Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Official ABAP Reference (Volume 2)

  • Explore a detailed explanation of all ABAP statements
  • New information on the management of the common expression, pragmas, and internal tables in the database with the transmission input and expand your knowledge
  • The only official reference to the sale of the latest version of ABAP, SAP authorized
  • Updated for version 7.2/7.02
  • DVD includes a trial version of SAP NetWeaver 7.2 with Service Pack 6!

Learn about all of this complexity and detail that the ABAP, a complete reference of all ABAP statements. Each section contains keywords related to the subject at hand, and string handling, and more Dynpro development begins with an introduction describing the basic concepts. Each book is to express a functional description, a list of syntax, description, usage notes, and an example of special offers. Of contents, index and glossary, and a large outdoor event will help you easily navigate through the complexity of ABAP.

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