Thursday, 7 November 2013

SAP HANA Appliance

SAP HANA (formerly High Performance Analytic Appliance, today no acronym).  Is a database technology from SAP, which was presented in 2010? 

SAP HANA Appliance
This is an appliance, a combination of hardware and software, to the in-memory technology that uses the opposite of the hard drive much faster accessible computer's memory for data storage, compared to the conventional applications allow using higher performance evaluations.


HANA was developed by SAP in collaboration with some customers, namely Coca- Cola Hellenic, the Future Group (an Indian operator of department store chains) and Hilti to scan large amounts of data efficiently. The appliance was the first time in spring 2010 introduced and used in November of the same year. From the manufacturer's point of view, the in-memory database is an important topic for the future, as well Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP, 2011 declared. Among the four main investment focus of the company is in the in-memory technology in 2011, the strongest growth was achieved. On 10 SAP announced in January 2013 that the core applications of SAP Business Suite are available based on HANA.


With HANA different techniques both in software and in hardware area are combined. On the software side, a hybrid of the usual in-memory databases column-oriented working method and the conventional, common in relational databases row-oriented database technology used. On the hardware side is tried as the main memory by the CPU cache, and replacing the disk by the main memory in order to use each faster access times. By this method, performance benefits.


Developed for business intelligence and business analytics applications appliance is used in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and in BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning. There is, however, according to the manufacturer also possible to use other applications with HANA operate. In addition to other SAP products include all SQL-based applications. On 10 January 2013, SAP announced the availability of the entire SAP Business Suite on HANA in.

SAP HANA makes Business All–in-One solutions generally available

 Various solutions of Business All- in-One powered by SAP HANA has now made ​​available in 52 countries. In addition to new country versions include the new solutions and industry extensions and extended availability of partners.

SAP HANA makes Business All–in-One solutions generally available
SAP today announced the availability of 52 country versions of SAP Business All-in -One solutions powered by SAP HANA. The solutions are based on the expansion pack 7 SAP ERP application. This is supported by SAP HANA. In addition, the expansion pack is part of the latest version of the SAP Business Suite.

With SAP Business All -in-One, SAP is aimed at the needs of small and medium enterprises. The solution to get the stripped core ERP processes. The solution includes pre-configured functions and thus country-specific adjustments. The modular structure of the software allows users to expand selected packages sectoral or cross-sectoral components.

SAP Business All-in -One solutions running on SAP HANA and SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, and other databases, and both on-premise and private cloud.

“The extension package 7 comprises, for example, extensions for the chemical industry and discrete manufacturing," said Robert Vetter, Senior Vice President, Partner Enablement and Solution Management at SAP. In addition, SAP partner companies could further customize these packages to the requirements of the customers.

Another example comes from the Brazilian partner Group Trust: "When we sat down with a client to discuss its IT landscape, we found: The client had implemented three different databases to operate different solutions - a database for ERP, another for business intelligence, and a third for budget planning," said Fabricio Oliveira, Solutions Director at Grupo Trust.

Different databases but these three are not only cost intensive, but played to additional charge of programs and data movement between databases on the performance of.

"To remedy this, we have developed an integrated solution based on SAP HANA. We provide the customers with a single, central database for its three solutions are available and have as its entire IT landscape, facilitate,"said Oliveira.

According to SAP, this solution is mainly used by upper middle -sized companies, with over 24,200 companies in over 55 countries. The solutions are distributed by SAP partners that offer more than 500 qualified SAP Business All-in -One partner solutions.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

At the SAP TechEd event, which esttenu from 21 to 25 October in Las Vegas, SAP announced version 3.0 of its mobile platform SAP Mobile Platform and a motorized version Cloud by SAP HANA platform to guarantee real-time performance. 

These new versions are designed to maximize developer productivity through a
SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
comprehensive set of services, an architecture based on open standards and a strategy of "Bring-Your-Own-Tools" type (BYOT) that allows integration easily with third-party development tools. Millions of developers and should be able to use the mobile platform for SAP to create innovative and ergonomic mobile applications for a business use or for use by customers, without having to learn new tools or to new protocols.

