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No Stress Tech Guide to Business Objects Crystal Reports 2008 for Beginners

If you detailed instructions and design techniques to master and a screen displaying the correct Crystal Reports 2008-by-step, easy to understand with plenty of initiation to research a book, a book for you. Stress Crystal Job Technical Guide for Beginners book reader before 2008 or that it created a report in Crystal Reports is a visual guide to learn at your own pace and perspective, not the objects used in the written reports in Crystal Reports.

This book is for beginners and intermediate users. Options and features to help you recognize, this book is a tour of the software to provide a visual image contains more than 500. Used an earlier version of Crystal Reports, and just want to learn more about new features, see the new Crystal Reports 2008 ISBN 1-935208-01-2. Visual Studio 2008, ISBN 978-1-935208-00-6 978-0-9773912-8-8 or looking for a book Crystal Reports, see the Crystal Reports XI.

About the Author

Dr. Murphy Indera 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology is a professional writer, educator, and IT. O programmer, consultant, technical writer, web designer, developer and of course has held various positions including project manager. Indera designed and developed software applications and websites and marketing, operations, law, business administration, such as safety studies and clinical trials have to manage projects for many departments. 

Indera telecommunications, entertainment, nonprofit, pharmaceutical and a variety of industries, including consulting firm, worked. In addition to being an executive director and consultant, assistant professor Indera online. O, technical writing, information processing, Access, HTML, Windows, Project Management, Dreamweaver, and a variety of areas such as conferences critical thinking.

SAP SRM Advanced EBP Cookbook

SAP SRM / EBP Configuration and SRM / EBP expertise necessary for SAP's flagship product, the heavy integration and amount of Advisor's Guide to the impressive lineup, but also to simplify the configuration and programming of a challenge. Now for the first time, a world-class real-world configuration and programming SAP consultant SAP / SRM EBP, Workflow and SAP for its secret "handshake" solutions reveal. Multi-system documentation and training as a rehash, the author, and not only are not covered by themes or elsewhere, explores the techniques that are not explicitly taken into account. Or how to do even better - a more global concerns, the base system, dozens of examples showing how to debug the application! Key issues are the unknown parameters ITS codes undocumented hardware and debugging operations using OSS notes, patches, and includes an approval workflow deployment scenarios

About the Author

Jim Stewart (Los Angeles, CA) in the period in which he served as an analyst, developer and technical leader for systems programming team lead information, has over 15 years experience as a professional. DirecTV SAP, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, and Fortune 100 customers have been implemented. Stewart Equity Group Inc., a consulting firm, the founder of SAP and SAP SRM / EBP, workflow, web programming and UNIX system administration continues to practice as a consultant in the field.

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The Business of Software: What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad

Satan and the author of Microsoft Secrets, leading experts from the global software industry in the world of IBM, reveals the inner workings of software giants like Microsoft and Netscape, and create a company, shows that it takes to develop and manage the success - the good and bad times - the most competitive business world.

The software industry $ 600 billion business, not technology that determines the success or failure. This is true - once glamorous start-ups, unfortunately for them, we found thousands of - well documented, and read the result of this new book Michael Cusumano high discovery, based on nearly twenty years of research and manufacturers software consulting worldwide.

Cusumano strategy and organizational issues related to technology management to demonstrate irreversible, personal experiences, and relies on dozens of case studies and a thorough understanding of these issues is essential for success. Cusumano three points in the heart of the book is the basis for a management framework that defines the seven questions. Strategic spectrum, the other end of the service company or a hybrid solution between the two products in the company at one end of the company: He argues that companies should adopt one of three business models basis. 

The author describes the properties of different models and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses of a company more or less appropriate at different stages of evolution for good against bad economic times, which shows up. What readers need to create a successful project management and applications software testing, and two episodes from the architecture and development teams processing software is invaluable Cusumano. I met with varying degrees of success in first-hand information on start-up based on the evaluation of potential winners and software for analyzing survey Cusumano includes eight basic rules.

