Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Migrate Successfully to the New SAP General Ledger (GL)

The new general ledger (GL), the biggest change since the inception of SAP Financials. This comprehensive guide to all new GL success of the classic SAP GL (SAP ERP 2004/2005 versions) shows how to migrate. You, the project team to develop a project schedule including staff, to understand how and when to migrate SAP Service will be learning to manage all aspects of the migration project. In addition, to identify potential problems before they occur and how to find a way to avoid them.

With a strong emphasis on technical and accounting, updating this book and this way you learn to do the most important functions of the new GL accounting practices that ensure the implementation of appropriate strategies to provide best practices for part of the document. To ensure a smooth transition and successful of the new GL is an essential resource.

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