Thursday, 16 October 2014

SAP redeemed with hope Hana cloud platform only a few million euros

SAP wants to make its database technology Hana standard in the IT industry. An important component in the composite Hana comes through loud an internal paper on the market but not to. Now the software giant is planning drastic discounts to attack the competitors salesforce.

SAP redeemed with hope Hana cloud platform only a few million euros
Hamburg - The software giant SAP has a difficulty, his new database technology Hana to establish themselves in the IT industry. As can be seen from an internal strategy paper of SAP, the company redeemed currently "only one to two million euros in sales per quarter" with his Hana-cloud platform. On this customer and IT specialists, applications that are based on the Hana technology develop, and expand - like this, as do developers for the App Store by Apple for private clients. SAP is planning drastic price reductions.

The weak acceptance of the platform is a setback for the strategy of CEO Bill McDermott and its supervisory board chairman Hasso Plattner, which depends on the product family Hana. The Hana-core product of the company allows it to evaluate data in seconds and analyze. SAP is building around its entire product and sales structure around Hana and cloud offerings.

When Hana cloud platform is not about the distribution of its own Hana-products, but the business partners. To program applications for Hana and feed in the family, similar to the App Store from Apple developers on the platform. The Walldorf Company has resolved its fast database technology Hana to establish a standard in the IT industry. On October 20, SAP reports its financial results for the third quarter.

SAP's Solution should be cheaper

Manager magazine online is the Board paper before with the sobering Hana cloud platform numbers. Development Chef Bernd Leukert and Sales Director Rob Ensslin are responsible for the area. Thus, the software company is pricing model fits to the competitive offer of nearest rivals for its Hana platform in the cloud. An SAP spokesman declined to comment on the subject.

Currently, customers would have to pay to use the service for SAP in the least case $ 5,932 a month, according to the summary. When competitors against only 25 dollars would be due in the best case. "This slows down the adoption of the market," the study concludes. Why would the pricing of SAP "similar adapted from with better terms to similar price points, including a free Home Edition". The aim of the new strategy is to "aggressively pursue the market acceptance (of Hana Cloud platform) and to propose". However, the revenue goals remain modest in the business. By 2020, SAP plans to deliver with his Hana cloud platform around 158 million euros; it is clear from the paper.

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