Friday, 10 February 2012

The ABAP Quick Reference

Especially for developers with experience and extensive knowledge of ABAP types, this unique resource, without taking time away from their daily work, another person, or the sense of expression syntax can quickly and easily.

All ABAP commands, up to and including version 7.0, diagrams, and complete the general syntax and brief descriptions of each table and use additional functions are described in alphabetical order. In addition, a command is given for the first time introduced the term discover this valuable information.

Finally, this unique book can be used as an alternative to XSLT since release 6:40 Dynpro flow logic and language ST (Simple transformations) commands consist of detailed reference sections useful.

Features of The ABAP Quick Reference:

  • 7.0 All statements ABAP
  • All additions ordered by the publication
  • Complete diagrams and syntax
  • Dynpro flow logic statements
  • Simple transformation (ST) Orders

About the Author

Dr. Horst Keller, Walldorf, Germany, SAP NetWeaver, SAP ABAP Foundation, a group of architects working knowledge. Here, documentation and distribution focuses on ABAP and ABAP Objects.

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