Followed by the global software industry, software entrepreneurs, programmers, entrepreneurs and others is essential reading for now.

About the Author

Michael A. Cusumano Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT Sloan School and the software is a leading world authority on software development and management. Then, when Microsoft Internet bestsellers and software factories in Japan and competition, and more recently seven books, including Secrets of the platform leadership, the author or coauthor.

Retail Information Systems Based on SAP Products (SAP Excellence)

Concentration, globalization, increased pressure on the costs that businesses today is competition against competent and difficult customers to the trend. "Right" product, the image of a market success, strong positioning between suppliers and customers, logistics and effective organizational structures best contribute to the survival of a company. Particular situation is totally adaptable to this goal requires flexible information and communication systems. 

Retail is limited by the boundaries of the organization of modern information systems, but not to support collaboration between partners and e-commerce. This book offers information, systems, retail and architecture of SAP Retail functions, and thus links modern retail strategies for implementation based management software systems that are innovative.

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Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting (Oracle Press)

Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting (Oracle Press) Description

You, the Oracle CRM on the Guide Plan demand reporting One-Stop-rich business intelligence reports to easily create and distribute data. Oracle CRM On-demand reporting details from the report of a generation and a comprehensive, integrated reports available powerful features for creating and sharing how to use the letter in response to the design of report and development strategies aciklar. Kitap proven, practical examples, tips, advanced reporting format and contains sample forms. 

With the help of this comprehensive guide to business data in a different action of business intelligence. Reporting format to maximize the features of a strategic plan to respond to the letter, sorting, filtering, and report the numerical data, use formulas to change the date and time columns, and text data with the application logic and data table and the title donusumurapor views of the column formatting, formulas, tables, graphs, pivot tables, filtering messages, and add an interactive set of reports and dashboards custom improved vision, create reports, management and access control.

About the Author

Michael D. It's Siebel CRM On Demand product is developed for the certification exams and study materials where Lairson, in 2001, Siebel Systems (now Oracle) attended. He helped develop and regularly offers advanced analysis workshop.

Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities of yourself and using the right combination of tools to deliver compelling solutions. This practical guide available in SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server ® 2008 R2 helps you discover some services implementing BI. You will learn step by step instructions, and each technology is most appropriate for those who need to determine the specific BI-If scenarios, a SharePoint administrator, SQL Server Developer, or it is a business analyst.
  • Choose BI tools to meet and learn how they work together
  • Identification of key performance indicators for building panels, to examine the life cycle of BI
  • Plus-Services with Microsoft ® Excel-based Web Excel to have more control and functionality
  • PowerPivot for Excel 2010 in combination with information from multiple sources
  • Creating objects with the data screens, context and measures using Microsoft ® Vision Services
  • For monitoring and analysis of PerformancePoint dashboards, scorecards, and other tools to create ® Services
  • Tools are used to produce, regardless of the side by side to see BI reports using SharePoint

His companion Web content includes:
  • The interactive exercises to help develop concepts and techniques
  • The exercises for working with code samples
About the Author

Standard Warren PerformancePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010, PerformancePoint Server for Microsoft ® is a writer and has written articles for the knowledge worker, group IT Pro and SQL Server ® Server BI developer. This is an information technology with emphasis on financial accounting and is currently pursuing an MBA was a master. At Microsoft, the standard form of a blog, PerformancePoint Server Standard blog ( / normbi /) provides guidance in the BI community. In addition, the Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is used.

Peter Serzo (MCSD.Net, MCP, MCTS) SharePoint Architect Trillium customers Teamologies, Inc. using Microsoft SQL Server ® product range has extensive experience in helping to create business intelligence solutions. Peter is an active participant in the SharePoint community. It all SharePoint best practices at conferences and many other national conferences, he said. In addition, several leaders, including Microsoft SharePoint, published blogs and has written articles published in Technet.

