Monday, 5 March 2012

SAP on Windows

This book is the successful implementation of SAP and Microsoft Windows for operation managers with detailed solutions and proven methods provides consultants and project managers.

Each section is a kind of application requirements, the technical center and contains detailed information on topics such as computer operations. Soon to become familiar with the usual problems involved in online transactions and systems, virtualization technologies and automation solutions for monitoring and implementation of proven best practices to discover that the only type of application . In addition, this unique reference discusses the concepts of security processes to ensure high availability, scalable systems and describes the landscape planning.

Stable, secure data center and ensure continuous operation, the authors also likely to face in implementing enterprise SOA and Windows Server 2008 provides comprehensive coverage of new developments and problems in detail.

Features of SAP on Windows:
  • SAP and Microsoft components, solutions, tools
  • Installation and maintenance: profiles, schedules, samples, analysis
  • Operating system: Organization hardware and software infrastructure, tools, department
  • Computer services: file services, print services, Active Directory, MOM,
  • High availability and data applications, risk analysis procedures RAID
  • Security: Authentication and authorization, encryption, identity management
  • Future developments: virtualization, adaptive computing, Duo, Windows Server 2008
About the Author

Josef Stelzel Microsoft, Ulrich B. SAP works as program manager Boddenberg Uwe M. Hoffmann, senior consultant and software architect of Microsoft is working as a technology consultant, and Dr. Michael Mißbach SAP Competence Center HP Advisor. For the first time, a book of these authors, SAP, and share their many years of Windows experience.

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