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SAP CRM | Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center

Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center Product Description

This is to optimize the SAP CRM Interaction Center, and the highest level is an essential resource for anyone who wants to learn. This is what the SAP CRM Interaction Center to discover and learn how to optimize with customization and optimization. Each chapter describes the function of specific, they describe a useful, and then show how to customize and use. Subjects of computer telephony integration and multi-channel, Interaction Center, Marketing, IC, IC Service, Shared Services Center, telesales and off several different types.

In addition, the successes and SAP customers will be informed about current and future plans. CRM 2007 is aware of this book, but also to update that contains useful tips and suggestions why the IC, provides useful information for all versions.

Necessary for entry into the central SAP CRM and SAP CRM Interaction IC a new innovation of the place or find a way to customize your options, wanting to know and be a current user, this book will give answers you need.

Highlights of Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 
  • Integrated multi-channel 
  • IC Marketing, Sales and Service 
  • IC management and analysis 
  • Rule Modeler and Category Modeler 
  • Interactive Scripting 
  • Back Office of interaction centers 
  • User Interface and Technology
  • Partner Solutions 
  • FAQ
About the author (s)

John Burton, the overall responsibility for the Director of Product Management SAP Labs Interaction Center product. SAP CRM Interaction Center has held since 1999. John, Get CRM experts SAP CRM has been a technical writer, has written numerous articles and presented dozens of lectures and events.

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis Product Description

  • Explain what happened and how users can take advantage of the analysis
  • Tool for the implementation and how to connect SAP and non SAP data Details
  • The tool of financial and human resources, CRM and analysis of retail needs to show real world scenarios that can satisfy the user
Further analysis of the sap, the exact source of regulatory information and a functional overview of Microsoft Office, scripts, installation / implementation, data link routing, and advanced / provides scenarios basic use. The integration of advanced analysis, web publishing and SAP XI 4.0’s with the upcoming launch of the next version knows the details.

Installation, configuration and implementation

General Business intelligence (BI), Advanced Analysis of the Office as part of the landscape, install, configure, deploy, and the steps necessary to obtain information.

Meta-data connection and re-

The use of the SAP system and advanced analysis of the Office to explore options for data connectivity business.

Office and the BEx Analyzer, an advanced analysis Compare

Analytical jobs Explorer (BEX) Analyzer to learn why and how the products are to play two matches.

SAP integration with BusinessObjects Enterprise

Learn how BEA has developed and integrated with BusinessObjects Enterprise What are the benefits of this integration.

Usage Scenarios

Easier to use, and accurate information to provide users with the latest features and functions of the Office of the analysis of art Get practical examples showing how to use.

Features of Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis
  • The functions and features
  • Requirements
  • Advanced Analysis Office
  • BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture SAP connection
  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Settings
  • Multilingual Behavior
  • Rights of the Authority and the user
  • SAP BW metadata
  • Options Navigation
  • Classification and Filtering
  • Use of hierarchies
  • Lifecycle Management
  • At the object level and the level of information security
  • Product Outlook
  • Analysis of the Advanced Web Edition
  • Integration with BusinessObjects XI 4.0

SAP is a professional and experienced Hilgefort Ingo. O with SAP, the solution to this idea of ​​time management clients, and director of the action.

Discover SAP CRM

Discover SAP CRM Product Description

If you are customer-focused growth and its ability to attract and retain quality customers will help you get you are looking for a tool to manage relationships, SAP CRM offers all the tools you need. So if you think that the SAP CRM application, a project manager looking for information on how to do this work, or who are new to SAP, this friendly resource guide you need. This information provides all the functionality and the real world, a vision of how the practice.

1. Learn about the SAP CRM has to do with

Terminology and a brief overview of important topics that will help you build a solid understanding of definitions of key features find tips.

2. Acquire detailed knowledge

SAP CRM applications and tools offered in-depth discussions with business learn how to read.

3. Understand how to work things

Including the various technical components of SAP NetWeaver and Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture Discover how technology is based on the review of SAP CRM engine work.

