin. "One is in Walldorf just something off the beaten path, and therefore there is less creative impulses," said the chairman of the board of the "World On Sunday". He added: "SAP would have a lot more play in Germany Berlin Map The young people want to stop rather spend their next years in the big city.."

A relocation of corporate headquarters in the capital, according to him, although there is no discussion. "We must use the momentum for innovation in other locations more." SAP had recently announced the European co-head Snabe will give up his post. The employee has since been concern that SAP could shift away from Walldorf and to the USA.

Plattner also sees the future of the group rather elsewhere. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," he said of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in regard to the place of Dax Group. "Today we have to occur globally in order to have success."

Not only globally, but also economical, SAP plans to occur in the future. The Board sent an appeal off to the appropriate employees. Even when traveling and external service providers are limited, construction of the offices to be moved.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Is the most important German software giant American?

The future alone reigning CEO of SAP has been working out of the United States, its head of communications, the former speaker of Defense Rumsfeld. And chairman of the board Plattner lives and teaches in California.

Is the most important German software giant American?
The founder, major shareholder and chairman of the German software company SAP, Hasso Plattner, sees the company's future in America and Asia. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," Plattner said the Sunday newspaper - which is listed on the DAX Group, has its headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg Walldorf: "Today we have globally occurred to success have.”Creativity and innovation are at home, especially in the world's great cities and in Silicon Valley. Plattner, who still holds just under ten percent of SAP shares, lives and teaches in California itself.

The words of the supervisory board in Germany chefs nourish the fear of an "Americanization" of SAP. Only last week, the group had announced that the Dane Snabe gives the role of the co-speaker of the SAP Executive Board in 2014 and is standing for election to the Supervisory Board. In order for the operations of SAP future is led out of America.

The future alone reigning CEO Bill McDermott is not likely to switch to Walldorf, but retain his seat in the United States. The responsibility for the product development of SAP is already in the Innovation Board Vishal Sikka, based in Palo Alto, California. Also the marketing and PR department is located in Silicon Valley in the future. Head of Communications of the group is the American Victoria Clarke, former Speaker of the U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during the time of the Bush administration.

Lack of openness to migrants

In 2012, SAP introduced in America and Asia almost four times as many employees as one in Europe. The development of earnings shows the shift of the SAP business overseas in a similar magnitude.

SAP founder Hasso Plattner is convinced that it will have in the future, the Group difficult to attract internationally renowned programming talents to Walldorf. The lack of openness to migrants and the lack of exchange opportunities with employees of competing large IT Company called Plattner in a speech at the Walldorf-based workforce as a "disadvantage" of the location Germany.

In Walldorf 12,500 of the total 65,500 SAP employees. The German works council had expressed concern last week from a weakening of the German site. This is fueled by SAP plans to convert the legal form of the company next year in a European SE, which would facilitate the relocation of the company headquarters abroad. SAP, however, denies that there is such migration thoughts.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana


The Agricultural Cooperative Me, Goias, adopted the SAP Hana platform to accelerate and optimize their processes with the generation and analysis of real-time reporting.

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana
The solution, which was acquired alongside other software like TRM, advanced treasury, and GRC Invoice entry, was implemented with the support of Firsteam with work started in May and scheduled for completion in December this year.

According to the IT manager for me, Amarildo Moraes de Oliveira, the cooperative was already using SAP software since 1998, but demand for simplification and streamlining of processes made the group purchase platform SAP Hana.

"That first time, our expectation is to reduce the time of generation and analysis of our twenty largest real-time reporting - a process that is currently done in production environment and competes with the production environment," said Oliveira.

Founded in 1975 in Rio Verde, Me is a cooperative processing, industrialization and marketing of agricultural products. She currently has 6000 members and 2000 employees, getting between six main cooperatives in the country.

The business with the cooperative Goias is another step in the SAP sedimentary its presence in the agribusiness segment.

This year, the German company signed new contracts with the Kepler Weber, giant Gaucho storage, processing and handling of grain, and the Ctrough, Parana which is one of the largest agro-industrial cooperatives in the country.

Earlier in 2012, the company had 800 clients of agribusiness in the country, nearly half of the 2000 worldwide.

It's virgin territory: Agribusiness represents over 22% of national GDP, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. At the same time, a study by IDC shows that the sector accounts for only 2% of the Brazilian IT market.

