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SAP BW Reporting And Analysis

According to their specific needs - detailed instructions for the implementation of this book, offers SAP BW reporting and analysis capabilities and optimize performance.

First, the BEx Query Designer, Designer, BEx Web Application and Web Parts in one of the important concepts of data presentation, followed by information on the basic functions of private information, you can find. Readers quickly and efficiently and concisely by mastering tools like SAP BW Business Information brodcasting learn how to present important data of the company. Detailed instructions and an example scenario in real life, to strengthen their efforts to create individual reports and analysis for the serious stage. In addition, valuable advice shows you how to take advantage of SAP Business Content.

Loaded with comprehensive information SAP BW glossary, SAP BW 3.5, an ideal companion for everyday work that is complete to date, this book does.

Features of SAP BW Reporting And Analysis:

  • Data Warehousing and SAP BW

  • SAP BW data presentation concepts and their implementation

  • Retail sample scenario in the real world

  • BEx Query Designer - definition and data analysis, query views and elements

  • BEx Web - Web Framework, BEx Web Application Designer Web elements, details

  • Transmission of information - information online and offline delivery reports, published in the SAP Enterprise Portal

  • SAP Business Content - Elements and use of

Attachments: BW dictionary, sample queries, transaction codes, metadata tables, the index

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Advanced BSP Programming

Readers of this book provides proven methods to address common challenges in the development of BSP. Each chapter-by-step instructions, and many developers, the problems encountered in their daily work provides practical guidance on the measures. BSP programming concepts in detail all the troubleshooting tips in this book is an indispensable addition to the library together to measure and improve technical performance of the inside information on specific advice. RSS provides detailed coverage of news from this single reference, F4, SAP GUI, the BSP contribute to the integration, and more. Also discussed in detail in BSP Extensions - If the BSP Element Expressions (bee), the BSP extension elements of production, use, and more, all about the events.

Features of Advanced BSP Programming:

  • Transport and HTTP URL

  • Authentication and session

  • Management

  • Performance

  • Extensions to the BSP, the BSP Element Expressions

  • Help Systems

  • Internationalization

  • Personalization

  • Document management

  • RSS

  • Interactive Excel

  • Mini-portals

About the Author

Walldorf SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Development Brian McKellar BSP and the architect. He worked mostly on BSP ticket for years and has been addressing the problem.

Thomas Jung, an application developer for the Kimball Electronics Group. In addition, the ASUG Web Technologies Special Interest (American SAP User Group) was the president.

SDN is also very active and regular BSP Both authors speak with technical help.

Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution

The first and only book to provide a detailed description of SAP ERP and distribution sales

Modules, the latest version of SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SD) as the only book offers a comprehensive set of this valuable resource, step by step, many conceptual explanations and examples are presented. If you are a SAP SD consultant or application within the company are responsible for managing, you'll want to put this valuable resource

With over 40,000 deployments, SAP, a leading software product enterprise resource planning (ERP) market

  • Covers the latest version of SAP ERP ECC 6.0

  • Quick to make, for advanced configurations Covers common, they say what level of experience in SAP

  • Describes the conceptual framework underlying the installation process

  • Your company uses the SD module, hold the hands of this indispensable guide.

Step by step guide to configure the SAP SD module

This practical guide data, pricing, sales, billing, shipping, transportation, and more sales and distribution of sub-modules, the setting is the key. The most common configurations and advanced SAP ECC 6.0 SD in the real world examples and step-by-step instructions follow. To establish an effective system and find a way to meet their business needs.