4. Real-world scenarios, learning

SAP CRM through a variety of practical examples and case studies to see how it works.

Want to 5

Or go directly to the section you are reading interests, from beginning to end. As needed and enjoy a large dictionary.

Highlights of Discover SAP CRM   
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Interaction Center 
  • Web Channels 
  • Mobile Applications 
  • Channel Partner Management 
  • SAP technology 
  • Master Data 
  • Industry Vertical
About the author (s)

Srini on the floor of the founder, president and iServices Globe, Inc., ERP, CRM and BPO solutions, the company CEO. Since 1997, Enterprise Resource Planning, and has worked in the design and implementation of Customer Relationship Management solutions. It is considered an expert in the CRM industry leader and resident expert on and information portals as CRM

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SAP FI | ABAP Development for Financial Accounting: Custom Enhancements

Product Description of ABAP Development for Financial Accounting: Improvements in
  • The SAP system provides special training for the development of
  • Validations and substitutions users exits, BTE, and suggests improvements Badis Covers
  • Discussion of the progress report, documents, accounting procedures and includes workflows more
With this book, all the companies and / or country-specific business rules that deal with special enhancements of SAP ABAP code to learn how to create a level of financial accounting. Author, subject to later offer a systematic approach to the teaching of specific coding, the input is general information on developments and is a step by step instructions and screenshots. With clear instructions and many tips quickly learn to find suitably equipped for a specific problem, and using all the data you need to avoid common programming errors.

Development of a system of rules

Standard features used to develop and learn to select the most appropriate.

Corporate and / or Business rules specific to each country

A particular company and / or country-specific developments, exploring the process of starting a business to comply with the rules.

Interconnection with Third

These are external systems (banks, suppliers and customers) with respect to the improvement of data exchange with options to learn.

BTE and Badis

Commercial transactions and business-ins Learn to use events to improve the function of financial accounting.

A practical and systematic approach

A detailed description and the standard ABAP, SAP will teach you to develop programs to change the advantage of a systematic approach.

Features of ABAP Development for Financial Accounting: Custom Enhancements

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Validity and Abbreviations
  • BTE and Badis
  • Space for financial accounting
  • External accounting document
  • Treatment
  • Workflow as a user exit


Sergei Korolev, Moscow State University, graduated from the former Soviet Union since 1984 and worked as a software engineer. SAP ABAP and workflow in 1999 and began his career as a consultant developer. SAP since 2007, he freelanced for, including the provision of a variety of international clients.

Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger

Product Description of Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger
  • The real cost of a periodical, and to do more than the actual cost of the assessment set out carrying material SAP
  • In this business, what it means to discover and SAP accounting material for the calculation of actual costs
  • Key functions of the SAP Ledger advanced and cost of real materials

A driver, an accounting consultant or professional, then this is your complete guide to the actual cost of the material from the book of SAP! Here's how, why and where business practices to optimize the SAP Material Ledger, you will find a real cost to maintain the response. SAP provides a brief description of how to configure the General Ledger of the book reviews the use of alternative materials and features such as Ledger's operating costs and the current code, the actual costs of companies that use plunges deep.

Actual cost process

Learn about the different types of stock assessment and how they affect your business.


Ledger, the basic configuration of the SAP material master. Suddenly a lot of money in the stock assessment and will be able to configure the system to work with more advanced tasks.

Create your own scenarios

Go ahead and conditions of this kind of production, supply chain, transfers, closing operations at the end of the period, and scenarios such as the system is rebooted.

Advanced Topics

Discover how to display the actual costs and actual costs of companies in CO-PA Ledger integrates with the material.

Recent Publications

To date, SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5, companies can prepare for future changes and transitions.

