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Is the most important German software giant American?

The future alone reigning CEO of SAP has been working out of the United States, its head of communications, the former speaker of Defense Rumsfeld. And chairman of the board Plattner lives and teaches in California.

Is the most important German software giant American?
The founder, major shareholder and chairman of the German software company SAP, Hasso Plattner, sees the company's future in America and Asia. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," Plattner said the Sunday newspaper - which is listed on the DAX Group, has its headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg Walldorf: "Today we have globally occurred to success have.”Creativity and innovation are at home, especially in the world's great cities and in Silicon Valley. Plattner, who still holds just under ten percent of SAP shares, lives and teaches in California itself.

The words of the supervisory board in Germany chefs nourish the fear of an "Americanization" of SAP. Only last week, the group had announced that the Dane Snabe gives the role of the co-speaker of the SAP Executive Board in 2014 and is standing for election to the Supervisory Board. In order for the operations of SAP future is led out of America.

The future alone reigning CEO Bill McDermott is not likely to switch to Walldorf, but retain his seat in the United States. The responsibility for the product development of SAP is already in the Innovation Board Vishal Sikka, based in Palo Alto, California. Also the marketing and PR department is located in Silicon Valley in the future. Head of Communications of the group is the American Victoria Clarke, former Speaker of the U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during the time of the Bush administration.

Lack of openness to migrants

In 2012, SAP introduced in America and Asia almost four times as many employees as one in Europe. The development of earnings shows the shift of the SAP business overseas in a similar magnitude.

SAP founder Hasso Plattner is convinced that it will have in the future, the Group difficult to attract internationally renowned programming talents to Walldorf. The lack of openness to migrants and the lack of exchange opportunities with employees of competing large IT Company called Plattner in a speech at the Walldorf-based workforce as a "disadvantage" of the location Germany.

In Walldorf 12,500 of the total 65,500 SAP employees. The German works council had expressed concern last week from a weakening of the German site. This is fueled by SAP plans to convert the legal form of the company next year in a European SE, which would facilitate the relocation of the company headquarters abroad. SAP, however, denies that there is such migration thoughts.

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