UNIORG relies on SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA

The longtime partners and SAP full-service provider UNIORG decided after several successfully implemented SAP HANA projects for its customers, completely convert its own SAP system landscape for SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA. 

With SAP HANA, SAP offers a sophisticated central in-memory platform that makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data in the shortest possible time and cost while reducing the complexity of their IT landscape.

UNIORG relies on SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA
The system conversion at UNIORG affects the entire organization, from order entry through to financial accounting and controlling. Also the 150 salaried employees UNIORG will use the new software for project acquisition.

"By switching to this viable platform, we hope to significantly better performance and an excellent base for downstream mobile applications that are just for an IT service provider of great importance," UNIORG CEO Thomas Weber is convinced.

The reasons for the change are, however, complex and not due solely to their own business needs. "We see ourselves as an innovator within the SAP ecosystem committed to play a leading role and to use this pioneering step to provide our customers about the theory can also bind to advice," adds Weber. "We are convinced that SAP HANA is a pioneering technology revolutionizes with a variety of complementary scenarios the global market for business enterprise solutions and lasting effect."

Last but not least UNIORG has decided to implement the SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA to support its customers competent in developing their own strategies for and with SAP HANA can. In addition UNIORGs support organization in the last year has received SAP certification "Partner Center of Expertise" (PCOE). Thus UNIORG has proven that the service and support organization, and the processes associated with the fundamental and binding global standards of the SAP.


The companies of Dortmund UNIORG Group ( provide the company with about 150 employees in all industries and sizes, a wide array of products and services for the solution and implementation of all requirements in the design, construction, modernization and operation of enterprise IT systems arise. This includes all aspects of classic SAP consulting, data center services, managed services, integrated e-business solutions and enterprise-wide integration of business information systems. For more than 38 years of certified SAP partner enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers. These include well-known companies such as Atlas Copco, Eaton, Philips and Yazaki and numerous medium-sized companies in various industries, including ASK Chemicals, EJOT, Hasco, VEKA or Wilo.


Dr. Walter Jahn peer, Lisbon Avenue 6-8, 44269 Dortmund, 0231/94 97-0

Press contact:

IT Public Relations, Maja Schneider, 81 Federal Avenue, 12161 Berlin. 030-79708771

Thursday, 25 July 2013

SAP creates financial incentives for switching to the cloud

Users who want to relocate functions from existing on-premise software from SAP to the cloud can take the appropriate licenses from the future maintenance. The modalities of such a change contained in the "cloud Extension Policy" that SAP has now been published.

SAP creates financial incentives for switching to the cloud
SAP plans to offer its customers access to their cloud solutions more palatable to financial incentives. To date, users have company for software features they want in future refer from the cloud, but have been in an on-premise installation in use, continue to pay maintenance for the license purchased version. That should change in the future, Christian Mueller; vice president of SAP explained in the section Maintenance Go-To-Market. Businesses should be able to handle the change in the future in the cloud flexible and "no longer sit on unused shelfware".

SAP software, the company previously operated as an on-premise solution and want to refer to them in future as a cloud version, customers can take in the new model of the maintenance. As the modalities and work off the bill exactly, regulates the Cloud Extension Policy, which has published for its customers in the software market place in the web of the Group. SAP itself has its own cloud portfolio continuously expanded in recent years, for example, by in-house developments such as the ERP package "Business ByDesign" or special function modules such as "Sales on Demand". In addition, the software specialists from Baden cloud solutions have purchased, such as SuccessFactors, a specialist in human capital and talent management, as well as the shopping network Ariba.

All of these cloud solutions, however, have their counterparts in SAP's on-premise world, such as human resource functions in the business suite, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). According to Müller, the use of cloud solutions for their own clientele is always interesting. Currently, developed from his point of view, especially hybrid infrastructures - mission-critical processes would continue to operate even in the most business-like, while supporting features that could be operated largely standardized, would increasingly moving to the cloud.

To avoid an expensive dual mode of cloud and on-premise solution in this environment, SAP has developed its cloud Extension Policy. This framework defines how unneeded on-premise software with new cloud capabilities will be charged. Muller admits that there may be at this point one way or another blur. For example, it is not easy, certain features of a complete package calculate out how the Business Suite. Therefore, the new policy should also be understood less as a price guide, but rather as a definition of rules as the modalities of such a change must be assessed.