Mariano Teixeira Neto, Pernambuco, Brazil Federal University Research data synchronization with a mobile database, has a BS and MS in computer science. That complex systems, mobile search engines, and oil companies have 10 years experience in developing application software. Services in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, as a team in a software development engineer in test, incubation can be a part of PowerPivot.

John Campbell, a program manager with Microsoft Excel Services team.

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SAP Business ONE Implementation: LITE

With clear instructions and many photos, this book provides basic information necessary for the implementation of SAP Business One saglayacaktir. Material your company carefully selected greater implementation of SAP Business Packt Page 320. If you are a small or medium sized company wants to get up and running with the power of the SAP ERP platform, technical expertise, business manager of the department, or if you have a business, this book is not to be missed. No previous experience is required of SAP or ERP is required.

About the Author

Wolfgang Niefert

Germany - Wolfgang Winkel European Business School Oestrich Niefert "Wirtschafts Informatik-" read. Computer Science and Economics with an emphasis on international programs management programs in London and San Diego. He has international experience in over 15 years with SAP applications. Production Planning SAP certification for SAP Business One e-commerce functionality as well as provide real-time management of SAP business the largest SAP Business One solutions designed to interact Portal provides N2ONE Wolfgang.

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

See how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and understand how to install, deploy and use. Written for people who are interested in bringing business intelligence to business users, this book can also use the SAP environment and SAP existing tools and data that will teach you how to answer specific questions about how it works. Why and how they impact users, across Explorer data analysis for quick access and easy to read after this book you will understand.


Ingo as a trainer and consultant for Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise in 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany began with Crystal Decisions.

Walldorf SAP Crystal Decisions in 2001 as Program Manager participated in the center of a small team. Meanwhile, Ingo, works closely with the development of SAP NetWeaver BW and later converted into an OEM relationship between SAP and the decisions of the glass of the first integration of Crystal Reports with SAP BW, and helped shape design.

And the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio with the acquisition of Business Objects Crystal Decision role of product management for integration has been moved. Ingo Vancouver in 2004 offers one of the important sites for the development of BusinessObjects.

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Understanding SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management

This book is the management of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance (EPM) teaches how to improve your business. Strategic management, financial reporting, Spend Analytics, XBRL, and more - take advantage of SAP BusinessObjects EPM information on various products and develop an understanding of best practices for the implementation of the basic components, including integration and use. With an approach based on scenarios and many practical examples, this book offers tools and techniques for managing business performance helps us to understand.

Crystal Reports 2008 Certification Questions and Answers: 1000 Plus Questions - Business Objects Certified Professional

Crystal Reports 2008, over 1000 practice questions, study guide consists of questions and answers. Since this version of Crystal Reports BOCP update - Quick Reference and new versions of Crystal Reports 2008 has changed, consider certain functions. I listened to user feedback and users, and is divided into two RDCR08201 RDCR08301 examinations required for certification, making it easier to prepare for the program, Crystal Reports, published this book in order. 

Crystal Reports functionality of each section includes use issues and development related to the different sections. Crystal Reports features that are used by many companies to meet the information needs of their exceptional reports, an advanced business intelligence reporting that allows users paketidir. Calisma questions guide the reader's knowledge of Crystal Reports functionality and how these functions can be applied to achieve specific objectives will test various aspects of the declaration.

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SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BusinessObjects: The Comprehensive Guide (English and German Edition)

This book is the front-end SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BI and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence tools, and with numerous data warehouse is a unique resource that covers all issues related offers.

Firstly, I must be clear: I'm a book more comprehensive and well written is simply because; they say the best books of BusinessObjects BW and the market (since 2006 have all of them).

795 pages these book details simple examples and clear suggestions, and a general description of each vehicle. Almost all pages containing the phrase "we recommend that you ...." and a test of a simple prose "you" and "us" was written. This book is an easy to read and understand things quickly. Best of all, the book is clear that certain books, such as BusinessObjects, did not return to show PowerPoint slides.