A review of the sales cycle through each step of the transaction codes finish Explore

  • Define the sales organization, according to the needs of a corporate structure

  • All elements of organization and understand how to connect the SD module

  • Show your teachers how to use the SD module data access and

  • All functions, including price, tax notices, product availability, billing, shipping and other configuration

  • Manage your account and the allocation of revenue recognition

  • Learn the latest techniques and best practices developed

  • Find useful transaction codes

About the Author

Kapil Sharma has eight years experience in SAP and in China, Mexico, Canada, completed localization projects for the U.S. and Europe. O, the analysis of business processes, application configuration and change management expert, specializing in sales and operations planning and management of distribution partners. Ashutosh Mutsaddi, a certified senior consultant and project manager for SAP solutions, SAP has 10 years experience in designing and implementing solutions. Throughout his career, many Fortune Europe, North America and Asia, has recommended that 100 companies. 3.1I to ECC 6.0 - SAP has worked versions of all major process engineering, business blueprinting, and system configuration and updating, competent.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Consultant's Guide to SAP SRM

This comprehensive guide is based on SAP SRM 2007 and SAP SRM 5.0 SRM applications to provide a rapid and successful consultants from SAP to learn to use a case study, but is compatible with version 4.0.

The roles of the project for the duration of the transition Explore the problems faced by consultants during an implementation. Through its role as a business consultant during the design phase, phase implementation products books in a techno-functional role as a specialist. This approach provides the tools necessary to meet the challenges and helps predict. Beyond the standard scenarios SAP SRM, this book by taking advantage of SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite applications and gives practical advice to ensure that the complex customer requirements. In addition to solving problems quickly implement potentially costly can use that reference as a troubleshooting guide.

If you need practical advice for the implementation of SAP SRM, then this book is for you.

Features of Consultant's Guide to SAP SRM:

  • Overview of SAP SRM

  • Operational purchasing

  • Catalog management

  • SAP NetWeaver for the ARM architecture

  • Management Agreement

  • Strategic Resource

  • Enabling suppliers (SUS) Workflow

  • Complex customer scenarios and developments

  • FAQ and tips


About the Author

Padma Prasad Munirathinam has implemented SAP solutions for ten years. An important member of the group SAP SRM Regional Implementation, SAP Labs, Bangalore Development Manager for the moment. Ramakrishna Potluri has worked with ERP solutions for over ten years. It SRM Group regional implementation in India Prior to his current position as managing SAP SRM was the team leader.

SAP SMI: Solution Manager Official Certification Course

SAP SMI: Solution Manager Official Certification Course Features:-

  •  SAP Training Academy full track!

  • The program includes books setup!

  • Any and all SAP exam covers the material!

  • Guaranteed to SAP within 3 months!

  • Curriculum SAPDrill world famous! Google SAPDrill

SAP SMI: Solution Manager Official Certification Course Description:

We needed to take exams last SAP offers books. The program is specially designed for those who need more than one SAP certification. All configuration of SAP books, are included. There are a total of 16 books, SAPDrill PLM For more information, please Google. Of course, new graduates who want to get into SAP, is designed for other IT consultants. To be a SAP consultant is a dream job. Incredible pay $ 100,000 to start almost every module. Free travel, free training, free training, etc. to come with incredible benefits... SAP to high demand of course always expand the ERP. Solution Manager is basically tools, content and methods to provide a full range of SAP. 

All maintenance is done remotely via the API, as SOLMA, use the client's workforce. The mySAP ERP integrates all components of management, because the company is another aspect of this installation. Series 4.7, but it does not contain all the applications based on SAP NetWeaver platform. Maintenance of all new SAP ECC + This software is a prerequisite for economic applications. Add the package of this course. Public certification exams are available only in Q1 2007. This course is brand new. This certificate can not go wrong with. If you constantly evolve, but if you want a job to keep demand at the end, it is a lesson for you.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide

Identifies areas to be covered in depth in a "What You Need to Know," including a list of exam topics, outlines.
  • Generally, a small test BW server may include exercise.

  • This information is for readers to evaluate the current exam topics include questions testing practices.

  • This complements the classroom training provided by SAP.

Back cover

Basic guide for SAP BW certification exam study is a concise and comprehensive

SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), developed by SAP AG for SAP data warehouse-centric, data storage solution. SAP BW application consultants who want to demonstrate a basic knowledge of professionals in the SAP system and demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to the SAP BW certification exam need to pass the project environment. SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide provides candidates with the necessary information to complete the training and certification.

