Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mastering HR Management with SAP

This comprehensive new SAP HR reference book guides you through the process of human resource management. Which departments of financial and economic accounting, and much more that I know the pros and cons of selecting staff to transfer HR data.

Each chapter explains the concepts and principles of business and human resources to explain the moves for each sub-component. The general basic principles of human resource systems and customization Readers familiar with the concept. Provide practical guidance and extensive capabilities of the system to optimize the use of real-world examples to help you learn.

The authors also emphasize personal control, quality assurance in SAP HR, benefits, and integration with SAP Enterprise Portal saglar. Kitap lot of useful information about the company R / 3 (4.7) and is ideal for users of versions SAP ERP HCM.

Features of Mastering HR Management with SAP:
  • Focusing on the process of implementing SAP HR
  • Personnel management - basic data, infotypes, workflows, and more
  • Corporate Governance
  • E-recruitment and hiring
  • Time Management - Study programs, data entry time and evaluation, working time Director
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Personal Control - structures and equipment, reports, SAP BW and SEM
  • Quality assurance
  • Role-Based Portal Solution - Self Service Employee Self Service Manager, Office Manager
  • Integration of workforce planning

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