Section are:

1. Basics of BI - 57 pages introductory text for beginners (ideal for students and new employees)

2. High-end PC with a summary of the data storage and explanation BusinessObjects pages 70 - Summary of BW 7.3 and BI 4.0. This is well written and is unique to the computer and the latest version of CREATE.

3. Data modeling - This text refers to this approach is invaluable for BW InfoCubes, DSO, data flows, aggregates, BWA, and how to build a solid real "meat" on page 188.

4. Extraction - 32 pages. It is very short, but covers the basics of how to install BW 7.3. I LBWE tamponade for activation of the passenger, I would like to learn more about how to write optimized DSO. However, it covers all the bases...

5th. Management - 30 A short chapters dealing with transportation. The core team of experienced agents and even the all important enough to be useful for the "meat" there.

6. Permissions: 26 pages. Consume more than 2-3 points in this important subject; a book is nice to see BW. I have this book (more a part of the CREATE and integration of the update HANA) of this section, we expect to see in the next edition.

7. 36 pages - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform. The weakest part of this book. BI launcher more public folders, tray, server management, sent, but should provide a good starting point for beginners.

8. Bex Query Designer - 63 pages. These authors understand the BEx query is an essential element of the BI landscape is really great to see that. BW BI features as I go through the analysis engine, and only DRGS (crap performance), and InfoCubes (create tools to connect directly suggest avoiding the so-called "expert" analysis engine and BI shudder when I read a book all functions). These authors, "he" and find all these great parts of this publication should be CREATE.

9. Advisory navigation - 15 pages. Other books often lack basic navigational equipment

10. BEx Analyzer - 22 pages. The vast majority of users of BW is good for older vehicles are used by the "wink".

11. The analysis of BusinessObjects - 20 pages. BEx Analyzer chapter in this section that the authors understand that this Chapter 10 shows that the replacement vehicle. Good comparison and contrast...

12. BEx Analyzer - Basic concepts and application templates, web design, 37 pages covering the basic level. Instead, both the (page 59 would be exposed to each other) within the host Bex Analyzer (Excel, Web etc.), such as division of the vehicle. Well done!

14. BusinessObjects Web
15. Crystal Reports
16. SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius)
17. SAP BO Explorer

All tools and expect a good example of the point "gotcha" on page 77 of this perspective on it. Suggestions or screenshots of a single clear and easy to follow demonstrations. I have examples a little more, but (Brog, BusinessObjects Web Intelligence by Sinkwitz and Holden), these sections (for example, "Dashboards by Lai and food Hacking BusinessObjects 4.0), and complement, are each areas there are books instead of another 3 to 4 a book, because everything. However, making the very important value in four sections of the book.

18. Integrated Planning - 13 pages. This technology is probably (instead of PCBs) at the point of death, this section really need to enhance or restore. 13 pages only a very small number.

19. SAP SEM BCS - 17 pages. This book (dead technology) is not part and should be removed.

Glossary - 10 pages - Unbelievable! If you do not need so much more.
Basic code tables and transactions - 8 pages - Awesome (more please!)
Notes for SAP - 4 pages (again, please do more, but its great!)

In general, the book is very, very, very, well, I was assigned to the SAP University Alliance, and all my students use it and the next step ... Highly Recommended!

Dr. Berg

SAP BI North America, Inc. Comerit (SAP Alliance and professor at the University) Vice-President

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Simplified: 500 Questions, Answers, & Tips

This book focuses on business and a simple question / answer format and professionals who need an introduction to business intelligence and data warehousing. Strange 30 episodes, each organized on a different theme, the book contains 500 questions about the answers and advice.

Subject characteristics of evolution and rationale, and process, architecture and objects, metadata, data conversion, ETL, data storage, infrastructure, data access, data marts, approaches implementation, planning, design, including Kimball INMO vs. multi-dimensional, OLAP, facts and dimensions, the most common mistakes and tips, etc. in the various repositories of intelligence book / manual in addition to business courses available.