Certification SAP BW important background information systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP is the market leader with software that starts up the entire flow of information throughout the organization. Then the book refers to SAP BW and SAP as a whole, this kind of data modeling, reporting, and how you can raise that describes the basic functions of SAP BW. In this study, the guide features include:

  • Introduction to BW certification exam

  • The "look", "Optimization Tips" "The Limits", "", "SAP, SAP 's unique" and "new" include features such as discussions, including testing, abstract

  • Exercises can be done with a small test-BW server

  • Providing information to the reader to review current issues * Topics on testing and assessment practices

  • Simulation of a comprehensive review of the certification

Certification exam SAP BW or SAP BW delta (recertification) is preparing for the exam on the market today, the key experts study guide on SAP BW SAP BW certification.

About the Author

Catherine M. Roze IBM Global Services, is a consultant for business intelligence applications. O, a full cycle of life insurance intelligence / data warehouse for over six years experience and with a focus on SAP-centric organizations, specializing in ERP-based solutions. Roze SAP BW's MBA and MS (Industrial Technology) and are certified. He and Systems Science International Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Journal of Neurocomputing Journal wrote or co-authored numerous articles in publications such as.

What Every Business Needs to Know About SAP (Prima Tech's SAP Book Series)

This book is a mystery to penetrate into the SAP application helps executives and managers. Topics include the SAP market, and how the benefits of SAP applications, in collaboration with implementing partners and advisors, SAP, set up a project team, the overall budget for a transition and a successful implementation society includes the effects on costs. Based on field experience in the Fortune 50 corporate consultant, this book guides the reader through the decision to select SAP implementation process provides managers with realistic expectations, and actions for the future of SAP penetration.

Friday, 24 February 2012

SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting: Building Better BI with SAP BI 7.0

Enterprise users inside and outside your company a competitive advantage by offering to provide up to date management reports. SAP Business Information Warehouse, delivery, construction of data warehouses to create workbooks and queries, analyze and format the results and how the landmark report gosterilir. BEx and Web Analyzers, Web Application Designer, Visual Composer and learn to use the information transmission. In addition, build enterprise portals and websites and optimizing performance, will find a way to predict future business trends.

Through consultation and books and other objects and stores report data dataset Info Cubes
  1. Bex Analyzer, Web Analyzer, Query Designer and work with
  2. Creating queries and reports using the Business Administration Workbench
  3. Integration with the drill with attachments and documents, and RRI
  4. Format and distribute results using Report Designer and the transmission of information
  5. Enterprise Portal, Data Modeling and extend the functionality with Visual Composer
  6. Graphics, maps, diagrams, and unit of measure conversions implementation
  7. Anticipate trends and possible outcomes for integrated planning and SBC
  8. Create HTML pages using Enterprise Reporting and Web Application Designer
  9. With SAP Enterprise Portal Create BI-based corporate Web and intranet sites

SAP Smart Forms

Place the cursor on SAPscript. SAP Smart Forms is more appropriate. This book is an important tool that was released in 4.6C, shows how to use it, and Smart Forms generation, all the basic functions and provides information for management. Text, graphics and data is integrated; we know the advantages and disadvantages, as well as print, email, Web and explore available options. In addition, many exercises allow you to hit the ground running with the procedures for filing Form. An appendix offers a wide volumes of very detailed. This book is an indispensable reference technique.

Features of SAP Smart Forms:
  • The tools to create shapes
  • Expert advice on submitting the form
  • Main types of knots
  • If you need to know the form data
  • Data output and the logical sequence
  • Forms with ABAP programming
  • The implementation and use of a support program
  • Special Procedures
  • SAPscript forms of migration
  • New Developments in Base Release 6:10

About the Author

Hertleif Werner, particularly logistics, SD, largely focused on the long SAPConsultant, anTloop works Technologie AG. SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript issues that are responsible for carrying out regular training courses.

Christoph Watcher has many years of experience as a technical writer and SAP Developer Information SAPscript and SAP Smart Forms sahiptir.Son how he concentrates produced three years.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

SAP Event Management - SAP's Best Kept Secret

This book is exactly what you can do for your business, and that describes the SAP, reveals the secret of managing the event.

