Monday, 31 October 2011

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture Product Description

Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture
Global SAP system design, we implement a global or more local distributed systems are not necessary to address the key issue. This book is the right decision and help you to successfully implement the system architecture is most appropriate.

In this book, global information on the problems faced by the business processes of the company and explores the technical requirements for projects in the overall performance. Different requirements to be met in all relevant areas of global, architecture, architecture, and the options available, including factors affecting coverage. Furthermore, the optimum topologies through the system and best practices, you will find valuable information on the distribution. This is an invaluable decision matrix, detailed examples of its customers and offers a comprehensive guide finished.

Features of Global SAP Systems Design and Architecture:
  • Regional needs, timing, data transfer: Challenge the global system 
  • Factors that influence the system architecture: the products and techniques, business processes and related topics 
  • Different architectures: distributed architecture, regional and global architectures combined 
  • The technical aspects: the technology platform, network elements, tools and basic components, customized solutions for SAP, version management, maintenance
  • Customer scenarios 
  • Decision matrix for the optimal topology of the system
About the Author (s)

Alexander Davidenkoff and Detlef Werner work of globalization and global SAP services is considered an expert system structures. In addition, this book is to help SAP Unicode systems.

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