About the Author

There are more than a dozen books to his credit Arshad Khan, o) data warehouse and business intelligence has been a consultant for large corporations. Lecturer at several universities and currently teaches business intelligence was at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Mr. Khan holds a Master in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

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SAP® Business Information Warehouse Reporting

A Practical Guide for SAP Business Information Warehouse. Enterprise users inside and outside your company a competitive advantage by offering to provide up to date management reports. Data warehouses, SAP Business Warehouse Reporting shows you how to information, to create workbooks and queries, analyze and format results, and important report. Bex and Web Analyzers, Web Application Designer, Visual Composer, and learn to use the information transmission. In addition, build enterprise portals and websites and optimizing performance, will find a way to predict future business trends. 

Group data into InfoCubes and store objects in the data and generate reports using queries and workbooks. Bex Analyzer, Web Analyzer, Query Designer to work with. Create queries and reports using Business bench. Drill attachments and documents, and with the integration of IPP. Format and distribute results using Report Designer, and transmission of information. Enterprise Portal, Data Modeling and increase the functionality of Visual Composer. Graphs, maps, diagrams, and implementation of the unit of measure conversion. Planning and integrated SBC with trends and predict possible outcomes. Create HTML pages using Enterprise Reporting and Web Application Designer. BI Web-based corporate and intranet sites using SAP Enterprise Portal to create.

About the Author

Peter Jones, the experience of consulting and training, more than nine years with a platinum consultant SAP consulting business training / is. He speaks regularly at events sponsored by SAP.

SAP Business ONE Implementation

With clear instructions and many pictures of this book to you and all the support necessary to implement SAP Business One provides guidance on your business. We work with each section and the relevant case study of a project plan for implementation of new techniques. With these hands you can use for the project, provided advice and tips in their approach. This book, technical, commercial, and is written for owners and managers of the department. If you sell and the head of sales, this book can benefit from advanced stages of the concept of workflow. 

Stock Management Warehouse can use immediately to optimize inventory and warehouse management concepts. Your technicians can take advantage of e-commerce web information and you will understand how to align your strategy with SAP B1. The new business owner to achieve compliance with key players to control sales and grow your business to the next level using modern concepts such as deductible. If you have any queries based on SAP tools and features connecting with SQL skills, use their experience. SAP ERP is assumed or no previous experience is required.

About the Author

Wolfgang Niefert

Germany - Wolfgang Winkel European Business School Oestrich Niefert "Wirtschafts Informatics-" read. Computer Science and Economics with an emphasis on international programs management programs in London and San Diego. He has international experience in over 15 years with SAP applications. Production Planning SAP certification for SAP Business One e-commerce functionality as well as provide real-time management of SAP business the largest SAP Business One solutions designed to interact Portal provides N2ONE Wolfgang.

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Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

Use Xcelsius 2008, DEADLINE FOR dashboards, instructions OFFICIAL

Using Xcelsius, advice, spreadsheets or databases on the powerful, interactive data to create and distribute information to be immediately understood and applied. Xcelsius 2008 now has a reference guide to the best authority, the most recent version of this innovative product.

Abdulezer Loren, Magazine, not much beyond the actions of a book or online resource editor in chief of using Xcelsius privileged information. Abdulezer, 2008, and examines the basic concepts he introduced Xcelsius dashboards are created wide. Once you know what is possible, you gain experience with all the features needed to be dominated, in Xcelsius. Dashboards and visualization, including multiple layers within you, speed of the graphical components, the use of the mark, and the data represent the measurement and speedometers to learn, use Xcelsius to work , made more useful to analyze and manage more interactively with the maps, demographics, and segmented data, "intelligent data and create alerts, and more.