Very strong as a module of SAP, SAP Event Management, to monitor and control business processes to provide business functionality and offers exposure to processes that have a except against them. SAP Event Management enables companies to manage process exceptions.

Target audience of this book is as follows:

- Process optimization administrators, process management and visibility of the situation looking for ways to cut costs

- Team members can use SAP functionality related to EM

- These are probably the future of the best kept secret of SAP in order to use the system design and solution architects need to know about

Features of SAP Even Management are as follows:
  • Overview of SAP EM takes advantage and brings to the table at the end of the value of what is, what it contains, explains what it is. This is a must read for corporate system administrators and architects.
  •  Technical architecture options, basic services, and deployment to address the differences between versions.
  •  System applications, functionality and SAP Event Management
  • The organization showing the steps needed to successfully apply the methodology of SAP EM.
  • Troubleshooting guide.

SAP Performance Optimization Guide, Third Edition

This extraordinary new edition (published in July 2003) SAP to optimize system performance at low cost as possible, and gives step by step instructions to make sure it works. Systematically identify and resolve performance problems quickly, learn to evaluate the effectiveness of applying the necessary corrections.

Completely revised and expanded third edition of the SAP Web Application Server (Business Server Pages and Java) developed by adding a new section focused on the Internet.

SAP Performance Optimization Guide covers the technical optimization and monitoring applications. Each action potential problem directly to SAP support professionals will be highlighted with the instructions and valuable tips. Also included two remote services offered by SAP Early Watch Going Live was created and tested over many years and clear examples of the most important answers.

Features of SAP Performance Optimization Guide are as follows:
  • Best practices for performance management
  • Monitoring of hardware, database and technical SAP Basis
  • Tips for monitoring and analysis center workload
  • Performance analysis of ABAP programs
  • On the distribution of the workload
  • Expert advice Interfaces -
  • SAP GUI, ASP, Java application
  • How to configure memory areas
  • SAP table buffering SQL statements, insurance, optimization
  • Much more!

About the Author

Thomas Schneider, global team of SAP support as a member of an active surveillance issues, those responsible for performance analysis and size of equipment. SAP has worked since 1996.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SAP NetWeaver Roadmap

This book reader for the implementation of SAP NetWeaver, and a sound economic strategy in their institutions, offers a complete understanding.

Compiled from various industrial sectors for SAP NetWeaver in depth "road maps" (development plans), to explore. These are real examples of companies such as the issues of flexibility, innovation and cost considerations based on key criteria such as gostermektedir. Senaryolar much the way most appropriate for an integrated IT landscape completed by a systematic review of how it.

Further examples, all parts of technicians, installation, and give you complete information on the major functions and tasks. In addition, Web services and SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), can play an important role in providing a wide range of innovation and learning to react flexibly to market changes.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Roadmap:

  • Overview of SAP NetWeaver
  • The level of integration, standards, components, landscape architecture and requires a strategy, flexibility, innovation and cost reduction
  • SAP roadmaps: automotive, suppliers, energy suppliers and banks
  • Methodical approach
  • Web Services and ESA
  • SAP NetWeaver EP, KM, BW, MI, MDM, XI, Web components, AS

About the Author

Steffen Karch is a consultant SAP Consulting SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG. He focuses on strategy consulting firm that focuses on integration issues. Loren largely due to publication of BI SAP founder and CEO IBSolution Heilig GmbH, SAP NetWeaver SAP consulting market has made ​​a name for himself, a provider of innovative, special expertise partner.

SAP R/3 Implementation: Methods and Tools (SAP Excellence)

Before using, the SAP R / 3 ERP systems as standard must be adapted to meet the specific needs of each company. This book is complex and takes time to support this process and its partners are provided by SAP process models provide an overview of methods and tools. This is the SAP R / 3 of the most important components and their functions are described using both conceptual and technical, it begins to characterization that ERP systems. The main section of the book is based on recent process models (roadmaps) R / 3 continue to provide methods and tools for implementation....

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SAP Interface Programming

With a strong emphasis on the RFC Library, this book presents the basic concepts for beginners SAP, ABAP Workbench tools essential points. Actual programming examples, and how our understanding of the client-server architecture, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and more appropriate tools to assess exposure.