 "Today, the most successful companies use mobility to remain competitive and thus, they must quickly implement a sustainable mobile strategy based on an open, standards-based mobile platform," said Anthony Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Mobile Solutions, SAP. "We worked closely with our customers and partners to design and build a radically new innovative platform to ensure a transparent and capable of reducing the total cost of ownership for IT and development costs user experience applications. Initial feedback and expressions of interest we have received are fantastic and we are excited to deliver this platform to a wider market. "

 "Our studies show that all applications will be adapted to mobile, making the management of the life cycle of applications will become critical to protect investments in mobile," said Chris Marsh, Senior Analyst, Yankee Group. "Companies are turning to integrated platforms and open standards to ensure interoperability can and protect the longevity of applications. The leading mobile platforms will be characterized by open and extensible architecture, the presence of a layer of management and orchestration API data and a large collection of libraries. They will be agnostic in terms of development tools, infrastructure and standards and embark integrated capabilities for testing and analysis. They also support a rich ecosystem. "

German publisher notes that SAP Mobile Platform does not require reengineering processes, resources or infrastructure. The platform is designed to avoid headache for developers and focuses on the creation of an attractive user experience based on application services and core essential services. These include essential services to mobile applications such as authentication, the initial configuration, management lifecycle and updates, log management data and data integration. Some application services, we can also include components for mobile commerce, couponing, management of loyalty programs and mobile banking online. The support of mobile Web architecture and MS native, hybrid and driven by metadata is also provided.

SAP Mobile Platform is based on an approach based on open standards and open technologies incorporating the latest mobile innovations architecture. These include providing capacity "offline" based on the OData (Open Data Protocol), to propose OSGi architecture with support for Java frameworks and Spring Equinox, and provide an open-source Apache container Cordova container with plug- ins adapted to the platform. SAP Mobile Platform also makes extensive use of HTML5 for both its own needs and the needs of application development and offers a broad set of common HTTP REST API for On- Premise and Cloud versions of the platform form.

Developers are free to choose their preferred development tool; enhanced by the addition of the SDK (software developer kit) provided by SAP and libraries for building native and hybrid applications.

The cloud-based version of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is based on the cloud platform SAP HANA, a SaaS platform and open standards-based, which aims to enable customers and partners to build and SAP deploy custom from SAP data centers worldwide applications. This cloud-based version allows the rapid deployment of hybrid and native applications for iOS environments, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry. Under the cloud platform SAP HANA, users of the mobile version also have access to other services, including analytical services, integration and security services as well as SAP HANA.

A free 30 day trial of SAP Mobile Platform version is available on the SAP Community Network in the Developer Center for SAP Mobile Platform, and a training course on development is also available on the platform openSAP. SAP would also work with the best talent among developers to build a community of innovative mobile applications. The winner of the next contest mobileapplication development “Mobile Game On" will and the journey of his life in 2014.

Partners imagine SAP ByDesign

Not SAP itself, but four SAP partners today have specially organized a conference call to the level of press representatives to break a lance for online SAP ERP solution, “Business ByDesign", and to speak against the "emerging unrest ".

Partners imagine SAP ByDesign
The "trouble” was triggered by an article in the 'Business Week ' ten days ago. This was reported to be SAP Online prestige project whose development has probably cost in recent years, several billion euros, lack of success stop. The development would be discontinued, and only a small team will take care of the maintenance of the product. SAP, however, denied this. The development will only braked and released for developers used to a new technological platform to bring ByDesign, SAP HANA in-memory technology. HANA in the future should form the common basis for all cloud offerings from SAP. ByDesign will be so far removed from the market.

Believe in SAP
The four

ByDesign Partner intelligence, All for One Steeb, Anthesis and Alpha Business Solutions wanted to reiterate today, especially this message: ByDesign live on and will continue to contribute to their stores. The development of ByDesign had been started ten years ago to the then latest technological platform. A technological innovation is therefore only logical. "We are talking about an important transitional phase in the SAP more development resources in the technical transformation as in the functional development of SAP Business ByDesign infected," said Henrik Hausen, CEO of Alpha Business Solutions. Then will then amplify again of the functional expansion cloud offering - with a clear roadmap - invest and: "We would not be here if we did not believe it."