Provides an overview Abdulezer not find anywhere else. Beyond Xcelsius components of integrated features, and even how to create your own - You will learn to work with data is not rock solid. If a business intelligence or database professional, power user, if the developer or consultant, this book helps you create top Xcelsius dashboards - and make better decisions.

2008 is the only book you need Xcelsius Dashboarding
  • Identify emerging trends and opportunities, to get a better response and more effectively manage, use Xcelsius 2008
  • Example of data from the actual activity of step with the more practical, step-
  • Discover the real proven tips and tricks
  • The content format of the dashboard works best Deliver: HTML pages, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word documents, or
  • In addition, the XML data source to use and go beyond Excel - Excel spreadsheet to knowledge
  • Information obtained from the best practices in Xcelsius full implementation of the global user community

  • Registered owners of the book online, you will find all this and more:
  • All sample files used in the book
  • Additional guides and tutorials to help you build dashboards
  • Templates and sample files for new dashboard interfaces with

Input 1

Part I Xcelsius 2008 Fundamentals

A motivation for using Xcelsius 2008 11

Xcelsius 2008 33 2 panel examples

3 familiar with Xcelsius 2008 43

4 Embedded Spreadsheets: the secret contents Xcelsius 2008 69

Graphic design and use of data represent 127 5

The individual value of six components: the converts, gauges, speedometers and other 157

Part II Xcelsius 2008 Best Practices and techniques

Multi-layer visibility using dashboards and visualizations, 181 7

8 Managing Interactivity 203

Xcelsius and Statistics 9229

10 Financial Analysis 257

Xcelsius 275 11 cards

12 Smart Data and Alerts 297

Work less than optimal data 315 13

14 Techniques and Applications Dashboard 337

Part III: Advanced

15. XML and Data Connectivity 353

Creating custom components for Fun and Profit 16 371

Section IV, Appendices

Spreadsheet functionality in Xcelsius 2008 401 Compatible

415 B Xcelsius Product Family Comparison

C Xcelsius best practice techniques and Hip Pocket Tips 425

431 Index

About the Author

Loren Abdulezer Technologies Corporation CEO and evolution, New York-based visual data analysis, a consulting firm specializing in technology president. He has extensive experience in Xcelsius community and has been a strong advocate of technology in its early days.

Loren Xcelsius Journal (, an online magazine dedicated to the editor of Xcelsius users to the user community. Best Practices Loren ( Xcelsius Web began. The author of Excel Best Practices for businesses and Loren escape Excel hell. He served as technical editor of Crystal Xcelsius for Dummies O. He can be reached at
Extract. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Prepare a large and growing community of professionals, or advice, and interactive screens and reports regularly to prepare. Like many other professions, I used Excel to create meaningful reports and dashboards. Unless the problem, including an enormous amount of code, Excel, lacks some key features I am looking for:
  • Drag and drop components onto a canvas the ability to design an interface control panel
  • I created Excel models in a "live" table the ability to map the visual elements

Ordinary users a simple panels and autonomous visual control that are amenable to data analysis, the ability to implement

These capabilities have Xcelsius 3.0. Two product generations later, has undergone a metamorphosis Xcelsius 2008, Xcelsius dashboard is now a finely tuned and highly integrated design environment for a table, the table many more features, more visual components, and includes interface options, data connectivity, and a totally new integrated components designed to be equal to renovate and expand the ability to create a framework for components.

This is a wonderful thing. For one thing everyone and everything seems to use Xcelsius 2008. Xcelsius 2008, however, is not to be an all-rounder. First, in 2008 to create intelligent interactive Xcelsius dashboards and visual is a very useful tool. Participates in these tables is the way to the secret power of the hip.

Xcelsius 2008 is very easy to use. The board from a design standpoint, everything is point and click. With Xcelsius you do and something interesting and useful to begin the skill so do not electronics. This rapid explosion of the ball as wood in a wood oven: It is sufficient for you to start a flame, but does not heat the room. For good and self-sufficient in a fire, you must take things to the next level.