Features of  Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger
  • Planning costs of product
  • Manages a real cost
  • The total absorption
  • Change the purchase price
  • The production and the types of fireworks
  • Material prices
  • A multi-level determination of prices and
  • The actual cost of Re-sales Cost
  • The actual cost WIP revaluation
  • Multiple assessment / transfer pricing
  • IFRS

Vanda Reis, many large companies around the world and advice worked as a consultant and expert Ledger is the cost of materials. This is a real cost (book) Product cost processes that are 12 years of experience. SAP as an adviser and consultant for Vanda's book that has worked for several major accounts. Material experts book magazine, finance have written, and a regular contributor to the SAP community.

SAP ABAP | SAP Administration — Practical Guide

Product Description of SAP Administration — Practical Guide
  • Step by step instructions for daily use to increase operational efficiency
  • Know and understand the many lists of hundreds of images
  • Explore current events and special as well as tips and tricks
This Administrator's Guide describes the tasks you need to do to control the management of SAP systems. Many click on the screen and clicking, you will learn every day on the implementation of business processes: routine tasks and special administrative management of the SAP Solution Manager and operating systems, databases and privileges. The book based on SAP NetWeaver AS SAP ABAP 7.0/7.1 and is valid for users of previous versions, and then.

Routine and special task management

All administrative tasks, work the system to recover from a catastrophic failure of the system of measures to obtain information on each day.

Sufficient information

These real-life rights, basic information that will help carry out their duties Enjoy explanations discussed.

Click by click instructions

Step by step instructions illustrated with photographs, to explore. This system is easy to understand, and provides methods for producing.

Audit, Processes, Forms and More

The book lists all the control tasks of criticism, or a security strategy guide. Attachments with the procedures and predefined shapes include useful lists and tables.

Features of SAP Administration — Practical Guide
  • Security Management
  • User Management
  • Managing databases
  • Network Management
  • Management Operating System
  • Output Management
  • System Maintenance
  • Change and Transport Management
  • Performance
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Disaster Recovery


Schreckenbach Sebastian for years and is currently working with SAP software to manage the city of Dresden, Germany, SAP has a database administrator. Studies of user management and privilege management.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Plant Maintenance with SAP (2nd Edition)

Plant Maintenance with SAP (2nd Edition) Product Description

  • Business processes Master real-world assets, restructuring and privatization
  • Explore guidance for the implementation of daily operations
  • Interfaces, reports, and MAM technology, RFID, SOA, NetWeaver Portal, and look no further than
SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and manage to learn the structure of technical systems and business processes, maintenance of facilities. According to these requirements, maintenance and procedures for renewal, including privatization, with SAP, you will learn the intricacies of plant care. This updated edition is based on SAP ERP 6.0, and a wide range of information on outsourcing, inspection tours, document management easier and much more.

Customize Business Processes

Explore the important process in the SAP system and configuration. This repair process from the outside, and a variety of categories, including calibration of test equipment, all you will learn about maintenance.

Special Topics

Other components, such as EAM, such as creating reports and learn to interact with new technologies
Really helpful. In addition, the system will learn to improve usability.

In the real world, practical information

Privatization and use the tips of each section daily operations. In addition, you will find a section in the project's success and risk factors.

This new edition

This second edition of SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4 on the basis of new sections and joint management of assets, notes and reports of change, outsourcing, inspection tours, and management of SAP is friendly document change.

Features of Plant Maintenance with SAP (2nd Edition)

  • The structuring of technical systems
    • Equipment crazy functional materials, BOMs
  • Business Process
    • Plant, planned and preventive emergency repairs, outsourcing, reform, nursing based on the state, and project-based
  • Integration
    • External system interfaces, integration with SAP ERP
  • Maintenance Control Plant
    • Reporting, Budgeting
  • New Information Technologies
    • SAP NetWeaver Portal, cFolders, asset management, RFID, SOA

Germany-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, Karl Liebstückel Wüzburg professor of information management and software vendors. In addition, the German SAP user (DSAG) and maintenance and management services are leading a group of business opportunities.

Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment

Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment Product Description

  • Learn how business process management (BPM), SAP, and how to start
  • Enjoy a large collection of early adopters and use cases
  • Discover SAP technology, methods, management, content-based processes and application performance and value criteria
This unique book, and how business processes and SAP projects information technology, you will learn a bridge between the application of BPM. The authors, on the implementation of BPM processes and methods you need to know about the wide range of information about everything (again, as soon as possible, the application process is the main content of the BPM technology and much more). Real-world examples, best practices and recommended by experts in the SAP system, you will understand how BPM and how they can use to your advantage. In addition, if industry leaders and innovative use of BPM technology and early adopters of this methodology to show how to improve their business using.

Linking strategy to operations

Thus, performance and value, including drivers, how about the business model of a business process model and explore.

BPM Anatomy

BPM Enabled SAP, nor depth, and an overview of all options and accessories are available for only understand the connection to the SAP system.

Real examples

To maximize the effectiveness of BPM for the project, to understand how the different sectors to explore the use cases, process performance and client relationships to achieve optimized performance and value creation.

Application software BPM

SAP standard software products in particular, and to know the relationship between the BPM approaches.

Bonus Material

BPM and BPM and SAP experts and top researchers in the future trends in more developed regions, some additional elements on the Web site to access the SAP PRESS.

Features of Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment

  • Model business management
  • Drivers of performance and quality
  • Methodology of childhood and plug-ins for IE 7
  • Demand for quality and process-oriented application
  • The management framework and Agile
  • Enterprise Architecture and SOA
  • SAP NetWeaver BPM and BRM
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment
  • Rules and Decision Management
  • Life cycle process
  • Value Management

Opinion leaders in research and innovation of BPM, the authors of SAP are one of their own areas.

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SAP ABAP | The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition)

The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition) Product Description

  • Explore a detailed explanation of all ABAP statements
  • The new statement on the management of common knowledge, pragmas, expand your knowledge of the inner tables with the transmission input and databases
  • The best-selling single reference to the official latest version of SAP ABAP allowed.
  • Updated for version 7.2/7.02
  • DVD of SAP NetWeaver 7.2 Service Pack 6 includes a trial version!
Get all this complexity and detail that the ABAP, a complete reference of all ABAP statements. Each section describes the keywords related to the issue at hand, and string manipulation, and more Dynpro development begins with an introduction explaining the basic concepts. For each statement, a description of the function of book, a list of syntax, a description, notes, private use, and offers an example. The content provider can easily index and extensive glossary will help you navigate the intricacies of the ABAP.

The key words of the full discussion

ABAP programs can be found on each structure of language and learning, whether new or old.

Syntax diagrams

Explore all options at a glance shows each command syntax diagrams.

Practical examples

A program to give an idea about the structure surrounding the phrase with a different sample of programs, expand your knowledge.

New icons concepts

Text symbols and expressions can easily identify new content.

ABAP Dictionary

A to Z explains the almost 1000 entries in all the programming concepts in a glossary of unique, search

Features of The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition)

  • Operands
  • Expressions
  • Elements of competence
  • Function groups
  • Exception handling
  • Chain and the process of the inner table
  • The test programs and verification
  • ABAP and XML
  • Elements of the old language

Dr. Horst Keller, NetWeaver Developer Tools ABAP Group, SAP works. Knowledge as an architect is responsible for the implementation of ABAP and ABAP objects and related documents. ABAP programs are responsible for the preparation and submission of documents as well.

Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition)

Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition) Product Description

  • The load and the development of functional tests and the implementation of test systems and construction information with SAP TDMS
  • A detailed description of SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, HP, SAP Quality Center, SAP TAO and
  • 13 cases of customer case studies, and include the width and depth
SAP test tools and services offered by the functionality of many and rich. In this book, not only to learn these tools can do for you and how they work, but will also receive detailed instructions on how to use them. Methodology for functional testing and performance and the creation of this book as a guide for acceptance and process quality control, detailed reports for projects with SAP customers sections.


SAP Solution Manager, eCATT, SAP TDMS, SAP TAO, SAP LoadRunner, SAP, or need information on the HP Quality Center, the functional scope and use of each tool will benefit from an in-depth introduction.

