Wednesday, 24 August 2011

SAP ABAP | The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition)

The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition) Product Description

  • Explore a detailed explanation of all ABAP statements
  • The new statement on the management of common knowledge, pragmas, expand your knowledge of the inner tables with the transmission input and databases
  • The best-selling single reference to the official latest version of SAP ABAP allowed.
  • Updated for version 7.2/7.02
  • DVD of SAP NetWeaver 7.2 Service Pack 6 includes a trial version!
Get all this complexity and detail that the ABAP, a complete reference of all ABAP statements. Each section describes the keywords related to the issue at hand, and string manipulation, and more Dynpro development begins with an introduction explaining the basic concepts. For each statement, a description of the function of book, a list of syntax, a description, notes, private use, and offers an example. The content provider can easily index and extensive glossary will help you navigate the intricacies of the ABAP.

The key words of the full discussion

ABAP programs can be found on each structure of language and learning, whether new or old.

Syntax diagrams

Explore all options at a glance shows each command syntax diagrams.

Practical examples

A program to give an idea about the structure surrounding the phrase with a different sample of programs, expand your knowledge.

New icons concepts

Text symbols and expressions can easily identify new content.

ABAP Dictionary

A to Z explains the almost 1000 entries in all the programming concepts in a glossary of unique, search

Features of The Official ABAP Reference (3rd Edition)

  • Operands
  • Expressions
  • Elements of competence
  • Function groups
  • Exception handling
  • Chain and the process of the inner table
  • The test programs and verification
  • ABAP and XML
  • Elements of the old language

Dr. Horst Keller, NetWeaver Developer Tools ABAP Group, SAP works. Knowledge as an architect is responsible for the implementation of ABAP and ABAP objects and related documents. ABAP programs are responsible for the preparation and submission of documents as well.

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