So some good boards of building blocks? The biggest challenge that most people do not have time. They assigned production quotas, or contest with monitoring and on-budget projects are busy worrying about, you probably spend more time once is not improving the design of the control panel make it work. Perhaps a discussion forum from time to time, this intelligent thought. If your board to serve, of course, use it to do more. Who knows? Perhaps the analysis, weekly or daily, the more you need to allow a monthly analysis.

If you want to add a second line of products regulated by the control panel says. Panel, the design is no longer functions as a template and begins to add more features. Cloning and possibly by increasing responsibilities of holding the card how to keep the swelling. Not far from the road, the board until a plateau at some point features. This is hardly fast enough to keep changing needs and expectations. Committed to best practices in place. I know that the premium for the moment. This is for everyone. To save time, I did not need to reinvent the wheel techniques, best practices, and worked hard.

In this book, other things:
  • Identify the features you need to know. They start with the configuration of your operating system Xcelsius. I provide the necessary elements and show how to use them. Xcelsius focused on them in a way that helps improve their computer skills.
  • A quick way to move this new technology, then how to use the new and important is Xcelsius 2008.
  • In general, the basic components used in the roofing panels, mark cards, meters, regulators, and maps. I like this kind of standard features includes details and warnings.
  • Normally, things can not expect to see the board how the different components of the turbo. For example, tens or hundreds of variables to learn to use a single line of a panel to set the values.
  • Go to Control Panel How to design a simple and effective interface. These complex designs to change things, and even do not want to break the time required for development.
  • The verification techniques and structured data, including the preparation and processing plays a central role in best practices in dashboard explains.
  • Electronic signs embedded formulas, statistical analysis, financial analysis and business building less-than-optimal data devoting all sections.
  • This type of connection to remote data such as maps and XML Web services, to show you how to use features of Xcelsius 2008.

Explain to create custom components.

This book is reinforced by the drainage works. Each step shows you how to work smarter using best practices.

Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One

This SQL query, providing comprehensive solutions to problems, and if you're a system administrator using a SAP Business One to create SQL queries to solve a concrete real-world examples and practical guide filled with SAP Business One as a tool of their choice through the SQL query for the solution of specific problems, then this book is for you. With this technology, you can also be useful if you are a consultant or developer and end-users can benefit from improving their information retrieval business. 

A rudimentary knowledge of SQL Server and SAP Business One is required to effectively use this book. Closed for users to comply with the SBO examples 8.8 2007a releases is extremely relevant. Is controlled by SQL Server 2005 SQL query examples in the book, so this version of SQL Server 2008, are guaranteed to work. Non-SAP Business One users can also learn about the many examples throughout the book. Difficult to find another book with many examples of SQL queries

About the Author

From Gordon

From Gordon in Tianjin, China, studied at Nankai University, engineering and computer system. He has 25 years experience in various fields of information technology. His experience dates back to 1987 with SQL.

When she has a passion for helping others perhaps. Then, from August 2008 Business SAP Business One is a common forum. 25% of all points on the issues presented by members of another SQL forum and relates to problem solving.

Gordon, Singapore, USA, worked and trained in China and Canada. In China, the first person to implement a local business is a successful international software package. In addition, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Administrator Microsoft Certified Database.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mastering SAP Crystal Reports 2011: + SAP Crystal Server 2011

With the release of SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, SAP BI 4.0 for the distribution of the tool in the world of the most widely used reports and SAP Crystal Server is a powerful web-based, secure platform to a wide range of users reported a new version of the new version.

"Mastering Crystal Reports", this updated edition, 2011, and to offer new features in this release is SAP Crystal Reports, and retrieve raw data using the learn how to create presentation quality. Also connect to virtually any data source and how to create formatted reports and to leverage the power of this sophisticated platform has to offer.