Comprehensive chapters on programming the RFC interface, SAP developers are experienced in diving and tRFC, qRFC, and parallel processing techniques, such as might be improved. Execution of BAPIs, ActiveX, JCO, and a wide range of highly detailed programming examples serve to fill this tremendous resource.

Features of SAP Interface Programming:
  • ABAP Workbench Tools
  • The client / server development
  • RFC library as a guide in detail
  • tRFC, qRFC, and parallel processing
  • Troubleshooting RFC
  • Business Objects, BAPIs, and ActiveX
  • Java Connector (JCO)

About the Author

Itelligence Johannes Meiners works for software developers and interface. Dr. Guillermo Na ¼ yesterday Paderborn, Germany University of Applied Sciences and Professor of Economics and holds seats on the Heinz-Nixdorf. Conferences on topics relating to Linux LinuxLab and previously worked for SAP.

The SAP Consultant Handbook

SAP R / 3, the scene has exploded in North America in 1993, the SAP consulting market moves extraordinary olmustur.Pazar mature phase, SAP consultants, new strategies and tactics to advance their careers should. Provided in this manual, the authors SAP practice director and an SAP customer: SAP consulting to balancing multiple job offers detailed advice on everything from how to start joining forces to offer the service. This book is a must for anyone involved in the field of SAP consulting.

About the Author

Allen Davis & Associates, Inc. SAP, Jon Reed, the Executive Director for a national computer work. He is a leader in the last four years have been a source of opportunities for market information weekly SAP Bulletin writer.

Reed in the ERP, the analysis of Oracle, PeopleSoft and ERP market trends in the global market and editor of sister publication New Directions in the week. He can be contacted by e-mail

Michael Doane is an SAP senior consultant specializing in management and training. O, the United States, Europe and Asia for over twenty years experience in business systems and has lectured extensively on SAP executives. He can be reached at

O Whirlwind Road, SAP, and the capture of vortices, SAP, SAP and recent Blue Book, a concise field guide to the world of business contacts for the successful implementation of SAP in the world of the author of a trainee guide. He can be contacted by e-mail - This text refers to the print edition and not available for this title.

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SAP SD | Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution

SAP consultant Glynn Williams, proven SAP ERP Sales and Distribution, is packed with time saving tips and advice written by the application. Sales documents and contracts, control material and customer master data, program delivery and billing of SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 and 6.0 to create automate Learn how to use. In addition, strong relationships and financial transactions, customer information and credit track to find ways to ensure that, in conjunction with other SAP modules.
  • Configure and manage the SAP ERP SD module
  • Sales records on the status tracking, shipping and payment
  • Creating a document multi-level sales and articles with suggestions for
  • Develop contracts and agreements discount
  • Deliver materials and services for the needs of supply chain
  • Plan deliveries, routes, and packaging using Logistics Execution
  • Perform resource-related billing, public and self-
  • Price ratios, incomplete records and generate hierarchies
  • Credit limits, payment guarantees, and blocks of customers on the lever
  • User exits, third plug-ins and integrated data exchange
  • The procedures for adjusting rates and complex types of price conditions

About the Author

Glynn C. Williams, which is in force in 17 countries over the past decade, more consultation and implementation of SAP SD in 34 countries. It is in this book, SAP R / 3 sales and distribution application of best sellers from the previous edition. Customers Glynn Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric, the world's largest companies, are among some.

Enterprise SOA: Designing IT for Business Innovation

Information technology professional, web services and value-oriented architecture (SOA) and business and innovation to create the excitement of the action to go beyond the ideas can use this book to begin the discovery process. Enterprise SOA: Business Innovation, SAP's plan for putting SOA to work is analyzed from top to bottom design for BT. Design, development and architecture, as well as governance, security, vital contextual issues such as change management and culture was also examined. ESA point of view this large computer services, in response to changing market conditions for the adaptation of business processes reduces the risk of application architecture flexible and powerful.