For the functional development of ByDesign declared the four partners that SAP had assured the next two releases, 13:11 and 14:02 to deliver as advertised. Even then it will still be further developments, but in smaller increments or “hot fixes ".

That SAP is the online solution is now setting on the latest technological basis is welcome news. This will bring major improvements in performance and more stability. The standardization of the technology have been quite different cloud solutions on a single platform, added the Intelligence - man Wolfgang Kroner, will also develop adaptations and extensions for SAP cloud solutions through partners make "dramatically easier ".

Anthesis boss Inge Kipping explained that even existing customers ByDesign - which itself belongs Anthesis - the technological development would be welcomed. Also, the acquisition of new customers, she believes, is still possible, “if you told them the job well enough.”

That the transformation at least brings uncertainties, but was also acknowledged in the conference call. So be sure, for example, a large effort for SAP and its partners to make the transition smooth for customers. Moreover, the time at which permeated the case to the public, was safely unhappy. Still, there is the part of SAP's no roadmap for the future of ByDesign. How long could take the transition phase, i.e. still in the stars, as well as the partners had to admit today. And if the “new engine" for Business ByDesign, and other cloud solutions, then really goes well, the ERP giant has yet to prove it. (Hansjorg Maron)

Friday, 2 August 2013

SAP includes e-commerce market to target - growth opportunities in China

The Walldorf software company SAP AG brought the day before the proposed acquisition of e-commerce specialist hybris successful conclusion. SAP announced in early June announced its intention to acquire the Swiss software company.

SAP includes e-commerce market to target - growth opportunities in China
SAP has paid how much for the Swiss company, was initially unclear. However, industry sources speak of a purchase price of 1.0 to 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott said in a recent conference call of "fair price", the SAP had paid for the company in the face of growth assets.

SAP sees opportunities in e-commerce technology

The Swiss hybris is considered very promising. The company offers an e-commerce platform that is capable of running both on-premise and in cloud environments. In addition, the hybris software suite is fit for use both on the web and on mobile devices. Through integration with its in-memory platform Hana, analysis and cloud applications and social software platform SAP Jam, SAP hopes to add real value for its customers and existing hybris clients to create.

Hybris already serving companies such as 3M, Nikon, Bridgestone, Proctor & Gamble and Thomson Reuters. The developed software enables companies of hybris information about customers, products and orders on many channels to view. De facto allows hybris a holographic view of the customer, which company should be helped to sell more products and services to customers.

The acquisition of SAP (WKN: 716460) is regarded as the answer Walldorf to the planned acquisition of Exact Target through The reason e-commerce technologies are increasingly important. The market volume in this area is already estimated at 37 billion dollars and is growing more than twice as fast as the entire retail industry.

SAP wants to maintain investment plans in China

Another construction is currently the Asia business at SAP. The software and cloud computing sales declined in the second quarter to seven percent over the previous year.

Precisely for this reason, SAP plans to invest further. The goal is to rise in the coming years among the top 5 companies in China. Chief Financial Officer Werner Brandt cancels against the Euro on Sunday, plans to invest 2.0 billion euros in China over the next few years until 2015. In 2015, SAP plans to implement a billion dollars in China.

Brandt then also confirmed problems in China, which is facing the German software house of a difficult to predict demand. There were also internal problems recently, after the forma-celled head of China Business Hera Siu indulged a break. Recently, we have not found a replacement, the new head of the business in China would resume Shortest already in his work, Brandt announced.

Short Profile

The in 1972 launched and based in Walldorf software company SAP AG increased, especially in the 80s and 90s, the world's leading provider of ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) on.

This enterprise software company allows customers important data in relation to business processes, such as production, accounting, human resources and sales within a company to keep in mind and to optimize business processes. Already put more than 30,000 companies in more than 120 countries worldwide on software from SAP.

With the advent of the Internet, SAP expanded its product range accordingly and offers its Internet portal with the complex software suite mySAP Business Suite to both solutions for electronic procurement systems (supply chain management) and customer relationship management (CRM).