Crystal Reports as a designer, have the ability to create a report you can imagine. Mastering the SAP Crystal 2011, including the establishment of the quality of presentation tips and techniques to help you master the sample reports and projects, step by step instructions and contains 50 reports. The aim of this book is to learn the tools of learning through hands. Knowledge of basic techniques for advanced reporting and analysis, this book is dominated by 2011 and Crystal Reports with SAP Crystal Reports Server 2011 in a manner that can be used to distribute all the breaks.

Contents of Mastering SAP Crystal Reports

Chapter 1: What is SAP Crystal Reports?
Part 2: Design Report
Chapter 3: The first report
Chapter 4: Working with Report Designer
Chapter 5: Report Format
Chapter 6: Working with sections
Chapter 7: Working with groups
Chapter 8: The report summarizing the data
Chapter 9: Selecting records
Chapter 10: Working in the parameter fields
Chapter 11: formulas, functions and SQL statements
Chapter 12: Using Subreports
Chapter 13: Working crosstabs
Chapter 14: Graphics
Chapter 15: Exporting Reports
Chapter 16: Data sources, study
Chapter 17: Reports universe, UNV
Chapter 18: Introduction to Crystal SAP server
Chapter 19: Working with the BI platform to launch
Chapter 20: Edit, View, and programming
Chapter 21: Server Security Crystal
Chapter 22: Crystal Management Server
Appendix A: Resources for Developers

Back cover

With the release of SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, SAP BI 4.0 for the distribution of the tool in the world of the most widely used reports and SAP Crystal Server is a powerful web-based, secure platform to a wide range of users reported a new version of the new version.

"Mastering Crystal Reports", this updated edition, 2011, and to offer new features in this release is SAP Crystal Reports, and retrieve raw data using the learn how to create presentation quality.

Also connect to virtually any data source and how to create formatted reports and to leverage the power of this sophisticated platform has to offer. Crystal Reports as a designer, have the ability to create a report you can imagine.

Mastering the SAP Crystal 2011, including the establishment of the quality of presentation tips and techniques to help you master the sample reports and projects, step by step instructions and contains 50 reports. The aim of this book is to learn the tools of learning through hands. Knowledge of basic techniques for advanced reporting and analysis, this book is dominated by 2011 and Crystal Reports with SAP Crystal Reports Server 2011 in a manner that can be used to distribute all the breaks.

In short:
  • Last SAP Discover Crystal 2,011 + Crystal Reports Server 2011
  • Almost all types of Learn how to create a quality presentation of data source
  • Groups, summaries and more value for the report data
  • Learn to use a record selection to focus on the content of this report
  • Parameters, classification of reports, interaction with an interactive look at how to add drill-down
  • Creation of report data to analyze the formulas and complex calculations
  • If planning SAP Crystal, reporting, visualization, data discovery, offering a safe web portal, users can publish and view the Reports Server to distribute reports

About the Author

David McAmis United States, Australia, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong working with clients, solution architect, consultant, author and educator for over 14 years experience with BusinessObjects technology.

David is considered an expert in the field of business intelligence. He has the reputation of SAP BusinessObjects with an impressive range of products and has written over twenty books on information technology and SAP BusinessObjects technology-driven six.

Avantis Information Systems, SAP BusinessObjects Gold Partner Technical Director Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence (BI) plays a role in the databases and evangelical platforms, to contribute their own experiences as a wide range of data and ERP systems (SAP, Baan and JD Edwards etc) operational problems common to provide innovative solutions.

David on the benefits of business intelligence and knowledge management to educate developers and end users worldwide. Throughout his career, BusinessObjects business intelligence tools have ordered more than 2,000 students for the use of packaging. He is a certified trainer, and SAP in Australia on behalf of themselves and Avantis sign customers.

It is a SAP Certified Application Associate for Crystal Reports (4 times) that BusinessObjects Enterprise, BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and BusinessObjects Data Integrator.
600 computer magazines and journals on the article written by David, and became a renowned expert on business intelligence and knowledge management. Accordance with best-sellers on Crystal Reports and is a frequent lecturer.