Cloud control switch individually

Müller stresses in this context the benefits of the cloud, pointing out that the software-as-a-service options often offer more features as their comparable on-premise versions. At the same time the SAP manager expressed the expectation to win for their own cloud solutions using the cloud extension policy more users. The user should be able to manage their cloud migration flexibly and individually.

For example, would not all users of a specific function module are moved to the cloud. The customer can determine how many users are supposed to work in the future with a cloud version of itself. Accordingly, the expenditure for the maintenance of the reduced on-premise share diminish. SAP reportedly it does not matter which model; the customer service has been in use - the standard support or the more expensive Enterprise Support.

Businesses meet the integration and deployment of cloud solutions in highly complex IT environments, partially facing enormous hurdles, says Elaina Stergiades, research manager, IDC. "Therefore they are looking for value and use models that are flexible and an extension to the cloud at their own pace allow," said their assessment. The SAP model can help to optimize investment in on-premise and cloud it.

Cloud fraction on SAP business grows

For the German software giant cloud business will total more important. In the second quarter of 2013, SAP took with cloud subscription and support a 159 million euro, which is three times as much as in the same period last year. At the same time, the traditional software business declined by seven percent to 982 million euros. Thus, the cloud is now a share of almost 14 percent on product sales. However, it remains to be seen how the new policy affects cloud to the post in support of the SAP footprint.

This came in the most recently completed quarter to nearly 2.18 billion euros - up eight percent compared to the second quarter of 2012 - and so did the lion's share of the total revenues of more than four billion euros. The SAP executives go, however, do not assume "that this offer will have a significant impact on the forecast of the SAP sales and operating profit forecast for the year 2013," says an official release.

Recently however, there was some concern about SAP cloud Department. Their manager Lars Dalgaard, ex-chief of the acquired SAP cloud specialists SuccessFactors, announced in late June from his executive position cloud. We were told, Dalgaard SAP will continue to advise you. Insiders report, however, that there are two different views of corporate culture clashed and the native Dane finally had to go. In April 2011, had the come of Oracle John Wookey, who should drive the development of various cloud modules approved by SAP. Now to take the threads of SAP's cloud business into the hands of technology and development chief Vishal Sikka.

SAP users welcome the initiative and hope for more

The SAP User welcome the recent initiative of its software supplier. The decision to make the SAP license model at this point flexible, lay a concrete demand DSAG basis, it was the part of the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) "We have long urged that companies operating in the want to develop into cloud must not hold on to their licensing costs, "said board member Andreas DSAG Oczko the SAP announcement. Rather, it should be possible to liquidate the superfluous by the cloud functionality licenses. SAP have drawn the right conclusions in terms of SAP customers.

For the DSAG it is a step in the right direction to the first stones to vacate at the SAP customers in the way that might have been difficult for an investment in cloud solutions, determine the user agent. Moreover, it is a success, the ansporne, "together with SAP further potential for improvement to work out in the license area, to discuss and come to transferable results, to further promote the innovation of all SAP customers with SAP solutions." DSAG urging for some time on the license conditions more flexible overall stronger. So far, the SAP management had, however, turned a deaf ear to ear this.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SAP introduces roadmap for HANA in-memory database

SAP has introduced a roadmap for its HANA in-memory database. In a 51-page document, the Walldorf software company goes into his plans, but without naming specific time window. He also noted that there could still be changes at any time.

SAP introduces roadmap for HANA in-memory database
First, SAP is planning improvements for the Business Suite, more integration with real-time data-Platforms and improved support for third party products. New are also planned in the modeling, with the manageability and feasibility. And the platform will grow better together with other Big Data technologies. To this end, SAP plans to optimize about the native support of Hadoop.

Longer term perspective, Business Suite are better adapted to the functional level to the real-time technology. Users will give more choice and flexibility in deployment of SAP HANA. More interoperability for R, better fracture orientation, and new features for AFL (Application Function Library) are amongst other features, also planned.

With stronger integration of Sybase PowerDesigner and Sybase IQ also the manageability of HANA to be optimized. Future would be to embed the technology from Sybase IQ in HANA. New was to be expected even with HANA analytics applications, as well as predictive, it said.

SAP has already published some service packs for HANA. Presumably, the above functions are also being rolled out gradually in the form of packs such features.

Monday, 22 July 2013

SAP will soon have only one boss

According to Hagemann's privy

The American Bill McDermott from next year alone call the shots in Germany's most important software company. Employees are concerned that more departments will be relocated to America.

