Friday, 6 July 2012

The Supply Management Handbook, 7th Ed

To solve or even understand the problem of managing the complex supply and turn the collective wisdom of experts in the fields of

Management Manual (Procurement Manual years) with a three-year purchasing and procurement professionals in all areas and sectors is a crucial time. This latest version updates and new technology based on a complete change permanent to cover the purchase obligation that a simple revision of the classic - Identify and manage resources and strategy of the supply chain.

Cost of ownership for the management of contract negotiations and all the important issues of outsourcing, supply management, an international team of experts, to survive and thrive in a constantly changing offers authoritative coverage of an application required for the provision of current environmental management. Topics are:
  1. Important organizations to develop and implement new methods of generation supply what you do now
  2. On the concept of social responsibility in the field of supply to meet the task and its relationship with society, and organizing information
  3. The total cost of ownership of best management practices for supply to implement as part of a five-step
  4. Logistical considerations to provide professional management
  5. Provide a sensible risk management
  6. Sharpening supply management skills
With new and exciting opportunities - from deep social and technological changes, new roles, responsibilities and challenges managers to the Offer. This is a definitive reference for this rapidly evolving field the most reliable and most efficient to develop.

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