Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Security Architecture: Design, Deployment and Operations

More than $ 1.3 billion for 2003 should be spent on the Internet with e-business, security has never been more important. This title offers a practical step by step and shows how to implement the security design of enterprise-wide and successfully.

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Corporate real world applications and applying the latest security technology to outside

According to this authoritative guide to the principles necessary to develop solid network architecture to learn from the start, finish and design a safe solution. You'll find hands on the partitioning of network, platform hardening, a wide range of solutions, including application security, and more, and coverage for distribution. Common safety practices, rules and guidelines and detailed information on the case studies discussed in each chapter to learn proven techniques to apply. Written by recognized experts, and RSA Security Inc., approved by the most trusted name in e-security, the safety manual in a safe and sound planning and implementation of a corporate network is a tool for. Comprehensive and practical

This book will show you:
  • Develop an information classification and access control plan
  • Better meet safety requirements, use the appropriate security policies and technology
  • The security infrastructure to understand the design principles
  • Use technology security safest appropriate
  • Understanding the balance between ease of use and responsibility
  • Multiple systems, applications, computers and devices that deliver complete network security
  • Development and implementation requirements for the operation of private political security technologies assess and understand the risks
  • Labour and IDS, VPN, PKI, firewalls and configure

About the Author

Christopher King CISSP (Andover, MA) (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is the CEO of Greenwich Technology Partners. That Bell Atlantic, McGraw-Hill, and as a consultant for information security for over 15 years’ experience in various companies such as Fidelity Investments. Encrypted with the National Security Agency before joining Greenwich Technology Partners has served as an engineer. Information Security Magazine, Communications and Computer Security Review Business Review are a regular contributor. Curtis Dalton (Georgetown, MA), CISSP, CCIE Greenwich Technology Partners is a consulting engineer. He received 12 years Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Boston Technology Corp., and Xerox to design and fund telecommunications companies in network industries, such as large-scale experience to implement solutions, manufacturing achromic and R & D Osmano─člu (Malden, MA), Greenwich Technology Partners is a safety engineer. Ernst & Young, the supply of systems and security consulting and support services to more than 5 years’ experience.

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