Thursday, 1 March 2012

Practical Workflow for SAP - Effective Business Processes using SAP's WebFlow Engine

Explains all the new possibilities for WebFlow engine on the Internet, as well as giving a thorough understanding of standard features. In addition, the activity of process management, organization and daily procedures of the appropriate speed, shows how to help improve the quality and consistency.

You will learn to handle and SAP workflows to create and expand the project to succeed him. Of particular interest, the use of XML messaging and workflow (for example, SAP SRM and SAP CRM) as a vision to win the use of new technologies.

Other tips, guides, managers, special programs and checklists for debugging techniques, this book are an indispensable reference for everyday use made.

Features of Practical Workflow for SAP:
  • Setting the SAP Workflow
  • Trust Agent
  • Workflow management
  • Create a workflow
  • E-Process Interfaces
  • Forms to be used
  • Special Programs


Routing and workflow to manage business processes to provide a deeper understanding of SAP practical approach guide. - Connie Moore, Giga Information Group

SAP has been in the trenches workflow, an excellent practical guide to using the authors. - Thomas M. Koulopoulos, Delphi Group

As a practical guide for the English speaking world has waited a long time. - Adrian Samuels, PwC Consulting

About the Author

Alan Rickayzen WebFlow Product Manager. Since 1988 he has been with SAP since 1992 and data processing. In 1995, development work and consulting for clients engaged in a major United States joined the SAP Business Workflow. During this period, before moving in 1998 to manage the workflow products, the product has received good technical knowledge. It is a client application to make a success of the project factors and WebFlow has a good overview of features, the main link to the workflow via SAP user groups. He writes regularly for magazines and other SAP insiders. He graduated from Kings College London with a degree Rickayzen field of physics.

Jocelyn Dart product, Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP), and a senior consultant specializing in workflow. Were held with SAP products since 1990 and we do accept more data have been processed over time. Australia has joined SAP in 1994 as a technical support consultant. Then, a training course instructor, SAP ABAP, Internet Transaction Server, Workflow and EBP was. Explain and demonstrate to students around workflow and generally useless, and gave him an appreciation of the unique breadth and depth of WebFlow engine. O, professional services, implementation of development activities, and a few large customers in Australia and New Zealand are currently in consultation. He and the regional development of workflow and SBP, and generally recognized as an international expert consultants to assist with EBP and problems of workflow is called. Jocelyn Dart B.App.Sc. He of Technology Sydney (Computing), University.

Dr. Carsten Brennecke has taken place since 1995 and workflow management. In 1998, joined SAP AG to work on the development workflow. Carsten Brennecke is responsible for documenting the workflow and directs the planning and development is in the WebFlow engine. WebFlow is also active in the development of education and training, sometimes appears.

Markus Schneider holds an MA in Linguistics at the Technical University of Aachen. During this course, a local IT company has developed a new concept of training and documentation. Markus Schneider, documentation and training materials for SAP to improve workflow in 1998 joined SAP AG. Now the team has a thorough knowledge of the basic architecture and development WebFlow engine.

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