With NetWeaver, SAP wants to open new business opportunities and market integration in the market for application server. With the project "Business By Design", SAP intends to strengthen the middle class and in the market for cloud-based offerings. With the in-memory database, HANA SAP plans to analyzing large volumes of data in seconds allow...

In order to effectively edit the individual markets such as IT services and e-procurement systems, founded in 1997, the SAP subsidiary SAP SI. SAP SI was later re-integrated back into the group. In recent years, SAP reinforced through a series of acquisitions. In the spring of 2006, SAP took over the software vendor Virsa Systems, and the software specialists Frictionless Commerce. Mid-2006, the software specialist practice was acquired software. In the spring of 2007, the Company purchased the Norwegian software company and the Finnish MaXware Wizcom Communications. In the area of ​​Business Intelligence, SAP reinforced by the acquisition of Pilot Software and Soft Outlook. After the takeover of its partner SAP Arabia, SAP swallowed in the fall of 2007 the French analysis software manufacturer Business Objects. In spring 2010, the Company bought the U.S. software specialist Sybase. Previously, the Company had already swallowed the longstanding partner TechniData. In autumn 2010, then founded the SAP Mobile Business Unit. Early 2011 were taken from SECUDE assets. The end of 2011, SAP took over the cloud specialists Success Factors, at the same time Steeb was repelled. In autumn 2012, the Company bought the U.S. software company Ariba. Mid-2013, the Company bought the logistics management specialist hybris.

In the area of ​​electronic procurement systems founded SAP together with Siemens, Bosch, INA, Continental AG and ZF Friedrichshafen AG SupplyOn the joint venture. Numbers

For the previous second quarter of 2013, SAP had in the year-ago quarter at constant currency by eight percent to 4.06 billion euros. The operating profit (EBIT) rose by ten percent growth to 988 million euros, so after tax stood at a five percent Risen on 724 million Euro profit in the books. The operating margin improved 0.6 percentage points to 24.3 percent. Each share in the second quarter accounted for a profit of 0.61 euros (0.55 euros).

In the software, the software company SAP suffered a decline of three percent to 982 million euros in the second quarter of the current fiscal year. Business with Cloud subscriptions and support exploded as expected with a growth rate of 171 percent to 159 million euros. The Software segment and cloud subscription could show sales growth of seven percent, reaching a value of 1.14 billion euros.

The Hana software sales, an important engine of growth for SAP, increased 21 percent year over year in the quarter, down from 102 million euros.

Market and Competition

SAP is the global ERP market with a market share of over 25 percent (source: Gartner) as the dominant provider. Despite the adoption of J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft, Oracle takes in this area only in second place. Other rivals in the ERP segment consist primarily of the software provider NetSuite, which specializes in on-demand solutions.

Elsewhere SAP competes with Oracle's solutions. This is especially true in the area of ​​CRM software after Oracle CRM specialist Siebel Systems took over. SAP has recently displaced Oracle CRM segment from the top position. However, SAP sees itself through the U.S. specialist afflicted, who claims to have taken over the top spot in 2011.

In the area of ​​business intelligence software, SAP acquired Business Objects is consistent with its in direct competition with IBM (Cognos) and Oracle (Hyperion) and with other smaller competitors such as Micro Strategy.

With its new medium-sized and rental software "Business By Design" the company wants to gain a stronger foothold in the market for small and medium-sized customers. In HCM SAP is increasingly competing with Workday.


SAP continues to expect full-year 2013 Hana a turnover of 650 million to 700 million euros. Instead of a growth of 11 percent to 13 percent, as previously anticipated, the Company expects in 2013, a growth of only ten percent.

Analysts expect at SAP in 2013 with a net profit of 3.38 euros per share, which is planned to increase in the following year 2014 to 3.79 Euros per share. In 2015, expected a profit of 4.26 euros per share.


SAP shares recently presented in New York at 74.08 U.S. dollars friendly, so this results in a market value of around 88 billion U.S. dollars for SAP shares. In Frankfurt SAP papers were last traded at 56 euros. Based on current earnings estimates for the year 2014, a price-earnings ratio (PER) of 22 results

Analysts at Evercore Partners recently reduced their price target on shares of SAP 77 to 75 euros; said analysts currently classify the papers with "equal weight".

