Saturday, 27 August 2011

Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger

Product Description of Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger
  • The real cost of a periodical, and to do more than the actual cost of the assessment set out carrying material SAP
  • In this business, what it means to discover and SAP accounting material for the calculation of actual costs
  • Key functions of the SAP Ledger advanced and cost of real materials

A driver, an accounting consultant or professional, then this is your complete guide to the actual cost of the material from the book of SAP! Here's how, why and where business practices to optimize the SAP Material Ledger, you will find a real cost to maintain the response. SAP provides a brief description of how to configure the General Ledger of the book reviews the use of alternative materials and features such as Ledger's operating costs and the current code, the actual costs of companies that use plunges deep.

Actual cost process

Learn about the different types of stock assessment and how they affect your business.


Ledger, the basic configuration of the SAP material master. Suddenly a lot of money in the stock assessment and will be able to configure the system to work with more advanced tasks.

Create your own scenarios

Go ahead and conditions of this kind of production, supply chain, transfers, closing operations at the end of the period, and scenarios such as the system is rebooted.

Advanced Topics

Discover how to display the actual costs and actual costs of companies in CO-PA Ledger integrates with the material.

Recent Publications

To date, SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5, companies can prepare for future changes and transitions.

Features of  Actual Costing with The SAP Material Ledger
  • Planning costs of product
  • Manages a real cost
  • The total absorption
  • Change the purchase price
  • The production and the types of fireworks
  • Material prices
  • A multi-level determination of prices and
  • The actual cost of Re-sales Cost
  • The actual cost WIP revaluation
  • Multiple assessment / transfer pricing
  • IFRS

Vanda Reis, many large companies around the world and advice worked as a consultant and expert Ledger is the cost of materials. This is a real cost (book) Product cost processes that are 12 years of experience. SAP as an adviser and consultant for Vanda's book that has worked for several major accounts. Material experts book magazine, finance have written, and a regular contributor to the SAP community.

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