Friday, 26 July 2013

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana


The Agricultural Cooperative Me, Goias, adopted the SAP Hana platform to accelerate and optimize their processes with the generation and analysis of real-time reporting.

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana
The solution, which was acquired alongside other software like TRM, advanced treasury, and GRC Invoice entry, was implemented with the support of Firsteam with work started in May and scheduled for completion in December this year.

According to the IT manager for me, Amarildo Moraes de Oliveira, the cooperative was already using SAP software since 1998, but demand for simplification and streamlining of processes made the group purchase platform SAP Hana.

"That first time, our expectation is to reduce the time of generation and analysis of our twenty largest real-time reporting - a process that is currently done in production environment and competes with the production environment," said Oliveira.

Founded in 1975 in Rio Verde, Me is a cooperative processing, industrialization and marketing of agricultural products. She currently has 6000 members and 2000 employees, getting between six main cooperatives in the country.

The business with the cooperative Goias is another step in the SAP sedimentary its presence in the agribusiness segment.

This year, the German company signed new contracts with the Kepler Weber, giant Gaucho storage, processing and handling of grain, and the Ctrough, Parana which is one of the largest agro-industrial cooperatives in the country.

Earlier in 2012, the company had 800 clients of agribusiness in the country, nearly half of the 2000 worldwide.

It's virgin territory: Agribusiness represents over 22% of national GDP, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. At the same time, a study by IDC shows that the sector accounts for only 2% of the Brazilian IT market.

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