Analysts at Barclays Capital Rate SAP shares to "equal weight", the analysts see a price target of 55 euros for the papers.

The experts at DZ Bank see the fair value of SAP shares at only 63 Euros, at the same time confirmed the bankers their buy recommendation on the paper.

At Citigroup to "neutral" is SAP shares continue to face. The analysts continue to see a price target of 58 euros for the papers. The analysts see a danger that it might take longer for the in-memory database will be a growth in the Group.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

From the SAP developers to process consultant?

How permeable are the boundaries between development and consulting? An SAP developer wants to change into the process advice, his staff, and the boss does not like.

From the SAP developers to process consultant?
An SAP developer wants to change into the process advice. His hiring manager sees the reorientation skeptical because the candidate would be missing important skills. Instead, he should look for projects with a focus on supply chain management (SCM), where he could develop. How should the developer do?

Staff consultant Frank Rechsteiner of the hype Group says: "Compared to your HR boss I would insist on a career development plan since its recommendation projects with SCM focus to prove is not binding on your progress. A change from the development process in a consultancy I see it as very positive! Expand so that your experience and build your profile and know-how. I am convinced that you already know the business processes of your business and developers know how they can be improved. Should you find your trip to the consultation process that this is not your world, I suggest you to develop a project in software development, as the need for such skills in the coming years are likely to be very large. The risks of a change in the counseling process, I guess to be low - you can go back into development to start a professional career. It is important that you establish your exchange reasonable. For your orientation, you should heed a principle: Formulate a clear career goal”

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SAP emulates Google for

So it looks like when Germany's most valuable listed company is trying to reinvent itself: Throbbing house music, flashing strobe lights. From the ceiling of the sports arena of San Jose, a man abseils off in the shark costume, the mascot of the local hockey team.

SAP emulates Google for
Thousands of SAP employees yell, clap, and whistle. Early in the morning they had been trucked in buses from the nearby Silicon Valley branch of the group to attend the renaming of one of the largest event venues in Northern California. It is now no more Hewlett Packard Pavilion, but SAP Center.

The mood is in high spirits. Jonathan cup, global chief marketing officer, takes the stage. He shouts into the microphone: "We no longer want to contribute to better Control Company. We want to re-invent the world we are a force to be reckoned with."

Start-ups are being courted heavily

My colleague Michaela Schiebl and I have spent the past few weeks for a large recent report in the Spiegel much time at SAP. We have, of course, Hasso Plattner talked to management and supervisory boards, developers and councils and. We have thereby experienced a company that is changing radically. Development cycles are radically shortened from years to weeks. Rather than less massive software packages for corporations countless small apps are asking for everything and everyone. Start-ups and third-party developers are heavily courted.

"Intellectual renewal" is the buzzword that is heard everywhere these days at SAP. It is causing Vishal Sikka, chief technology chief of the group and pupil of the founder patriarch Hasso Plattner. Sikka grew up as the son of an Indian railway worker on his doctorate at the elite university Stanford and founded two successful start-ups before joining SAP in 2002. The Indian says that he feels very comfortable in a group with "German soul". In his office is a signed photo of Steffi Graf, the idol of his youth. He likes to quote from Hermann Hesse's "Siddhartha" or philosophize about quantum theory and Albert Einstein.

"Direct contact with consumers"

Sikka to think for the detail-oriented group in large sheets. "All things are increasingly being replaced by digital, atoms to bits, this is the great transformation that is currently taking place around us all around," says Sikka. "We are increasingly governed by software." Is the task of the SAP is to support this process, "to help the world, to reinvent themselves through software."

Mainly thanks to the success of Hana, the new group of database technology. With their large amounts of data can be analyzed much faster than before. SAP can now "build completely new things we have never done before, which were also technically not possible in many cases." Sikka says that SAP would not be more restricted to enterprise software. He speaks of applications for healthcare, sports and expectant mothers. It is "to maintain direct contact with the consumer."

