Friday, 13 July 2012

CFO Insights: Delivering High Performance

CFO Insights: high performance, high performance and results of Accenture high performance and financial research study the link between the roles of CFO to review the delivery. CFO of the book is written from the perspective of the real world, the flagship high-performance businesses to provide relevant examples, including interviews with CFOs. The book also has industrial Accenture Strategy practice of architecture and business case studies and Chief Financial Officer, and Japan, China, Latin America and Eastern Europe includes the analysis prepared by services dedicated to financial applications.

From the Inside

"A conversion is the role of CFO. Began to realize that compliance with the changing roles of CFO. Owner personal behavior, to provide basic services, it is the allocation of time and skills more widely in your organization their organizations. "

Effective, economic cycles, high economic performance, disruptions to industry and changes in leadership, though, over time, still outperforming their peers, must balance the needs of today and tomorrow's opportunities.

Written about the role of CFO of a very extensive, but less is said about the output gap, because the financial institutions created in the organizational models, business processes, information systems and support tools by making the default.

Accenture research explores the void left by his peers within and outside the finance function allowing companies to offer a new high-performance business model. In this research, "owners" of corporations reveals five common characteristics:
  • A culture based on values
  • A management system for enterprise performance
  • Activities Shared Services
  • Capital Management high
  • The general views and unique risk management business

This section of the high performance of global finance over 250 interviews with senior finance has been tested through the lens and the CFO. The benchmarking methodology and how the financial cost structures of databases and applications in time for the gold standard for defining and measuring the Hackett Group, includes indicators and points of view.

Back cover

Search Results Accenture high performance businesses and governments to adopt a whole new way of thinking shows the financial management and performance. These large organizations to create value.

Hackett and indicators, with the support of the group's opinion, this book for managers to understand the research results, case studies, summary views, and offers numerous interviews with high-performance businesses CFO of these companies are does what, how do things differently and how to imitate them.

Companies such as Best Buy, Caterpillar Inc., UnitedHealth Group and SAP AG CFO separated from their peers. In addition, the high performance sector and the public in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Japan, China and other dynamic parts of the world to take a closer look what this means.

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