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Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

Use Xcelsius 2008, DEADLINE FOR dashboards, instructions OFFICIAL

Using Xcelsius, advice, spreadsheets or databases on the powerful, interactive data to create and distribute information to be immediately understood and applied. Xcelsius 2008 now has a reference guide to the best authority, the most recent version of this innovative product.

Abdulezer Loren, Magazine, not much beyond the actions of a book or online resource editor in chief of using Xcelsius privileged information. Abdulezer, 2008, and examines the basic concepts he introduced Xcelsius dashboards are created wide. Once you know what is possible, you gain experience with all the features needed to be dominated, in Xcelsius. Dashboards and visualization, including multiple layers within you, speed of the graphical components, the use of the mark, and the data represent the measurement and speedometers to learn, use Xcelsius to work , made more useful to analyze and manage more interactively with the maps, demographics, and segmented data, "intelligent data and create alerts, and more.

Provides an overview Abdulezer not find anywhere else. Beyond Xcelsius components of integrated features, and even how to create your own - You will learn to work with data is not rock solid. If a business intelligence or database professional, power user, if the developer or consultant, this book helps you create top Xcelsius dashboards - and make better decisions.

2008 is the only book you need Xcelsius Dashboarding
  • Identify emerging trends and opportunities, to get a better response and more effectively manage, use Xcelsius 2008
  • Example of data from the actual activity of step with the more practical, step-
  • Discover the real proven tips and tricks
  • The content format of the dashboard works best Deliver: HTML pages, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word documents, or
  • In addition, the XML data source to use and go beyond Excel - Excel spreadsheet to knowledge
  • Information obtained from the best practices in Xcelsius full implementation of the global user community

  • Registered owners of the book online, you will find all this and more:
  • All sample files used in the book
  • Additional guides and tutorials to help you build dashboards
  • Templates and sample files for new dashboard interfaces with

Input 1

Part I Xcelsius 2008 Fundamentals

A motivation for using Xcelsius 2008 11

Xcelsius 2008 33 2 panel examples

3 familiar with Xcelsius 2008 43

4 Embedded Spreadsheets: the secret contents Xcelsius 2008 69

Graphic design and use of data represent 127 5

The individual value of six components: the converts, gauges, speedometers and other 157

Part II Xcelsius 2008 Best Practices and techniques

Multi-layer visibility using dashboards and visualizations, 181 7

8 Managing Interactivity 203

Xcelsius and Statistics 9229

10 Financial Analysis 257

Xcelsius 275 11 cards

12 Smart Data and Alerts 297

Work less than optimal data 315 13

14 Techniques and Applications Dashboard 337

Part III: Advanced

15. XML and Data Connectivity 353

Creating custom components for Fun and Profit 16 371

Section IV, Appendices

Spreadsheet functionality in Xcelsius 2008 401 Compatible

415 B Xcelsius Product Family Comparison

C Xcelsius best practice techniques and Hip Pocket Tips 425

431 Index

About the Author

Loren Abdulezer Technologies Corporation CEO and evolution, New York-based visual data analysis, a consulting firm specializing in technology president. He has extensive experience in Xcelsius community and has been a strong advocate of technology in its early days.

Loren Xcelsius Journal (, an online magazine dedicated to the editor of Xcelsius users to the user community. Best Practices Loren ( Xcelsius Web began. The author of Excel Best Practices for businesses and Loren escape Excel hell. He served as technical editor of Crystal Xcelsius for Dummies O. He can be reached at
Extract. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Prepare a large and growing community of professionals, or advice, and interactive screens and reports regularly to prepare. Like many other professions, I used Excel to create meaningful reports and dashboards. Unless the problem, including an enormous amount of code, Excel, lacks some key features I am looking for:
  • Drag and drop components onto a canvas the ability to design an interface control panel
  • I created Excel models in a "live" table the ability to map the visual elements

Ordinary users a simple panels and autonomous visual control that are amenable to data analysis, the ability to implement

These capabilities have Xcelsius 3.0. Two product generations later, has undergone a metamorphosis Xcelsius 2008, Xcelsius dashboard is now a finely tuned and highly integrated design environment for a table, the table many more features, more visual components, and includes interface options, data connectivity, and a totally new integrated components designed to be equal to renovate and expand the ability to create a framework for components.

This is a wonderful thing. For one thing everyone and everything seems to use Xcelsius 2008. Xcelsius 2008, however, is not to be an all-rounder. First, in 2008 to create intelligent interactive Xcelsius dashboards and visual is a very useful tool. Participates in these tables is the way to the secret power of the hip.

Xcelsius 2008 is very easy to use. The board from a design standpoint, everything is point and click. With Xcelsius you do and something interesting and useful to begin the skill so do not electronics. This rapid explosion of the ball as wood in a wood oven: It is sufficient for you to start a flame, but does not heat the room. For good and self-sufficient in a fire, you must take things to the next level.

So some good boards of building blocks? The biggest challenge that most people do not have time. They assigned production quotas, or contest with monitoring and on-budget projects are busy worrying about, you probably spend more time once is not improving the design of the control panel make it work. Perhaps a discussion forum from time to time, this intelligent thought. If your board to serve, of course, use it to do more. Who knows? Perhaps the analysis, weekly or daily, the more you need to allow a monthly analysis.

If you want to add a second line of products regulated by the control panel says. Panel, the design is no longer functions as a template and begins to add more features. Cloning and possibly by increasing responsibilities of holding the card how to keep the swelling. Not far from the road, the board until a plateau at some point features. This is hardly fast enough to keep changing needs and expectations. Committed to best practices in place. I know that the premium for the moment. This is for everyone. To save time, I did not need to reinvent the wheel techniques, best practices, and worked hard.

In this book, other things:
  • Identify the features you need to know. They start with the configuration of your operating system Xcelsius. I provide the necessary elements and show how to use them. Xcelsius focused on them in a way that helps improve their computer skills.
  • A quick way to move this new technology, then how to use the new and important is Xcelsius 2008.
  • In general, the basic components used in the roofing panels, mark cards, meters, regulators, and maps. I like this kind of standard features includes details and warnings.
  • Normally, things can not expect to see the board how the different components of the turbo. For example, tens or hundreds of variables to learn to use a single line of a panel to set the values.
  • Go to Control Panel How to design a simple and effective interface. These complex designs to change things, and even do not want to break the time required for development.
  • The verification techniques and structured data, including the preparation and processing plays a central role in best practices in dashboard explains.
  • Electronic signs embedded formulas, statistical analysis, financial analysis and business building less-than-optimal data devoting all sections.
  • This type of connection to remote data such as maps and XML Web services, to show you how to use features of Xcelsius 2008.

Explain to create custom components.

This book is reinforced by the drainage works. Each step shows you how to work smarter using best practices.

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