Thus, SAP has recently built about an application for the San Francisco 49 years; with the management of the football team analyzes new player purchases. An app for the American professional basketball league NBA player prepares statistics.

"You can develop hereby sell and what do you want"

In addition: Hana is a platform, an "open ecosystem," said Chief Marketing Officer Becher. SAP is the first time no longer restricted to their own developers. "We are therefore outside to thousands of small and large companies and offer: You can develop and hereby sell what you want."

Nearly 500 start-ups, the Group was able to win it, to develop software based on Hana - including some applications to high-speed trading on exchanges or troubleshooting for robots. "Our goal must be to be able to inspire every software developer on the planet for our ecosystem," says Becher.

"Forced to speed"

But the big plans mean: Everything has much, much faster. "People have become impatient with technology," says Sikka. He cites the example Waze, a navigation app developed by a small Israeli company. "Within a year, had millions of users." A few weeks ago Google bought the company for about a billion dollars.

"New products are being accepted in an incredibly short time," says Sikka. The rules for the IT industry have changed dramatically in recent years. Improvements need to be served in small, bite constant instead of a huge update. Who can be too much time, is outdated. At SAP, you've seen enough of that in the past ten years: "Many of our products have not worked." The new philosophy at SAP so hot: "Forced to speed."

However, with the speed increases the pressure. Many feel as increasingly remote coding enslave given the required tempo. "The employees are burned out," complains Works Ralf Kronig and refers to the increasing number of long-term sick leave in the company. The impact rate is still rising but rather the future. The goal for 2020: a profit margin of 35 percent.

Monday, 29 July 2013

To succeed in the lateral entry in the SAP consulting

Jobs in the SAP consulting are in great demand, but also consultants are sought. Therefore, not only leads a straight path through a computer science or economic computer science studies in the SAP consulting. Other career paths are quite possible and after a few years, the salary of a lateral hire usually not more different.

In the SAP consulting is placed apparently worth less on titles, training or certificates, as one
To succeed in the lateral entry in the SAP consulting
might assume maybe. Nevertheless, newcomers must meet certain requirements to be considered for this challenging job in question.

About 90 percent of those who go to the SAP consulting directly after graduation, are business data, economists, scientists or graduates of a technical course. Typically, these "direct hire" a master or diploma. The bachelor's degree, there is a lack of recognition as before, says Dr. Thomas Beaver, managing director specializing in SAP HR consulting positions Beaver & Associates.

With a Ph.D. from but however the newcomers to the profession can hardly score: He let the young talent in comparison to other applicants usually look only older, white beaver. Only those who actually plan to rise to the top echelons of the company, have the doctor or MBA a small advantage.

"SAP career changers" often have an academic education in all other subjects through - for example, law, humanities or theology.

Academics and non-academics

Even non-graduates have a good chance, for example, after training in business or computer science-related professions. Only when, years later, comes to leadership positions, provides an academic education again an advantage over the education profession. "Most important is that you have both IT know-how and business expertise," beaver summarizes the necessary skills together. "A lot of successful career changers had gathered professional experience in one of these two fields and brought interest and understanding of the other field."

This is also true thickness Silvia; spokeswoman for the SAP consulting company itelligence’s consistent. The NTT Data's daughter makes conscious use of "cross-Einstein pus" to fill vacant positions in consulting. Itelligence is especially academics who bring a punt SME Focus, an industry know well, or during the study - have set the theme apart SAP - SAP about a bill or an internship. And project experience or generally "good Softsiklls" would improve the chances of the candidates.

"We have very good experience with career changers," says thickness together. For SAP consultants would "count up not only one and one, but it's also a lot about giving things or to take information together." Generally itelligence put a "high problem-solving skills" forward.

Beaver sees the preparation of lateral hires into positions in controlling, sales or inventory management. So it's either business knowledge, or work as a webshop or network administrator or programmer, demonstrating profound IT knowledge.

A good preparation is also to seek to continue their education from the enterprise to an SAP consultant in a SAP implementation. Also, the employment agency pays an occasional SAP certification and some workers get paid as part of a process of outplacement her former employer. Courses with SAP certifications are organized both from Walldorf Group itself and by various training providers.

