Sunday, 4 March 2012

Real Optimization with SAP® APO

SAP APO ® This book describes and shows how to solve real problems in the sector resulting from the optimization. Modeling and management software as a unique combination of focus on aspects of the implementation of supply chain, SAP APO is an Advanced Planning System (APS) is a typical optimization projects, especially those involved Players ornegidir. SAP addresses, companies implemented SAP APO. The designers of this project, project managers, and IT staff can also select the companies in the field of operations research, management consultants and professionals in supply chain decision makers a tool for optimization tasks.


Author's comment: “ SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization "" means SAP APO ... I provided for the development and activities of the supply chain companies and government agencies as well as books of SAP software for staff to recommend this book. More general interest in operations research and mathematical optimization professionals, in particular, mixed integer linear programs, academic activities related to real problems that may be interested who want to continue and those who want to gain experience in commercial applications. "(R. Baker Kearfott, SIAM Review, vol. 49 (2), 2007)

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