Monday, 22 August 2011

Implementing SAP Enhancement Packages

Implementing SAP Enhancement Packages Product Description

This book is the SAP Enhancement Packages (EHPs) Install and passes through the frame to activate the offers that tell you how, step by step instructions. This type of package development tools, such as driving EHP activation, how to approach a project plan, architecture provides the technical details of the strategy will benefit from learning and package development.

All the Technical Description

The basic design packages and technical details of the equipment get answers to your questions about the architecture transition framework.

Package to Develop Projects

Discover how to approach the most appropriate packages of application development. The authors describe all stages of the project and the largest of the available activities on the basis of real examples.


SAP Solution Manager and configure the development program assumes the role of what is the configuration. Also how the installer, using the EHP install and upgrade packages will learn to download.

Practical application

Best practices, checklists and advice, and makes this book again and again; each accompanied by one of the authors help traceability, and enjoy the tips.

Features of Implementing SAP Enhancement Packages

  • Develops the concept of packet
  • Change and Development Framework
  • Business Functions
  • Phases of the project and develop all activities
  • SAP Solution Manager and SAP installation EHP
  • Models catalog tests and examples
  • Analysis and optimization to improve the installation package


Kaplan focuses on the areas of business development packages and updates Martina Technology Consulting (SAP Deutschland AG), a senior consultant. Christian Oehler SAP Business Suite (SAP AG) and Director of a solution. Packets of material for their own area of ​​responsibility includes a significant problem in the life cycle environmental management.

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