Learning by Earing better than any training

The certification is by no means mandatory for a career as an SAP consultant: "Employers prefer the Learning-on-the-job, so the practical activities in the SAP project, each training experience before," said Beaver. It comes from that aspiring SAP consultants Job Offer turn down to lead the once begun, and finally, too expensive education to end. But opportunities do not come back at will: "If offers a chance to get the first solid SAP point, you have a new or newcomers access," warn recruiters.

In general, the new employer can be a fact that the applicants the first SAP training ended before he starts the new job. Should an employer refuse the, it's the lesser of two evils, cancel the training. For the first position as a SAP consultant is always the hardest to find.

The first applications for the position of SAP one should necessarily begin before completion of certification or training. Application processes in an SAP environment often take two to three months. In addition, the phase comes between contract signature and starting work.

Who gets going late, risked an unpleasant and unnecessary gap in the resume. But it can get worse: Anyone have spent several months as a freelancer or coaches, other certifications purpose or even for some time working in non-SAP jobs, has almost gambled away his chances of a long-term perspective with a permanent position as an SAP consultant . Read such a resume HR as a failed entry into a booming industry. "Here you have to be a candidate then quickly put up the question of why you find a position as an SAP consultant, but where SAP consultants are sought everywhere," said Beaver.

Who does not have the good fortune that the former employer forms, can also take lateral entry in the SAP consulting into their own hands. Beaver recommends for this purpose unsolicited applications for small and medium SAP consulting companies. These companies currently have a strong personal needs, they often can not meet.

Therefore, many consulting firms are willing an ambitious SAP Junior Consultant to give him a chance to train and also to some extent or to incorporate. "SAP consulting company," said Thomas Beaver, "have on the SAP job market, the function of trainers. Consulting firms are often more accommodating than SAP end users for applicants, not entirely meet the requirements, also. "

Important prerequisites for the SAP job are knowledge of English, good work references and a clear resume. Willingness to travel is in an SAP consulting firm indispensable anyway. SAP newbies should be open for at least two to three years of consulting with extensive travel activity, that is three to five working days per week. The labor-intensive and time travel is worth the long term and is a professional life, a very good reference.

Indispensable to endure in the first place, even under difficult working conditions, because many changer in the SAP environment to be seen is very critical. SAP projects often take several months in some cases even years. And even an experienced SAP consultants in the new job usually requires six to twelve months until it is fully incorporated and mastered the new environment.

However, entry is made, the doors are candidates for an exciting SAP career open.
If you look around for the "formative years" in the labor market, which offer highly attractive for further development paths. Solid project experience and capabilities remain more important for the progress in the SAP career than any title or any certification. Beaver: "The move to the second position SAP is much easier. With a little luck, a candidate may then already choose between various attractive contract offers. "

But who is already established in the job can not help but to constantly develop further explained thickness. The SAP world since subject, especially in recent times, a considerable momentum. Therefore, SAP consultants would have to keep constantly up to date. For example, itelligence also translate heavily on internal training.

This strong change on the product page may sometimes be the reason that "the differences in salary and career options for SAP consultants alike, regardless of the training pathway, after three to five years, adjust project experience," as Thomas Beaver explained. Itelligence today derives about a doctor of mathematics the division "advice".

Sunday, 28 July 2013

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative

Partial relocation to the capital?

The SAP headquarters Walldorf is "off the beaten track". The said company founder Hasso Plattner. But the software giant constantly needs new impulses - and I will be in the future much more strongly represented in the creative city of Berlin.

SAP plans to reach Berlin Creative
The software giant SAP reached its founder Hasso Plattner, according to the headquarters little creative minds - and should therefore concentrate more on Berlin. "One is in Walldorf just something off the beaten path, and therefore there is less creative impulses," said the chairman of the board of the "World On Sunday". He added: "SAP would have a lot more play in Germany Berlin Map The young people want to stop rather spend their next years in the big city.."