This book answers the following questions:
  1. What forces create the need for Enterprise Services Architecture?
  2. How the ESA allows innovation of business processes?
  3. How model-based development, design, configuration and applications used at all levels?
  4. How all the layers of technology that support ESA work together?
  5. How composite applications extend business process automation?
  6. How the government to create new models for ESA?
  7. How can companies manage disruptive change?
  8. How services can be discovered and developed the company?
  9. What is to adapt the application process can be simplified?

Based on extensive research with experts from the German software company SAP ESA specifies in detail in a book that wants to understand the business and technology architects, developers and other professionals - ideal for those who want to move, especially in the next year or two now, instead of technology.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sap (company), including: Sap R/3, Abap, Sap Ag, Sap Business One, Business Application Programming Interface, Sap R/2, Sap Arena, Sapgui, List Of Sap ... Call, Ecatt, Sap Implementation, Idoc

SAP R / 3, ABAP, SAP AG, SAP Business One, the programming interface for enterprise applications, the SAP R / 2, SAP Arena, SAPGUI, SAP, including a list of SAP (company). .. ECATT, SAP implementation, Call IDOC

Hephaestus and informative books on the various sources of content adaptation, which provides books to be treated is a new publishing paradigm. As you continue to grow in Books Hephaestus scope and size, in the public domain and licensed to add content, but so far it has been organized by the content of Wikipedia and Creative Commons images. We exchange information on these exciting new books, people believe represents a dictionary. This special book-SAP (company) is focused collaboration.

More information: SAP AG, a software applications company in the world and a German software company that provides support for businesses of all sizes. Worldwide, with regional offices in Walldorf, Germany, Center of the company in the world's largest company of SAP software (2009), dir. In addition, the company of Europe's largest software and worldwide fourth. The best known products of the company is the best Enterprise Resource Planning SAP (SAP ERP) and SAP BusinessObjects.

Friday, 17 February 2012

SAP(R) R/3(R) Administration

A SAP R / 3, which is responsible for the administration, or if you want to know more about this book for maximum effect how the R / 3 will show you the potential to enjoy. SAP R / 3 R / 3 performance tuning of SAP R / 3 and a detailed description of the environment for application development and provides the base technology. This book, organizational and operational R / 3 system and provides detailed coverage of the transport system monitors, coordinates and records system data access, he said. SAP R / 3 in the heart of the ABAP / 4 programming language and simple to explain the basics of planning and reporting ABAP / 4 show how to understand. 

With this book you will learn: * Monitor and R / 3 to stay alive System * The different types of R / 3, * changes in the exchange between control systems and the use of objects to understand the use of CCMS (system information management center) R / 3 to see and evaluate the performance and early on. The authors of this comprehensive and practical for the optimization and performance management to provide advice to avoid potential problems that contribute to customer service from their own experience with SAP R / 3 Reading this book for R / 3 does not need prior knowledge, whereas relational systems and SQL databases are supposed to have some previous experience. A book that accompanies the hard examples, including the R / 3 data transport and Annex G. explained

Back cover

SAP R / 3, a detailed description of the technology base and R / 3 development environment and offers a practical guide to performance optimization.

This book, organizational and operational R / 3 system and provides detailed coverage of the transport system monitors, coordinates and records system data access, he said. SAP R / 3 in the heart of the ABAP / 4 programming language and simple to explain the basics of planning and reporting ABAP / 4 show how to understand.

With this book different types of R / 3 systems, these systems and change control to the user using CCMS (computerized management system to understand the difference between objects with an R / 3 system and control learn to keep it alive), R / 3 to see and evaluate the operation and potential problems early to avoid.

Author’s decision and SAP R / 3 for performance management to ensure that this comprehensive and practical guide based on extensive experience with their customer service. Reading this book for R / 3 does not need prior knowledge, whereas relational systems and SQL databases are supposed to have some previous experience.

mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming (2nd Edition)

mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming (2nd Edition)
This expanded second edition, gives you in-depth look at the data structures of SAP HR. First, the HR master data is structured through which a full understanding of the concept of information models, to win. Then the individual information models of personnel management, and learn about time management. Using concise explanations and step by step, but also fast to save time and avoid costly mistakes, and create custom reports for key applications, customize the special functions of the function and authority kesfedeceksiniz.IK concepts clearly defined both functionally and technically. This fully revised edition includes new chapters in the workplace when designing HR forms, HR forms, information on tools (HIS and see Ad-hoc) Toolbox and programming interface, such as Badis.

