Monday, 29 August 2011

SAP CRM | Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center

Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center Product Description

This is to optimize the SAP CRM Interaction Center, and the highest level is an essential resource for anyone who wants to learn. This is what the SAP CRM Interaction Center to discover and learn how to optimize with customization and optimization. Each chapter describes the function of specific, they describe a useful, and then show how to customize and use. Subjects of computer telephony integration and multi-channel, Interaction Center, Marketing, IC, IC Service, Shared Services Center, telesales and off several different types.

In addition, the successes and SAP customers will be informed about current and future plans. CRM 2007 is aware of this book, but also to update that contains useful tips and suggestions why the IC, provides useful information for all versions.

Necessary for entry into the central SAP CRM and SAP CRM Interaction IC a new innovation of the place or find a way to customize your options, wanting to know and be a current user, this book will give answers you need.

Highlights of Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 
  • Integrated multi-channel 
  • IC Marketing, Sales and Service 
  • IC management and analysis 
  • Rule Modeler and Category Modeler 
  • Interactive Scripting 
  • Back Office of interaction centers 
  • User Interface and Technology
  • Partner Solutions 
  • FAQ
About the author (s)

John Burton, the overall responsibility for the Director of Product Management SAP Labs Interaction Center product. SAP CRM Interaction Center has held since 1999. John, Get CRM experts SAP CRM has been a technical writer, has written numerous articles and presented dozens of lectures and events.

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