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SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition)

SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition) Product Description

SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition)
  • Describes the best practices of SAP system security
  • All components of the SAP application security technologies and solutions to provide examples of
  • New chapters on SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions, and more

All requirements for the SAP system, explaining the principles and best security practices, this revised and expanded second edition of best-seller. At the same time protect the internal and external to each component of SAP to meet the legal requirements and also to ensure complete security and risk management solution to be able to learn to control the interaction of these conditions. With numerous examples and step by step, this book will teach you the technical details of implementation of SAP NetWeaver security.

Full description

Where and how to improve the security of SAP systems to ensure processes and learning. This Description of the possible effects of potential risks and appropriate control measures include, for example.

Proven Solutions

SAP security strategies and proven methods to understand the rules and standards. Step by step examples described in the technical security solutions.

Up-to-date information

Explore new technologies and procedures, and products of SAP and learn that you can create a risk analysis.

Cruise Control Plan MCE

SAP security solutions, technical, process-oriented, offering institutional and legal components of the book, take control of the navigation map included in addition to the ERM.

Features of SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition)

  • And risk management control, CRM, risk management
  • SAP NetWeaver AS, Solution Manager, PI, Portal, MDM
  • SAP BusinessObjects, SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Services Web, SOA and Enterprise Services
  • Database server in the data, the SAP middleware, user interface
  • SOX, J-SOX, marine, IFRS, FDA, Basel II, REACh
  • ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27002, COBIT, ITIL, BSI

CEO and President Mario Link. Management Consulting Group. Dr. Horst Karin Delta Consulting Data Security, Inc., president of security issues related to the consultants and SAP information security, risk management, authentication and authorization solutions have for years, and respect for confidentiality.

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture Product Description

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture
Global SAP system design, we implement a global or more local distributed systems are not necessary to address the key issue. This book is the right decision and help you to successfully implement the system architecture is most appropriate.

In this book, global information on the problems faced by the business processes of the company and explores the technical requirements for projects in the overall performance. Different requirements to be met in all relevant areas of global, architecture, architecture, and the options available, including factors affecting coverage. Furthermore, the optimum topologies through the system and best practices, you will find valuable information on the distribution. This is an invaluable decision matrix, detailed examples of its customers and offers a comprehensive guide finished.

Features of Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture:
  • Regional needs, timing, data transfer: Challenge the global system 
  • Factors that influence the system architecture: the products and techniques, business processes and related topics 
  • Different architectures: distributed architecture, regional and global architectures combined 
  • The technical aspects: the technology platform, network elements, tools and basic components, customized solutions for SAP, version management, maintenance
  • Customer scenarios 
  • Decision matrix for the optimal topology of the system
About the Author (s)

Alexander Davidenkoff and Detlef Werner work of globalization and global SAP services is considered an expert system structures. In addition, this book is to help SAP Unicode systems.

Friday, 28 October 2011

SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)

SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition) Description
SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)
  • THE technology and is the definitive guide for applications to optimize
  • Please adjust the performance ABAP and Java servers Coverage
  • BW and SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator includes new chapters
Performance of the SAP reference work, daily life, is prepared for any problem. Detailed, real examples of effective adaptation measures described in the SAP system and analysis of application performance. The problem is hardware, ABAP / Java programs or access to databases, direct support professionals provide guidance and valuable advice in collaboration with SAP, and you will learn the potential bottlenecks. This edition completely revised and updated new has been expanded significantly.

Analysis and optimization of ABAP servers

SAP Basis; learn everything you need to know about the analysis and optimization. Memory configuration and the buffer, the workload of all the critical areas of blocks of business processes and analysis.

Java performance

JVM, the workload of the SAP J2EE Engine, buffering, and Java Web Dynpro Learn about the analysis of business processes. With this book, is no longer an excuse for slow J2EE applications?

Databases and SQL processing

DBA management cockpit, as well as Oracle, SAP MaxDB, DB2, Informix and SQL Server Take advantage of valuable information on the chapters completely revised and updated. A separate section focuses on optimizing SQL queries.

SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and the Internet

This is the SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and those related to the Internet, such as the development of all aspects of their front-end performance.

New topic
SAP NetWeaver BW, TREX, and BW Accelerator Explore new sections on optimization.

Features of SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)
  • Materials· Database, SAP Basis and the JVM
  • Study of load analysis
  • Configuration of the buffer and
  • Advice of SQL, and locks
  • ABAP and Java programs, Performance
  • Size and distribution equipment
  • Business load distribution, and interfaces
  • SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, and the Internet
  • SAP NetWeaver BW, TREX, and BW Accelerator


Dr. Thomas Schneider, in 1996, began working for SAP AG. He has since served as president of the Information Centre for the financial performance and large, including responsibility for global service and support has served in various positions. In 2004, he as an architect in charge of IT services and application management and development of innovation, research is past. SAP Business by Design since 2009 was the architect in charge of the development partner of the infrastructure.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP NetWeaver Portal Description

SAP NetWeaver Portal
The next level, who want their applications to SAP NetWeaver Portal must-read for SAP professionals. Using this book as a guide for you alone, composite applications and business plans, including the architecture and application development for many of SAP NetWeaver Portal content to explore the different effects. Readers will learn the intricate details of Federated Portals and Business Intelligence Self-Service, this type of employee and manager, a member of MRS, and more content on the portal scenario, where reasonable use. In addition, readers can enjoy their special needs, a basis for the book examples.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Functions: Information management, collaboration, merger, Portal Content Studio 
  • Architecture: Portal scenarios, Portal Framework, Connectors 
  • Installation and Configuration: Components, Basic Settings, Special 
  • Management: authorization and user management, control and information security, single sign-on, the transportation system 
  • Development: Composite applications, SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, Web Dynpro ABAP PDK in the NET / Java, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio,
About the Author (s)

Valentin Nicolescu, Technical University of Munich, Germany, SAP Competence Centre of the University works. Katharina Klappert SAP CRM Ismaning maihiro GmbH, Germany is a consultant. Prof. Helmut Krcmar Technical University of Munich, the president of the Chair of Information and Document Management. In this book the author has swimming pool years of experience in the SAP portal.