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Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)

New edition of this book, now available

Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 hours, second edition, which is available today, is the perfect tool to learn a business solutions most advanced. Designed to be with the basics, you go to create their own reports and become familiar with the entire SAP system. Also, includes:
  • Tools and implementation methodologies
  • NetWeaver
  • ECC 5.0
  • Designing Screens and menus
  • Reports
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • And much more
Board and run the tutorial is ideal for quickly and efficiently with SAP for over 20 years combined experience in an easy to understand Written by leading SAP consultants.

About the Author

Dr. George W. Anderson and his family in Houston, Texas live. SAP for 13 years and a professional counselor for 25 years, SAP implementations, upgrades, migrations, and the company has had the privilege of working a number of other projects. George certified SAP Technical Consultant, SAP NetWeaver '04 OS / DB Migration Consultant PMI, PMP, MCSE, MBA, PhD and new. O, and writing books, magazine articles, lectures, and loves to share with others through more. Platforms and SAP and other online business (LOB) for the next generation of leadership and strategic direction for the architecture that Microsoft, horse. In addition, several technical editor for the SAP Business Journal as one of the session. Family, friends and extended family church to spend time with the Microsoft TechNet site (, blogs, fun, when it is not playing guitar, Bible study, work, and readers will notice the new grille. After midnight, enjoying its best George. Anderson @
Extract. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Welcome and thank you for purchasing the latest version of Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 hours. Focusing on these pages to teach the newcomer in the best SAP recently renovated six to 24 hours, and there is education. A few different perspectives, the information technology, the end user, the administrator of a person since the beginning of my colleagues and I need to know what new SAP content, and we spent a considerable amount time aligning the project proponent or developer budding and professional work done SAP.

We have more than the underlying technology, the basics of business necessary to help a person understand the starting point of course, with introductory material, some common themes around an hourly (or part) and a few leaves towards the implementation of SAP. Then the book covers SAP applications, SAP products and components for the following section refers to the scene in detail. SAP implementation project management, discussed the prospects of business and technology, we have a really useful guide is enough to make the breadth and depth of the real world have striven to give our readers. Other considerations SAP has focused on the technical end users to complete a part of this monitoring, wide and deep: how to connect to the SAP interface to customize and use of various interfaces such as common business functions instead of relations and queries. Ready for the last part of book readers and other online resources including links, designed to help SAP get a job with the material ends.

Although necessarily broad, the new approach does two things. First, the reader, especially when we are witnessing around the world since 2005, many changes from SAP, SAP understands, gives a new opportunity for everyone to understand. Second, it will bounce around the clock, and a third less pressure is easier to read. Implementing SAP Company announced that a participant or just a company that uses SAP, easy to navigate and you'll see the book come to speed quickly. Technicians prefer, you can fully concentrate on Parts II and IV, for example, end users, before focusing in detail in Section V, Parts I and IV may want to read. At the same time, policy makers and project managers, Parts II and III, you will find more useful advice to break the work SAP and SAP candidates immediately come CHAPTER VI.

To you, our readers, reading this book represents a firm step forward. This market leader, resistance patterns, and excellent business and technology solutions to facilitate the selection to go with. Therefore, after reading about 24 hours, and even greater capacity of the sap in a solid foundation for building a career. This knowledge base, no doubt, an expert in every sense of the word before, and reinforce the need for more extensive. But I know he knows a lot about the decision and is still just a branch of what you need to learn. Go ahead and a road map of their choice, and you know where your career should be smart enough to navigate. 

This is perhaps a good sense of your life, do something new in his career will be enough to put you on track. Meanwhile, the 24 hours may be invested in a work in progress. Knowledge, skills, understanding and colleagues all companies, the most distinguished in the same way the big picture and support the implementation of today, armed with a broad sense, does not seek to business practices and technology solutions. You are wise, and a number of different perspectives, ranging from business expertise in technology, and practice, with the vision of the end user and project management would be better to contribute more than before. A broad sense of the word "Shoot" will be.