SAP will soon have only one boss
A few days ago everything was as usual. "I give to my partner and friend Snabe" said Bill McDermott in quarterly figures last week. The formulation is the 51 year old manager will no longer be able to use: The double peak is no longer exist as of next year. McDermott will from next year alone have the say.

He and Snabe who has just announced cede apply, as the perfect complement - the sales skills and analytical thinking mathematician. The euphoric Americans and the empathic Dane.

From which McDermott, who only speaks a few words of German, in contrast to Co-CEO Structure, will lead the group, is still open, says an SAP spokesman. So far, he had his job at one of the three American sites of the company in Pennsylvania.

In ten months after the AGM in May 2014 Snabe will leave as CEO. He will then join the Supervisory Board. A "cooling off period" it will not be according to the plan. The Corporate Governance Code had been served, when 25 percent of the capital agreed, a spokesman said. Supervisory board chairman Hasso Plattner, who alone holds nearly 10 percent stake in Germany's most important software company, Co-CEO Structure himself had made the suggestion of the company to remain at least as a supervisory board.

Fear of moving to America

Row between Snabe and McDermott did not give it. Snabe justified the request to terminate his contract with his family. "It's been very short in recent years," said the 47-year old Dane. His wife and two children live near Copenhagen, he sees them only on weekends.

With the departure of Snabe the percentage of Europeans on the Board continues to decrease. "This is a weakening of Germany as a location," said council chairman Stefan Kohl. "There is no longer on the board, the SAP may represent in Germany or Europe, as CEO." In the workforce, the concern is spreading that SAP could shift increasingly to the United States. The question also drove to the shareholders at this year's AGM.

In May, SAP had moved to Palo Alto, California, the management of its communications department. There are significant areas of development already settled. And Plattner, chairman of the board is not tired of praising the virtues of Silicon Valley. "Their will to win is enormous - higher than in Germany," he said just one a newspaper interview.

"The conversion into an SE makes it easier to relocate the headquarters," said council chairman carbon. Next year, SAP into a European Company (SE) to be converted, if the shareholders agree. An SAP spokesman appeased: "There is no consideration to relocate the company's headquarters."

Who looks after the customers?

In the industry, we also wonder how the customers will react. Snabe had a good reputation among European companies, says a SAP expert who also works with customers. McDermott, however "American" type is not so good.

The German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) does not want to speak to the Personnel. Snabe was yet in the German SAP customers well. After his predecessor Leo Apotheker had scared the companies with higher prices, he earned during a meeting of SAP customers in 2011 applause.

Who should take its role is open. CTO Vishal Sikka is among analysts as a new second man of the software company, after he got slammed all areas of innovation in May after the departure of cloud-chief Lars Dalgaard. But Sikka speaks even less German than McDermott. Maintains contact with clients rather the 60-year-old Gerhard Oswald, whose skills had also been expanded again in May. But Oswald, according to SAP, speaks German rather than English in general. An unfavorable constellation in a global corporation.

Although Twin Peaks - from a technical and a marketing expert - are a tradition at SAP, McDermott will now reign alone for now. The Americans praised the cooperation with his "friend and partner" Snabe always in the highest tones. The magazine "Capital" had the SAP co-CEO but once said: If he had been asked earlier to be boss with someone, he replied: "What's the point?"

Friday, 19 July 2013

SAP also suffering from the weak economy

The weak global economy hits and SAP: The German software company has revised its forecast for sales of software and services. But the profit is expected to grow as planned.

SAP also suffering from the weak economy
The world's largest enterprise software maker SAP pays tribute to the weak economy and has slashed its forecast for sales of software and services.

In the current year is only a currency-adjusted increase of software and software-related service revenue by at least ten percent instead of the previously expected 11 to 13 percent expected, the group said.

Especially the difficult macroeconomic environment in the Asia-Pacific region burdened competing with Oracle software provider, also the rapid transition to cloud software have skipped the expectations of the royalty income lower.

Less investment in Asia and Australia

The companies held in the wake of reduced growth rates in China with investment returns, said co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe. This concerns mainly Australia and Japan, added Chief Financial Officer Werner Brandt.

SAP, however, reiterated its expectation, 2013, from 5.85 to 5.95 billion euros, currency-neutral operating earn more than € 5.21 billion from the year of 2012.

In the second quarter, total sales increased by four percent to 4.06 billion euros, the bottom line with SAP earned 724 million euros ten percent more.