Sunday, 12 February 2012

The ABAP Developer's Guide to Java: Leverage your ABAP skills to climb up the Java learning curve

SAP and all that was officially opened to the world of Java to the Java programming fast and comprehensive new book, an indispensable guide handy for readers who need to explain. 6:40 SAP Web AS to develop a powerful application developers and professional with an arsenal of modern technology and proven, a unique and stable platform for SAP, ABAP and Java-compatible. Detailed step by step instructions, this book has already lapped smooth and error free Java allows you to benefit from the skills development of ABAP. The authors in both languages each highlight important issues related to the development of enterprise applications, as well as the similarities and differences are discussed in detail. What is relevant in the context of object orientation? What do you think about variables and data types? Linguistic structures have this? These scores and other fundamental questions are addressed clearly and concisely. 

Teachers to develop special techniques in this book that every serious development tools and objects, application design and help you to learn more. More information about Enterprise Java Beans, Java, JDBC, Security, and it is only the beginning of the OpenSQL. Java is essential skills quickly; you can avoid costly mistakes and save countless hours of trial and error. In addition, any data collection and retention of a section, the design business logic (Enterprise Java Beans), possible delivery technologies (the Web Dynpro that critical information in the application layer, separated) and the connection ( JCO). Highlights include: programming languages ​​SAP Web AS ("Once again, the Old World ABAP / Java World") - object orientation, variables, data types, language, buildings, vehicles and objects in the development of exclusions - Development Environment, Java Dictionary, Java API, version control connection test, distribution, - JCO, EJB-proxy-class, Web Services, logic power, and perseverance - Open SQL for Java, JDBC, SQLJ, to optimize performance of existing Web applications and technologies for Web Dynpro Java Server Pages, the best practice recommendations for application design approach - Session and Message-Driven Beans presentation logic - Container and Bean persistence, JDO managed the business logic

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Andreas Schneider Dr. Schneider & Partner AG-Neureither President Neureither SNP. O, consulting, development, deployment, and the ministries responsible for education. Its authors are located in different areas of the AG SNP.

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