Monday, 22 August 2011

SAP Web Client: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

SAP Web Client: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers Product Description

  • SAP Web client using the full, to create enterprise-ready application
  • If an Explore clear, easy to follow examples that illustrate the concepts of client development for the SAP Web
  • User interface and programming Genil customization and configuration, Learn about the BSP
This is the SAP client and web application development and improvement is a full guide. Focus on development studies and practical examples, this book of practical examples, screen shots, using the program and discusses the different layers of development activities, through the Web client and the traffic you leads. With an excellent balance between theory and practical advice in this book that you use the Web client, a comprehensive, enterprise-ready application will teach you everything you need to know about construction.

Example Scenario

All the examples discussed in the book as the basis for the development of a detailed search and learn more about the Web client.

Programming Genil

Genil understand the basics of programming and learn how to create a component Genil.

Creating Applications

By-step instructions, lists of code and screenshots to create an application with the help of a detailed review stage.

Special Features

The process of controlling the use of existing SAP applications, and adds custom functionality via a Web client.

Mash-up application

Creation of two new and existing applications from SAP Discover the standard process for creating mash-up applications.

Features of SAP Web Client: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

  • BSP programming
  • Models BOL
  • Programming Genil
  • Improved tools for application
  • Design Layer
  • Scalability
  • Construction of the user interface
  • Workbench Component
  • Web Service Tool
  • Integration with MS Office

Stefanov Tzanko Web client, without improvements to the code delivery, mash-ups, and the last two years of working in a rapid implementation. Armand Sezikeye Web UI tag library and the client application is a Web development manager for the team that has great expertise. Sanjeet Shopping Center vice president and management solution for SAP customers and the team, the basic architecture of the solution.

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