About the Author

Ewald Brochhausen of Applied Sciences Worms, Germany University of organizations and personnel, in particular teaches courses in business management. Kielisch Jurgen, Jurgen Jens Staeck Schnerring and all the capabilities of SAP Human Resource Development. All authors have many years of experience in SAP HR implementation and customization. - This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Special Edition Using SAP R/3 (3rd Edition)

When an SAP enterprise applications typical range will be the reconstruction of this work, in addition to the book at the same time each module of a company related to changes in each section, and the best way to implement prepare provide vital information. New sections of SAP R / 3 4.0 includes enhancements. Fast, vertical market strategies and new sections of the articles to change the overall small business management practices applications. A single episode (six episodes) offers SAP consulting advice and strategies to enter the market - and what he hopes to become SAP consultants.


And how do they work with a complete view of each of the main module of SAP: A Guide. Details of the aerospace section on employment, automotive and medium manufacturing approach to coverage of SAP in vertical markets yourself. New a consultant for SAP consultants, offering advice and information. - E-commerce or intranets to create a SAP R / 3 version 3.1, the latest version of the reach of Internet capabilities. New modules and vertical market strategies outside the scope of the SAP

- Part of the SAP job market and a yellow pages format for easy reference list update SAP consultants around the world now!

- SAP R / 3, and before imposing the positive and negative effects it can have on society, evaluate - This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Back cover

When an SAP enterprise applications typical range will be the reconstruction of this work, in addition to the book at the same time each module of a company related to changes in each section, and the best way to implement prepare provide vital information. New sections of SAP R / 3 4.0 includes enhancements. Fast, vertical market strategies and new sections of the articles to change the overall small business management practices applications. A single episode (six episodes) offers SAP consulting advice and strategies to enter the market - and what he hopes to become SAP consultants

Roadmap to (SAP (Premier Press))

MySAP Workplace and SAP mySAP solutions to work for the company to put through the use of the market. And components for the creation and implementation of SAP Markets CommerceOne marketplaces try to stay one step ahead of competition through the use of information provided. Get a project and a comprehensive understanding of what the author describes the tools available today and the future together as a means of implementation covers Get a strategic overview of the technology infrastructure. This book was developed using Web technology and the evolution of a new generation of Internet integration, as described in previous versions of SAP ALE and BAPI implementation, beginning with a discussion of architecture standards SAP Business Framework.

About the Author

Joseph A. Co-CEO of Systems Consulting is RealTech Hernandez Spain. Joseph "Implementation Guide SAP R / 3" This is the author of previous titles (in Spanish, published by McGraw-Hill Interamaricana), "SAP R / 3 SAP since 1994, was Jose.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

4GL: Fourth-generation programming language, SAS, ABAP, Harbour, Clarion, Uniface, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, XHarbour, Nomad software

This book is based on the content of Wikipedia articles and other free online sources that formed the present note. Page: 65 Sections: programming language fourth-generation SAS, ABAP, Harbour, Clarion, Uniface, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, xHarbour, Nomad Software, R: Base, CorVision, 4GL Linc, power, EGL, Clipper, Language OpenEdge Advanced Business, PROIV, FOCUS, FoxPro 2, OpenROAD, Mapper, flagship of the compiler, the Fund for application development, IBM Informix 4GL-, System / SB +, SheerPower4GL, Xbase + +, Data Flex, Forte 4GL, Visual Objects , Visual Data Flex, Cyber Query, Mark IV, Audit 4GL, Cerner CCL, Thomson Software Products, Ramis software, application forms, the basic classes of power, Build Professional. Quote: SAS ("sass," System analysis led to the statistical rule) allows programmers to SAS Institute Inc., an integrated software products supplied by: In addition, SAS offers solutions that many companies, by example, large-scale software solutions in areas such as IT management, human resources management financial management, business intelligence, customer relationship management and more. Performed on the data stored in the SAS table is driven by a sequence of operations that define the SAS program. 

