Monday, 27 February 2012

Consultant's Guide to SAP SRM

This comprehensive guide is based on SAP SRM 2007 and SAP SRM 5.0 SRM applications to provide a rapid and successful consultants from SAP to learn to use a case study, but is compatible with version 4.0.

The roles of the project for the duration of the transition Explore the problems faced by consultants during an implementation. Through its role as a business consultant during the design phase, phase implementation products books in a techno-functional role as a specialist. This approach provides the tools necessary to meet the challenges and helps predict. Beyond the standard scenarios SAP SRM, this book by taking advantage of SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite applications and gives practical advice to ensure that the complex customer requirements. In addition to solving problems quickly implement potentially costly can use that reference as a troubleshooting guide.

If you need practical advice for the implementation of SAP SRM, then this book is for you.

Features of Consultant's Guide to SAP SRM:

  • Overview of SAP SRM

  • Operational purchasing

  • Catalog management

  • SAP NetWeaver for the ARM architecture

  • Management Agreement

  • Strategic Resource

  • Enabling suppliers (SUS) Workflow

  • Complex customer scenarios and developments

  • FAQ and tips


About the Author

Padma Prasad Munirathinam has implemented SAP solutions for ten years. An important member of the group SAP SRM Regional Implementation, SAP Labs, Bangalore Development Manager for the moment. Ramakrishna Potluri has worked with ERP solutions for over ten years. It SRM Group regional implementation in India Prior to his current position as managing SAP SRM was the team leader.

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