SAP Travel

The first edition of this book is the SAP R / 3 come a long way since the height of his was published. Only in recent years has seen an explosion of technology and business between the two applications, the front lines of another software company, SAP certainly pushed harder. Indeed, competitors and partners of SAP in Walldorf, Germany provided a strong incentive for more developers and administrators. However, new products and enabling and stable SAP solutions is a company that is unique and contemporary, new technologies, surrounded by a revised set of proposals at the base. And the company remains a model of evolution and revolution. 

SAP multinational government agencies, medium-sized enterprises / small and everything blows up, everyone can be found in 46,000 companies. SAP successfully, usually the "middle market" has been engaged in what has been called. In other words, SAP is also only for the rest of the industry's best solution is the best solution provider for large enterprises. State of the art, in fact, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the new world of doing business that focuses on ways to keep the promise to reinvent the willingness to work with development tools, SAP is the making it easier and easier, better, to do SAP.

And innovations that have read the book?

As with previous releases, Section 24 book, or "h", divided into each finished in one hour. This book is also called the main components of SAP and SAP products generally only covers everything you need to know. Books SAP terminology, the use, configuration, deployment, and management is organized to provide more visibility on the main aspects. Deems necessary to advance the understanding of the material provided is as large as that of knowing that a certain amount of depth, very detailed, sometimes instead of, as a general compulsory. The book uses a variety of ways, and maps embedded. In this structure, the real value of this document as an image of the wide range of more books than anyone can understand, but more an introduction to different paths or ways to find a sufficient depth to provide. And post-implementation support, and for the use of SAP products and components, general to specific, material flow moving in the same line, in preparation for project planning and project management.

Sams Yourself SAP, SAP NetWeaver surrounding begins with basic concepts and terminology, such as SAP and SAP appear within 24 hours, and there is a project to build a new maintenance process begins to teach the basis of this information, SAP complex. Speed ​​of the book to enter the book so that the more advanced topics will be discussed later is designed to provide a solid foundation. Thus, the novice how quickly all the puzzle pieces together to solve business problems without understanding the process of power in conjunction with the planning, implementation, and SAP can realize what it means to use. This understanding of leadership and technical project partners, project management, business applications, users technology to make the distribution of income and appreciation of the role played by different SAP with respect to all SAP end to end system came together to create and use.

Organization of This Book

SAP technology background and plans, and understanding the business and technology development, basic concepts on how to have Part I, "Introduction SAP", provides a basis. Part II, "SAP products and components, "the foundation provided by the SAP NetWeaver SAP product core ERP, SAP products and components running around (SMB / medium term, offer small) and, finally, the SAP Business Suite, SAP has all the functions. Part III, "the implementation of SAP," and then take advantage of SAP with the SAP development tools and methodologies and how to set the scene after the project management, business and technology roadmaps, allowing problems SOA application in the corners of the real world. Section IV concentration technique, "SAP technical issues" with the proposal of a book how to integrate SAP Office, who wanted to enter the installation of an SAP a new technology that brings together what has been said repeatedly by experts, and the ubiquitous Microsoft, manage and maintain systems and end time as upgrade of SAP, which means or how to improve production . Part V, "the use of SAP," SAP screen, printing, reporting, and customizing the SAP query execution, logging, the world leader in the use. Finally, Chapter VI, "SAP in the career of" As noted above, the SAP concluded that in order to develop a career.

In general, Sams yourself the latest version of the use and management of SAP business and IT to the real world, serving excellent launching pad SAP Teach in 24 hours. To strengthen information and test, to decide matters relating to a case study of each hour. Questions hour test their new knowledge and understanding, but also provides an opportunity to apply in practice. And more questions with answers, "Answers to case studies" will be an easy question to verify the new information.

Sam, the rest of us, within 24 hours you get a lot of the third edition of Sams Teach SAP and hope you like!

Conventions Used in This Book

Stressing the content of a very short time of one hour each containing a list of "What you learn at this time begins with". A summary of Concludi ...

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