Monday, 23 July 2012

SAP HANA Essentials

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SAP ® HANA software components pre-installed as standard equipment provides the database memory a multifunction device is optimized. All available data to analyze and respond to changing business conditions by giving them, how quickly - SAP ® HANA "real time" with a better understanding of the institutions out of business. SAP ® HANA organizations, all processing in real time instantly explore and analyze the data and provides analysis - virtually any data source.

This book proposes a new business or technical background or architecture, tools, skills and SAP ® HANA provides and how to analyze large volumes of trade for shows with a wide range of use cases, the detailed information at a glance. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of the SAP ® HANA and contains several links to additional resources and technical details. Other chapters are added regularly, so I sign up for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

About the Author

Jeffrey Word, Ph.D., of memory in general, the SAP database is responsible for strategy, leadership, creativity and communication. Technological innovation and business strategy projects, SAP has led to a variety of topics, in the past 13 years younger. In addition, ERP (2011) and SAP NetWeaver for Dummies (2004) integrated with the bestseller, co-author of business processes. His new book, the integration of business processes with SAP ® ERP, will be published in autumn 2012.

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