Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Clarity PPM Fundamentals

Principles of CA Clarity PPM Technologies logo Clarity PPM (short portfolio management) provides an overview. The book needs of the current work is often defined by the module is ideal for users, independent modules are organized by the clarity. Clarity offers the best industry practices when using this product.

With only a basic knowledge of project management, with secret tricks and lessons of this book is a real application scenarios of the system administrator user will be able to understand everything there is to reveal the offer. The authors are much stronger than what some good ideas and useful to you. Bring their experience to give the month

David Dobson, Vice President and Group Leader, Customer Solutions Group, Foreword by CA Technologies, Inc.

What you will learn
  • Clarity for use in your organization to manage the lifecycle of the project
  • Focus navigates and customize
  • Clarity of inputs and outputs to the capabilities of Reporting
  • For clarity, the basic elements, the value provided by
  • Clarity of security best practices
  • The organization breakdown structure, and build on best practices for how to use parts
  • The use of different configurations Clarity

For whom is this book?

The book to end users, but the first volume, and clarity, practitioners will be very useful for all users and administrators are.

  • Log in CA Clarity PPM
  • The use of CA Clarity PPM
  • A quick look at the CA Clarity PPM
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Project Management
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Management Resources
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Time Management
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Financial Management
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Demand Management
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: Asset Management
  • CA Clarity PPM modules: process management
  • CA Clarity PPM security
  • Distribution of the organizational structure of the CA Clarity PPM
  • Components of the CA Clarity PPM

About the Author

The technical and management experience in the IT industry for over 20 years spread over several continents is currently vice president of CA Clarity PPM software engineering division Velpuri Rama. Previously Mansita Consulting was the CEO of a consulting firm based in India. Before Mansita in 2008, Kenexa Technologies Velpuri CTO was the U.S. Company focuses on human capital management. During his years of Kenexa, Velpuri success in Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Philadelphia, Boston and Wayne, with a gap of more than 400 software engineers and management staff led the technology efforts of the company. During this period, millions of dollars saved and the company has built a world center of development in India and Malaysia, they have increased dramatically while income has built-to-market products. As an officer of the company, in June 2005, the NASDAQ Velpuri Kenexa (KNXA) has played an important role in public construction. Kenexa Velpuri that significant gains after the IPO were responsible for the facts of technological options. In addition, the integration of these companies is responsible for Kenexa brand.

For several years, before joining Kenexa, a Velpuri successfully built Oracle products for monitoring database proactively monitored and managed customer databases, there Oramasters Online, Inc. was the founder and CEO of the high availability.

Velpuri Redwood City, California, began his career at Oracle Corporation in 1988. Over the next 11 years, development, technical support and advice has worked successfully in numerous strategic initiatives. Oracle CEO in 1996, the engineering center for Oracle products Velpuri in Bangalore, India, and began development center in Hyderabad. Oracle is the author of nine books Velpuri successful technology, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, was translated into several languages ​​including Japanese and Mandarin.

Velpuri holds a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a U.S. citizen and lives in Hyderabad with his wife and two children.

Arpit Das, such as management of internal and external consultants in teams of business development, has 13 years’ experience. This architectural project, with an understanding of business needs, design, and portfolio management solutions and a solution is established distribution models were mapped and manage relationships with suppliers. This office project management, IT governance, process and organizational development and applications of resource management practices of project management and has extensive knowledge of the life cycle of software development. CA Technologies is a software engineer in Cincinnati in 2000 and since then has participated in the development of services in the area, and Hyderabad, India has been involved in managing the distribution of the team. O, Computer Engineering and Information Systems Tennessee State University and Pune, India at the University have a Masters in Electrical Engineering. He is a certified PMP and PRINCE2, Project Management Institute is an active member.

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