Functional Testing and Performance

Functionality and test the system performance. Learn about the fundamental differences of this kind of test and find a way to test the performance of reliable applications.

Test Automation

Do you have a tight budget, we all know that the test? The platform test automation authors to show the importance of the event to reduce costs.


Choose the right tools and test data, personnel, planning, design and scope: test projects are discussed in detail all issues related to planning and organization.

Case Studies

Take advantage of existing experience. Three 5-year reports, sustainability reports, including a large number of customers in different sectors according to specific issues of test projects show how the test managers.

Features of Testing SAP Solutions (2nd Edition)

  • Tools
    • SAP Solution Manager
    • ECATT
    • The Test Data Migration Server SAP
    • SAP LoadRunner HP
    • SAP Quality Center by HP and SAP TAO
  • Test Method
    • Test strategy and standards
    • Business plans and projects
  • The Test Management and Automation
    • Planning and testing
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • The benefits of test automation and application
  • Test Center
    • The Concept and Application
    • Testing Center Services

Mr. Helfen DACH region, Senior Advisor for issues SAP ALM Consulting. HM Trauthwein on Sofis AG, Germany is a member. As quality assurance and software testing management tools and years of experience using the PSA test.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

SAP ABAP | BRFplus - ABAP Rules Management Applications

Product Description BRFplus — Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications

  • Explore the possibilities of the new framework ABAP Business Rules
  • Functionality, content management, speech and action, and more information on the types of
  • Detailed code walkthroughs, advice, deployment and expansion options Advantage.

BRFplus with SAP ABAP technology based on proven technology offers a complete management system Rule Management. This book is the only source to understand and use BRFplus: BRFplus work environment and applications with the API Learn how to create applications and find ways to manage objects and a section of a multi-function estimate of utility, data objects, standards and rules, expressions and actions. Tools, performance, applications and other advanced topics, this book is a complete additional sections.

Transition and training BRFplus

Start with a full tour with all the tools Workbench follow the development process and learn how to build applications in the workplace or through the API.


Identification, use of objects and links to each other, and such statements, actions, and how to benefit from a complete reference for all kinds of items, such as.

Tools, distribution and management

The book covers the development process: the import and export, transport, management and local and remote scenarios are analyzed in detail.

Advanced Topics

Learning to improve the performance of fingerprint processing in BRFplus custom user interfaces "to extend the functionality and integration: Once the applications are distributed, you must change them.

Highlights of BRFplus — Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications

  • Business rules and management 
  • Managing objects
  • Objects
    • Functions
    • Data Objects
    • Rules and rule sets
    • The types of expression and action
  • Management tools
  • Advanced topics
    • Performance
    • Monitoring
    • Expansion BRFplus
    • The integration of the user interface
  • Implementation and methodology


Carsten Ziegler is an important product, the creator and architect of business rules, and SAP Marco (BRFplus), respectively. Thomas Albrecht, a senior software developer, BRFplus computer.

100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP

100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP Product Description

These screens can reduce the size of the estimated cost!

Cost is estimated at the sight of the list, reducing the number of component costs Simplify screens. Although five times the cost element is displayed by default, do not need to show everyone. With these tips, you really learn to see the information you want. More on page 98.

Our "100 things" every series, 100 applications, the SAP system, the best way to help you with little known tips, tricks and solutions book. A user, root, or if you are a consultant, you will find useful information that will help you:

Save time and money

With time-saving shortcuts, and provided solutions to all levels of daily interaction with the user's system as the best.

Increased productivity

CT significantly reduced the number of trouble tickets and works more efficiently, the advice for your personal use for the purposes of setting screens. For the design and easy to follow book "approach will help you learn new skills in the hands of a short time.

