Saturday, 20 August 2011

Surviving an SAP Audit

Surviving an SAP Audit Product Description

This book is the SAP system so that it is better to be ready for an internal or external audit "think like an auditor" to learn the SAP project implementation teams of managers, executives and is designed to help users. This practical advice and the preparation of an audit plan for the system as a whole provides a test for the control objectives more common in these areas and provide advice on specific areas (applications, components and processes business) is going. An audit of the entire team in front of the SAP system should be without it!

"Think like a supervisor"

Auditor from the perspective of an experienced auditor SAP in terms of audit work, training your computer to view and correct deficiencies, and sometimes "traps" Get advice from.

Implementation of lead and the expansion / modernization

The new SAP implementations and SAP upgrades and development process, one of the largest sources of control in the design and implementation of effective controls to ensure that.

Get hands on specific areas

Supervision and implementation of SAP Basis, ERP, Finance, MM, SD, and contains several components, the level of understanding of the objectives.

SAP Plan audit work to the general controls

Mastering the SAP controls the nuances of the first general and the source of many audit issues: change management, segregation of duties and changes to emergency services.

Tips and Tools for monitoring

The answers to problems, and in special cases, SAP systems, third party auditing tools to find programs and services, and more.

Features of Surviving an SAP Audit

  • Audit report financial concerns
  • Application / day controls
  • Job application-level inspection plans
  • Configuration and Basic Security
  • Track Changes and Transport
  • Consulting and audit tools
  • Best practices and lessons learned
About the author (s)

Steve Biskit audit of ERP solutions is the founder of a consulting company focused on SAP to help manage the verification process. In addition, ACL Services Ltd., a director, and a global provider of audit analytics software. This member of the internal audit team, consultant and project audit took place in the SAP systems. Supervision and control of a nationally recognized expert in SAP, and a variety of frequently speaks at conferences on this issue. Steve Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Technology (ICS) and non-practical Certified Public Accountant (CPA), respectively.

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