No GUI programmers SAS (SAS Enterprise Guide, as, for example), although this usually only a GUI front end to facilitate automated manufacturing and the SAS program. SAS functions and procedures of the States in the form of components, intended to be accessed via application programming interfaces. Engines external data structures and data stored on computer platforms to allow remote access to libraries and library services SAS: A SAS program consists of three main parts. This is the fourth generation of SQL or other programming languages ​​oriented databases, such an approach as the cross section of a SAS data, assumes a default file structure, and automates the process I...

SAP R/3 Data Integration Techniques using ABAP/4 and Visual Basic

SAP, SAP R / 3 Data Integration beginners and a handy reference for professionals with experience in programming for the "how" to address the use of technology and the integration of children provides today's hectic. SAP Technical Data integration is a comprehensive guide to SAP RFC programming. Complete (and supported by the Internet) Loaded with the source code testing, books, integrated HTML, XML, Access, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and provides more real-world examples. Analysts and programmers SAP a must!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

ABAP Language Quick-Reference

Subject ABAP Language Quick Reference (SAP R / 3 version 4.6D) a detailed description of the syntax of ABAP is structured by an easy to use. This book is the work table already has some understanding of the ABAP Development ABAP developer, is designed for.

The product yield is increased and information. It is also a successful software engineer must be in the ABAP components - Peter Kaiser, March 1, 2002

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To simplify the software engineering field of vision products, knowledge, Peter Kaiser, LLC founder and CEO of Kaiser Informatics. He taught the world many thousands of hours on the ABAP developers.

Microsoft® .NET and SAP (Pro-Developer)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the work Microsoft. NET to customize and extend SAP applications. Leading a team of experts, and Microsoft integration with SAP Business Intelligence based on Web services, Microsoft Office for dozens of actual examples (BI) solutions, reports, and walk on. Using a familiar Microsoft tools and user interface efficiency and low total cost of ownership increases. Find out how SAP back-end data published by

Discover how to:
  • Microsoft ® Visual Studio, Office of Visual Studio and BizTalk ® Server, including eye development environment and tools
  • Connect. Web services and tools such as SAP Enterprise Connector Service on the NET and SAP Explorer. NET Data Provider
  • SAP data through familiar Microsoft user interfaces to implement BI solutions to open
  • Expose data in Microsoft Office SharePoint ® Server SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • To view and search the content SAP without code, use the Business Data Catalog
  • Own Office Business Applications (OBA), Duo Building or to work
  • Form solutions for SAP applications and functionality of Microsoft Office Add the presence of
  • We provide a single sign-on solution

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ABAP Development for SAP BW -- User Exits and BAdIs

Readers learn the basics quickly and immersed in high-performance techniques of ABAP programming, and report on all key aspects, the options available to manage the data stream Explore the source system. Furthermore, the characteristics and key figures in the tap outputs extractor and extensions, and SAP NetWeaver BI data processing including how to improve the best way to customize - to transfer and update routines for standards initialization and termination. Apply your own custom developments, outputs and related variables, using the last part of a large commented code samples, step by step. This SAP Press Essentials guide SAP NetWeaver BI (SAP NetWeaver 2004s release), but significant differences on the basis of the analysis required by summarizing the previous version of an ideal edildi.Kitap updated to support the development, but also serves a useful reference.

XML Data Exchange Using ABAP

Integration of data exchange using XML technologies in innovative applications and processes. Conversions of performance and / or complexity of tasks SAP Web Application Server ABAP should be done gradually, as it will be necessary.

This comprehensive technical guide on how to implement data exchange using XML, ABAP shows step by step. Based on a variety of interface examples, readers XML, XSLT Library (with special emphasis on XSLT 2.0 extensions), and all XML technologies, including simple transformations have a very detailed description. Volumes of code samples to implement their own data exchange scenarios and select the appropriate technology to support them. In addition, readers on all aspects of the best software development practices for data sharing and benefit from practical advice - properties, testing, data validation via Java integration, including, and more yet.