Try a smart way

The experience of SAP users better and easier, and even be saying Or "I wish I knew how to do this long ago" "I had no idea I could this way"

Features of 100 Things you need to know about the Controlling with SAP
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Orders internal
  • Accounting Profit Center
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Cost Object
  • Book Material
  • Business Case
  • General Control
  • Information System

John Jordan, who specializes in all areas of control and integration, the founder and ERP Corp, is a database consultant. Then, as a result of greater efficiency and profitability, production costs will help companies to increase transparency. He is a regular speaker at conferences and SAP PRESS has published two best-sellers.

Monday, 22 August 2011

SAP ABAP | ABAP Development for SAP Materials Management: User exits and Badis

ABAP Development for SAP Materials Management: User exits and Badis Product Description

  • Offers personalized exercise to improve the standard SAP
  • Examples of investigations: The purchase, inventory management, invoice verification, and more
  • THE users, Badis and improvements, provides an overview of 140 outlets
If a material is a management consultant or a programmer, and customize user exits, Business-in (Badis), and areas for improvement with this book and learn how to improve processes. The author, real-life challenges faced by the users understand the uses and frustrating experience and the private development offers an ideal choice to improve and enhance the standard SAP. This book, Material Management (MM) shows how to apply these customizations to the SAP ERP customizations, and this explains the behavior of a special SAP ABAP programs and outputs of the user. Special procedures are necessary and valuable advice and sample code to illustrate the exercises in the book.

Practical Introduction

To create applications specific to their needs to develop the various components of SAP Learn how to use options and to activate it.

Important areas of application

Material management, and verification and records for each proven methods to find the replacement of major challenges.

Description of the liberation Cruz

Version 4.6C and above apply for programming examples. Information on alternatives in case of an improvement or a later version of the prerequisites will be realized.

Full description

Outputs of the user, business accessories and materials management Explore the most useful for the participating regions to improve. In addition to a complete list for easy reference.

Features of ABAP Development for SAP Materials Management: User exits and Badis

  1. Shopping
  2. External Services Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Field of assessment and allocation area
  5. Verification Bill
  6. Verification and records the change
  7. Outings and Badis MCC

Jürgen Schwaninger SAP is an independent consultant. He runs the remote consultation and SAP materials management, sales and distribution and logistics means that the complex demands of customers. In addition, the ABAP Web Dynpro ABAP and training courses on a regular professor.

Maximizing Cash Management with SAP ERP Financials

Maximizing Cash Management with SAP ERP Financials Product Description

  • Real-world strategies for cash management includes the implementation of SAP ERP components
  • Liquidity management for SAP solutions provides business users with an explanation
  • Features as part of cash management practices, In-House Cash, communication management of the Bank, and more
This book is the best practices, business scenarios in the real world, and important configuration information, including the main data of all the key components of the SAP Cash Management, explains the functionality. Describes how to integrate all the components and how an integrated solution for both individual components and can be maximized for optimum performance. Topics covered electronic banking, cash management, liquidity planner, corporate treasury, banking and communications is the integration with SAP ERP Financials.

Process optimal cash management

Efficient and accurate as possible out of SAP to optimize the performance of cash management process.

Configuration Information

Cash to meet their needs in the configuration of the SAP management system to maximize the benefit to the instructions step by step and screen shots.

Trends and Good Practices

Discover trends and best practices from SAP Cash Management.

Wide range of SAP components

Electronic banking, cash management, planner liquidity, cash management business and Bank of Communications, the process of cash management, maximize.

Information Integration

Purchasing and ordering the payment in cash, such as SAP, the SAP ERP Financials provides integrated processes of cash management, how to find out.

Features Maximizing Cash Management with SAP ERP Financials

  • Cash Management
  • Bank electronic
  • Bank Communication Management
  • In-House Cash
  • Liquidity Planner
  • The business process integration
  • Report of Cash Position

Eleazar Ortega in 2005, Van Steenberghe Experthink, Inc. founded. SAP Consulting Services and business processes in the world and the largest private companies in the Fortune 500 companies around the world provided by the Finance and Treasury, nearly 20 years of experience. He has a Master of Business Administration, University of Miami.