A relocation of corporate headquarters in the capital, according to him, although there is no discussion. "We must use the momentum for innovation in other locations more." SAP had recently announced the European co-head Snabe will give up his post. The employee has since been concern that SAP could shift away from Walldorf and to the USA.

Plattner also sees the future of the group rather elsewhere. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," he said of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in regard to the place of Dax Group. "Today we have to occur globally in order to have success."

Not only globally, but also economical, SAP plans to occur in the future. The Board sent an appeal off to the appropriate employees. Even when traveling and external service providers are limited, construction of the offices to be moved.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Is the most important German software giant American?

The future alone reigning CEO of SAP has been working out of the United States, its head of communications, the former speaker of Defense Rumsfeld. And chairman of the board Plattner lives and teaches in California.

Is the most important German software giant American?
The founder, major shareholder and chairman of the German software company SAP, Hasso Plattner, sees the company's future in America and Asia. "In the old days of SAP did not care where we have programmed our software," Plattner said the Sunday newspaper - which is listed on the DAX Group, has its headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg Walldorf: "Today we have globally occurred to success have.”Creativity and innovation are at home, especially in the world's great cities and in Silicon Valley. Plattner, who still holds just under ten percent of SAP shares, lives and teaches in California itself.

The words of the supervisory board in Germany chefs nourish the fear of an "Americanization" of SAP. Only last week, the group had announced that the Dane Snabe gives the role of the co-speaker of the SAP Executive Board in 2014 and is standing for election to the Supervisory Board. In order for the operations of SAP future is led out of America.

The future alone reigning CEO Bill McDermott is not likely to switch to Walldorf, but retain his seat in the United States. The responsibility for the product development of SAP is already in the Innovation Board Vishal Sikka, based in Palo Alto, California. Also the marketing and PR department is located in Silicon Valley in the future. Head of Communications of the group is the American Victoria Clarke, former Speaker of the U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during the time of the Bush administration.

Lack of openness to migrants

In 2012, SAP introduced in America and Asia almost four times as many employees as one in Europe. The development of earnings shows the shift of the SAP business overseas in a similar magnitude.

SAP founder Hasso Plattner is convinced that it will have in the future, the Group difficult to attract internationally renowned programming talents to Walldorf. The lack of openness to migrants and the lack of exchange opportunities with employees of competing large IT Company called Plattner in a speech at the Walldorf-based workforce as a "disadvantage" of the location Germany.

In Walldorf 12,500 of the total 65,500 SAP employees. The German works council had expressed concern last week from a weakening of the German site. This is fueled by SAP plans to convert the legal form of the company next year in a European SE, which would facilitate the relocation of the company headquarters abroad. SAP, however, denies that there is such migration thoughts.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana


The Agricultural Cooperative Me, Goias, adopted the SAP Hana platform to accelerate and optimize their processes with the generation and analysis of real-time reporting.

Cooperative Me will SAP Hana
The solution, which was acquired alongside other software like TRM, advanced treasury, and GRC Invoice entry, was implemented with the support of Firsteam with work started in May and scheduled for completion in December this year.

According to the IT manager for me, Amarildo Moraes de Oliveira, the cooperative was already using SAP software since 1998, but demand for simplification and streamlining of processes made the group purchase platform SAP Hana.

"That first time, our expectation is to reduce the time of generation and analysis of our twenty largest real-time reporting - a process that is currently done in production environment and competes with the production environment," said Oliveira.

Founded in 1975 in Rio Verde, Me is a cooperative processing, industrialization and marketing of agricultural products. She currently has 6000 members and 2000 employees, getting between six main cooperatives in the country.

The business with the cooperative Goias is another step in the SAP sedimentary its presence in the agribusiness segment.

This year, the German company signed new contracts with the Kepler Weber, giant Gaucho storage, processing and handling of grain, and the Ctrough, Parana which is one of the largest agro-industrial cooperatives in the country.

Earlier in 2012, the company had 800 clients of agribusiness in the country, nearly half of the 2000 worldwide.

It's virgin territory: Agribusiness represents over 22% of national GDP, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. At the same time, a study by IDC shows that the sector accounts for only 2% of the Brazilian IT market.