Tuesday, 23 August 2011

SAP ABAP | BRFplus - ABAP Rules Management Applications

Product Description BRFplus — Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications

  • Explore the possibilities of the new framework ABAP Business Rules
  • Functionality, content management, speech and action, and more information on the types of
  • Detailed code walkthroughs, advice, deployment and expansion options Advantage.

BRFplus with SAP ABAP technology based on proven technology offers a complete management system Rule Management. This book is the only source to understand and use BRFplus: BRFplus work environment and applications with the API Learn how to create applications and find ways to manage objects and a section of a multi-function estimate of utility, data objects, standards and rules, expressions and actions. Tools, performance, applications and other advanced topics, this book is a complete additional sections.

Transition and training BRFplus

Start with a full tour with all the tools Workbench follow the development process and learn how to build applications in the workplace or through the API.


Identification, use of objects and links to each other, and such statements, actions, and how to benefit from a complete reference for all kinds of items, such as.

Tools, distribution and management

The book covers the development process: the import and export, transport, management and local and remote scenarios are analyzed in detail.

Advanced Topics

Learning to improve the performance of fingerprint processing in BRFplus custom user interfaces "to extend the functionality and integration: Once the applications are distributed, you must change them.

Highlights of BRFplus — Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications

  • Business rules and management 
  • Managing objects
  • Objects
    • Functions
    • Data Objects
    • Rules and rule sets
    • The types of expression and action
  • Management tools
  • Advanced topics
    • Performance
    • Monitoring
    • Expansion BRFplus
    • The integration of the user interface
  • Implementation and methodology


Carsten Ziegler is an important product, the creator and architect of business rules, and SAP Marco (BRFplus), respectively. Thomas Albrecht, a senior software developer, BRFplus computer.

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